Supercharge Your Ecommerce Sales with these 24 Must-Have Shopify Apps

Supercharge Your Ecommerce Sales with these 24 Must-Have Shopify Apps

Unlock the power of these 24 must-have Shopify apps to supercharge your e-commerce sales. Boost conversions, engage customers, and drive success!

May 23, 2023
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24 Must-Have Shopify Apps to Boost Your Ecommerce Sales 

Has your Shopify Ecommerce store been under performing?

Whether it's due to seasonal drops, poor conversion rates or slow page speeds, there could be several reasons for your site's lack of success.

If you’re ready to turn the tide, it's time to harness the full potential of the Shopify app store!

Shopify apps offer various purposes, ranging from inventory management and order tracking to customer engagement and analytics. Some even create customised popups, widgets and automation tools to really engage your website visitors.

At MagicBrief, we've found the best Shopify apps for you, carefully curating apps into specific categories. Each section is designed to help your business in different ways.

Let's go through the best shopify apps for online stores in 2023:

  1. Best Shopify apps that help increase conversions and sales
  2. Best Shopify apps to more effectively manage inventory
  3. Best Shopify apps for product reviews and referrals 
  4. Best Shopify apps that integrate social media marketing platforms
  5. Best Shopify apps for SEO
  6. Best Shopify apps that optimise your order tracking process

The Best Shopify Apps to Turn Leads into Sales

Bold Upsell

Shopify Apps

Upselling is when you sell a customer a product, and suggest they upgrade their order for an additional charge. In the end, they pay for a better version of the product they were already going to buy.

Bold Upsell works by letting users create an upsell funnel, which is then displayed as store pop-ups before and during the checkout process. Upsell funnels are displayed three consecutive times, allowing customers to decide whether or not they need a product upgrade.

Once an upsell offer is accepted, a pop-up modal appears where customers can include the upsell item in their cart. The offer then replaces the original item and adds it to the customer's cart. If a customer, however, declines consecutive two upsell offers, the app will stop showing the upsell messages.


  • Upsell individual products or bundles.
  • Include post-purchase offers on your thank you page to facilitate repeat orders.
  • Upsell products in a customers cart, and post-purchase
  • Track upsell performance with their analytical tools

Pricing packages

  • Starter: $9.99/month
  • Plus: $19.99/month
  • Premium: $39.99/month
  • Pro: $59.99/month

Peek! ‑ Better Replay & Survey

An example of Shopify App

Curious on how customers interact with your website?

BetterReplay takes the guesswork out of it, offering live user-session recordings from your store. Discover what browsers they used, what products they looked at, how long they stayed on the page, and other key interactions to make smart business decisions.

Unlike other analytical tools that simply give aggregated data i.e bounce rate, visitor stats etc, this app lets you understand why they left. You can then use this data to better optimise your website and create a more intuitive customer journey.

When watching customer activity, you can immediately identify bottlenecks that you didn't know existed. For example, many Shopify stores find consumers typically abandon their shopping carts after partly filling up their purchase forms. This could be due to excessive form fields, complicated checkout processes, or unclear instructions.

Whatever the reason, you can quickly identify and fix it using this app.


  • Replay entire sessions of customers who visit your website.
  • Include post-purchase surveys to better understand your customer's preferences
  • Capture every click and see what visitors liked about your website

Pricing Packages:

  • Basic Plan: Free
  • Growth: $29/month

Smile: Reward and Loyalty

An example of Shopify App

Smile is a sales-boosting, loyalty-inspiring powerhouse that uses loyalty, referrals, and VIP rewards programs to boost sales. These allow you to award points to returning leads, reward bonuses to new signups and more.

But how do customer loyalty translate to actual sales?

Because a customer's shopping experience goes beyond the purchase itself. A customer remembers how they were treated, what other perks they received, and if their loyalty was appreciated. Furthermore, new customers are five to seven times more expensive to acquire than it is to retain existing customers, and actually spend less.


