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Yeah, we get these a lot, so, we figured we'd save you some time.

Can I change my plan?

Absolutely, you can easily change your plan from the Billing portal inside your MagicBrief account.

Where can I save ads from?

You can save ads from the Facebook Ads Library and the TikTok Creative Centre. You just need to install our Chrome extension and you're good to go!

Can't I just copy the ad links?

If you copy the ad links you'll only be able to view the ad while the ad is still live. Saving ads to MagicBrief also let's you see a tonne more data about the ad.

Will my data be safe?

Yes all your data belongs to you and can only be viewed in your account, or with the people that you've shared your storyboards with.

I have more questions!

Email us at and we'll happily answer including refund policy!