We didn't have time to make a fancy careers page

Because we're busy building the future of creating tooling.

We’ve seen a generation of companies grow on the internet, but the next 10 years will look nothing like the last. Traditional growth strategies are becoming obsolete, and brands now win or lose based on their ability to produce great creative. MagicBrief equips teams with an always-on creative machine, and we’re already empowering many of the world’s best teams.

We have world-class backing, with Blackbird, Archangel, Sidestage Ventures and a talented group of individuals, including the founders of Vimeo, UsTwo, Dice, Eucalyptus, Spriggy & Halter alongside us on the journey. Each day, we work with the best creatives on the planet as we shape an industry-defining product from our backyard in Sydney, Australia.

We'd love to hear from you if you would like to join us on the ground floor of this journey.

Let's make magic.

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