  • Adjust rewards, launcher, panel and emails to align with your brand
  • Give guest shoppers incentives such as earning and redeeming points to increase their likelihood of returning and making a purchase
  • Use Nudges to remind clients of their points and referral link
  • Your loyalty program can be automatically translated into six languages

Pricing packages

  • Free: 0
  • Starter: $49/month
  • Growth: $199/month
  • Plus: $999/month

Other Shopify Apps to Increase Conversions

OptinMonster - a lead generation and cart recovery app that uses popups, slides-ins and more to convert visitors into subscribers and returning customers. Segment your subscribers and target them with discount codes, email opt-in forms, and other campaigns.

Pricing packages:

  • $49/month
  • 30-day free trial available

PushOwl - an app that uses web push notifications to convert visitors into customers and capture information. Notifications can be about exclusive deals, products, flash sales and personal recommendations to entice customers into converting. Since they appear on a user's screen, it can significantly improve user engagement and increase sales.

Pricing packages:

  • Basic plan: free
  • Business plan: $19/month
  • Premium business plan: $38/month

Shopify Apps for Inventory Management

Extensiv Order Manager

Shopify Appfor extensive order manager

Did you know that 43% of small businesses don't track their inventory?

This results in more orders than the company can fulfil, resulting in missed sales and frustrated customers. By replenishing inventory in time, you'll be able to meet customer demand and increase conversions.

Extensiv Order Manager helps you track all merchandise in stock, along with your purchase orders, sales activity and much more. You'll gain a comprehensive view of your business, allowing you to make swift decisions and maximise your profits.

Lastly, the app gives you real-time sales performance analytics to track your performance and identify areas of growth.


  • Automate order management with advanced routing and processing tools
  • Control inventory by integrating warehouses and 3PL partners
  • Track shipping using orderbots and order routing
  • Forecast demand with integrated inventory automation tools
  • Centralise insights and visibility with real-time dashboards and aggregated data

Pricing Packages

$1,000/month for the software

Back in Stock: Restock Alerts

An example of Shopify Apps for Inventory Management

Looking to get back those customers who've disappeared due to lack of inventory?

Then it helps to inform them when a product they like is back in stock.

Back In Stock lets you set up customer restock alerts so they'll never miss out on an item they desire. Alerts are sent out via emails and SMS messages, enabling them to immediately know when a product has returned. 

The app works in three stages:

  1. Your website visitor sees a product they're interested in is out of stock.
  2. The customer requests a notification via email or text.
  3. The app sends out up-to-date notifications once the item is in stock.


  • Customise emails and themes to match your brand's aesthetic.
  • Integrates with email marketing providers.
  • Monitor conversions and high-demand out-of-stock items via reports.
  • It takes less than 30 seconds to install!

Pricing packages

  • Free: free to install
  • LITE Plan: $19/month
  • Startup: $29/month
  • Small business: $49/month

Other Inventory Management Shopify Apps

Stocky - a free shopify app that helps facilitate your inventory decisions. Create purchase orders, manage inventory, and even receive recommendations on which products are most profitable. You can also see stock levels in real-time, ensuring they're replenished before running out of stock.


Free to install

Included with Shopify POS Pro subscription

Shopify Apps for Product Reviews and Referrals 

Product Reviews

An example of Shopify App for product reviews and referrals

Do you have outstanding reviews that show off how amazing your products are? 

Then it's time to feature them on your ecommerce website.

Product Reviews is a free Shopify app that lets you collect and feature customer reviews on your product page, helping to build consumer trust. It also gives you feedback on how customers perceive your products, letting you make changes to its price, description or anything else.

According to a 2022 Global Newswire survey, nearly nine of out ten customers read product reviews before purchasing. Furthermore, over half of customers said they'd pay more for a product if it had good reviews. Case in point, product reviews are one way to significantly boost your sales!


  • Customise a review's text, layout and colours to match your store's theme
  • Filter and hide poor reviews in bulk
  • CSV import and export all reviews in a spreadsheet
  • Include review scores to your pages shown on Google's search results

Pricing Packages

Free of charge Product Reviews

An example of Shopify App for product reviews and referrals

Sometimes, it only takes a small nudge to get customers to share their thoughts on your products. Product Reviews gives you the tools (e.g review request emails) to remind customers to leave reviews. This reminder can be set after they've purchased a product or delivery. Their widget, meanwhile, lets you display customer reviews and User-generated-content (UGC) on your product pages.

Email templates are provided to quickly set up your review requests, making it easier to get noticed in a crowded inbox. You can also reward customers with coupons, provided they adhere to your ToS.


  • Automatically sends emails to customers who haven't left a review.
  • Showcase product ratings, reviews, trust badges and UGC on your storefront widgets and social media.

Pricing Packages

  • Forever free: free of charge
  • Awesome: $15/month

Referral Candy

An example of Shopify App for product reviews and referrals

DId you know that 86% of customers trust referral marketing? Furthermore, a person is 50 times more likely to buy something if the recommendation came from a friend or family member. Those are powerful stats, and Referral Candy helps you get the most out of it.

Referral candy lets you automate parts of your referral program. For example, referral program emails are automatically sent once a purchase is made, inviting buyers to join in and spread the word. You can also create widgets, post-purchase popups and a referral landing page to promote your referral program.


  • Customizable rewards for customers and referrers
  • Get access to key metrics such as referral revenue, number of customers who joined your program and more.
  • Design a campaign exclusively for individuals who signed up via your site widgets or signup forms.

Pricing Packages

Premium plan: $59/month

Plus: $299/month

Other Review and Referral Apps

Growave: create loyalty and reward programs, gift cards, referral programs, VIP tiers and more. Collect photos and product reviews from autopilot and Google search results. Also features Instagram UGC on product pages.

Pricing Packages

  • Basic: $9/month
  • Starter: $19/month
  • Medium: $49/month
  • Growth: $99/month

Yotpo Product Reviews & UGC: feature your best customer reviews on your online store's product pages using A.I-powered review widgets. You can also integrate with social media platforms and Google to display reviews and seller star ratings.

Pricing Packages

  • Free plan
  • Growth: $15/month
  • Prime: $119/month

Best Shopify Apps for Social Media Marketing

Social Photos ‑ Instagram UGC

An example of Shopify App for product reviews and referrals

User-generated content (UGC) created by customers to advertise your brand and products is great for boosting sales. These are generally less sale-sy than traditional advertisements, conveying a more authentic side of your business to potential customers.

With UGC, you can quickly build trust and positive sentiment with potential customers. In fact, 70% of customers trust reviews and recommendations online rather than professional produced content. 31% of consumers also said that UGC content was more memorable than traditional branded ads.

Social Photos leverages UGC to get more eyeballs on your products. It lets website owners sync with Instagram to display customer UGC on their websites, such as product photos, videos, hashtags, reels and more. Visitors can then click on these photos to buy the product, helping turn leads into loyal customers.


  • Embed Socialphotos widgets on any website page
  • Feature customers using your products on your product pages
  • Lets consumers efficiently upload their own customer reviews to your website
  • Curate user-generated content from Instagram with ease: posts, tags, @mentions, #hashtags, URLs, and videos.

Pricing Packages

  • Free plan: free of charge
  • Basic: $19/month
  • Advance: $35/month
  • Premium: $55/month

Facebook Shop Channel

Is your Shopify product line ready for Facebook?

Consumers now flock to social media platforms like Facebook to buy products. And with various forms of advertising i.e video ads, carousel ads etc, on the platform, Shopify merchants can now reach their target market more efficiently.

The Facebook Shop Channel app lets users create a Shop section on their Facebook page, displaying all your products and prices. And any changes done on Shopify i.e. updating a product description, publishing/unpublishing an item or changing the price are automatically reflected in your Facebook shop.

The Facebook Shop Channel also comes with analytical performance tools in its dashboard. Here, you can track sales, view insights and measure success.


  • Integrate your Shopify store with Facebook shop with a few clicks
  • All changes done on Shopify are automatically reflected in Facebook shop
  • Analytical tools to track sales, view insights and measure success.

Social Rabbit

An example of Shopify App for product reviews and referrals

Looking to really get your business out there?

Then publishing content on Facebook, Twitter, and other social platforms is one way to do it. However, thinking of new content ideas and consistently posting can be tough when managing other business-related tasks going on.

This is where Social Rabbit comes in.

This app for Shopify users helps schedule and automatically post content to your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. And because it's done in a central location, you'll have a bird's eye view of all publishing activities.


  • Auto posting to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram
  • Create human-like content that will arouse interest
  • Publish content at the most optimal times
  • Schedule multiple posts in one go with the Planner tool

Pricing Packages

  • Monthly: $19/month
  • Yearly: $15/month

Tidio - Live Chat & Chatbots

An example of Shopify App for product reviews and referrals

One easy way to enhance customer experience is to talk directly with them on the site.

Tidio uses marketing automation for its live chat function, chatbots and multi-channel communication to keep your consumers well-informed.

Chatbots can answer your customer's most important queries, acting as a helpdesk to engage with 24/7. And if you want to talk to the customer directly Tidio's live chat function helps you do that too.


  • Live chat function to connect with customers in real-time
  • Chatbots that pre-made answers to customer queries
  • Multichannel communication for at-a-glance view of all conversations
  • Tidio's ticketing system enables you to handle customer service efficiently
  • Adding Tidio to your Shopify store takes less than a minute!

Pricing Packages

  • Free plan: Free
  • Communicator plan: $19/month
  • Chat Bots Plan: $19/month
  • TIDIO+: $329/month

Other Shopify Apps that Enhance Your Social Presence

POWR Social | Instagram Feed - embed your instagram feed on your store to show off your products and content. Showcase your new product launches to generate excitement, or UGC content to build trust and authenticity. If your instagram feed is as dynamic as your store, customers will be encouraged to stay longer and explore more.

Pricing Packages:

  • Free
  • $5.49/month
  • $13.49/month
  • $89.99/month

Shopify Apps for SEO

SEO Manager | venntov

An example of hopify app for SEO

The SEO Manager app helps you audit and optimise page titles, descriptions and URLs of products, blog posts, collections pages and more. It gives real-time performance reports, giving easy-to-digest information that can shoot your store up the search rankings.

For example, if your meta descriptions are too long, you'll be made aware by the app. Or, if keywords aren't properly positioned in your content i.e. not in the title and/or description, you can swiftly make those changes too.

Overall, SEO Manager can help Shopify store owners increase your website's visibility on Google and get noticed. This, in turn, will increase impressions, clicks and sales.


  • Scans your website for performance issues and gives actionable improvement suggestions.
  • Provides page templates to automate site optimization by using keyword-rich titles and descriptions.
  • Integrated with Google Trends and Analytics to discover keywords and analyse performance.
  • Repairs 404 errors, broken links and canonicalization issues.Provides real-time performance reports on keywords, pages and campaigns.

Pricing Packages

Essential: $20/month

Plug In SEO

An example of hopify app for SEO

Like SEO Manager, Plug in SEO helps webmasters rank their targeted keywords higher on Google.

This app for Shopify users offers numerous features, helping you perform keyword research, add meta titles and descriptions, create sitemaps and more. This is done via a SEO audit, where Plug in SEO evaluates your website and gives you actionable steps to improve your rankings.

Plug in SEO also monitors your website's performance, alerting you when an update or change has been made. This could be a broken link, slow page speed, or missing meta tags. As such, you can quickly act on such issues, avoiding any potential damage to your SEO.


  • Supports structured data markup such as This provides more information to search engines about your products.
  • Audits your progress site-wide against individual Search engine optimization goals. You can then follow their step by step directions to rectify any issues.
  • Uses SEO templating for service pages and blog posts to help them rank for your chosen keywords.

Other Shopify Apps for SEO Optimisation

SEO: Image Optimizer Page Speed: gives users suggestions on how to reduce/minimise their page load time. These can range from optimising images, meta tags and Google structured data to fixing broken links and eliminating redirects. It also includes JSON-LD structured data and Chat GPT to improve website rankings.

Pricing Packages


Pro - $34.95/month

Ilana's JSON‑LD for SEO (TM): lets users connect hundreds of structured data fields for any product, collection and blog page to Google's Rich Snippets and Merchant Center. You also get a data audit after installation, and up to six months of monitoring. Overall, this app helps search engines better understand your website, increasing visibility to increase leads.

Pricing Packages

$399 one time charge

Shopify Apps for Order Tracking

Tracktor Order Tracking

An example of hopify app for SEO

Why do many customers love being informed on where their orders are?

Well, it first shows that you're taking actionable steps to deliver their order. And two, they'll have a better estimate of when their purchase will arrive. For example, if their order is already in the post, it's a good indication that it won't be long.

One app for Shopify that offers order tracking is Tracktor Order Tracking.

This app allows customers to monitor their products whilst in transit. Delivery progress is shown in real-time, and customers are notified via email or SMS once their product is shipped or delivered. This transparency helps customers to feel at ease knowing that their orders are safe.

Webmasters simply need to attach the tracking link to customer emails. Order statuses can also be customised to match your shop's branding. For example, you can label ‘shipped’ as ‘in transit’ or ‘delivered’ as ‘arrived safely'.


  • Auto-track orders from multiple carriers (including Royal Mail, DHL, China Post, FedEx, etc.)
  • Set up order statuses for maximum customisation.
  • Triggers SMS/Email notifications once a product is out for delivery or delivered.
  • Tracking insights via 3D interactive map to give customers a better understanding of where their orders are.
  • Recommends products to customers based on their recent purchases.

Pricing Packages

  • Free: free of charge
  • Starter: $9.99/month
  • Essential: $39.99/month
  • Advanced: $99/month

AfterShip Order Tracking

An example of hopify app for SEO

AfterShip Order Tracking provides customers with live shipping updates through their branded order tracking page and sent notifications.

But why is this such a big time-saver for store owners?

Let's say you receive ten queries a day about where a customer's order is. If you're responding manually, you'll need to check the customer's information, tracking code and shipping website, then relay that information back to them. Needless to say, you should be spending more time growing your business rather than dealing with queries.

AfterShip takes away this job altogether by offering both parties a real-time order tracking service. Customers are automatically notified once their orders have been despatched, with updates being sent on their tracking page.

Furthermore, webmasters can monitor transit times, and see how frequently deliveries arrive on-time or delayed from their shipment analytics dashboard. Use this data to see your top-performing carriers and make your delivery services more efficient. For example, if you find out a certain carrier is typically late, you may want to look for an alternative.


  • Branded tracking pages include product recommendations to increase sales
  • Real-time delivery update notifications sent via email and SMS to customers
  • Built-in analytical tools to track shipment delivery statuses and analyse transit performance
  • Ai-powered estimated delivery date predictions to help customers plan accordingly

Pricing Packages

  • Free plan: free
  • Essentials: $11/month
  • Pro: $119/month
  • Premium: $239/month

Other Shopify Apps for Tracking Orders

Parcel Panel Order Tracking: lets Shopify ecommerce owners track parcels via a smart dashboard and sends shipping notifications to customers. The app's data analytical tools also provide insights into delivery performance, including transit times and order statuses.

Pricing Packages:

  • FREE
  • Essential: $9/month
  • Professional: $49/month
  • Enterprise: $399/month


With so many Shopify apps that serve unique purposes and features, it can be hard to pick the right one. We recommend picking one Shopify app from each of our featured categories to get the most out of your store. But if you feel your business already excels in one of them i.e order tracking or social media marketing, it may be best to invest your time and resources into other less developed areas. If you're looking for more Shopify apps, it's worth checking out 1-800 DTC which is a great resource for discovering the Shopify apps that the best DTC brands are using.

We hope you have a greater understanding of the benefits that Shopify apps can bring to your ecommerce online store. If you're looking to increase sales, boost customer satisfaction and manage operations more efficiently, integrating Shopify apps is the way to go.

Good luck!

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