16 Social Proof Examples from Brands to Learn From

16 Social Proof Examples from Brands to Learn From

Learn from our list of 16 real-world social proof examples to increase your brand's credibility and conversion rates.

Oct 10, 2023
11 min read
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George Howes
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16 Examples of Social Proof in Action 

When devising the most elaborate marketing strategies, brands often overlook the significance of social proof.

Social proof is when people look to others for validation before making a decision. This can be anything from buying a product, trying a service, or even something as simple as watching a video.

In fact, social proof is so powerful that 61% of customers read online reviews before deciding on a purchase. Simply put, what others say carries tremendous weight.

But, apart from customer reviews, brands can use various forms of social proof to establish credibility and build trust, such as:

Customer reviews and ratings

Influencer endorsements

Testimonials from satisfied customers

User-generated content (UGC)

Celebrity endorsements

To help demonstrate these tactics in action, we've compiled 15 real-life examples from top brands that have successfully utilized social proof in their marketing campaigns: 

Why Social Proof Can Impact Your Sales (Based on Available Data)

Trust and Recommendations

Think about the last time you made a purchase. Did you ask friends or family for their opinion? This is because we are influenced by what others have experienced and recommend.

In fact, 82% of Americans seek friend and family recommendations before making a purchase. Additionally, 70% of people trust recommendations from people they’ve never met, and a striking 92% trust recommendations from peers. 

The Influence of Online Reviews

It takes, on average, around 40 online reviews before a company’s star rating is trusted. This shows how heavily we look to online reviews when making informed decisions.

Additionally, 85% of consumers consider online reviews older than three months to be irrelevant, emphasizing the need for fresh, ongoing feedback​.

Higher Engagement and More Conversions

Ever notice how brands love to feature their testimonials? This is because social proof can directly increase engagement and conversions.

Testimonials can increase conversions on sales pages by up to 34%. And after reading a positive review, 50% of consumers are likely to visit the company's website.

Additionally, a product or service must have at least a 4-star rating for 57% of consumers to consider buying or using it. 

Trust in Influencers

Like it or not, influencers have a tremendous sway over consumer behavior. With the rise of social media, influencer marketing isn't just a trend, it's the new norm.

The stats show that 40% of people have purchased a product online after seeing it used by an influencer on social media. That's almost half of all online shoppers!

Additionally, influencer content is also seen as more engaging and profitable, enjoying 8x more engagement than branded content.

Spending and Revenue Impact

Consumers happily pay a premium, up to 31% more, for businesses that boast stellar reviews. Even a one-star bump in Yelp rating can boost revenue by 5-9%, showcasing the tangible payoff of positive social proof. Additionally, given similar choices, 35% of shoppers gravitate towards products with superior reviews, proving that high-quality feedback can command higher prices.

Customer Reviews, Ratings and Testimonials 

1. Gozney


Gozney's ad image starts off strong with its bright and inviting green backdrop and sleek oven.

But what really adds weight is its featured testimonial from the magazine RollingStone, instantly adding the ‘cool’ factor to the product:

'Gozney's dome oven is a beast - it's also the future of outdoor cooking'.

The ad finalizes things with their copy, creating a sense of urgency and exclusivity with the limited availability of their ovens:

'Limited Time FREE Dome Shipping!  Meet The Gozney Dome, the world's most versatile outdoor oven, made for easy wood-fired cooking! 🔥'

Combining all of the above, Gozney's ad separates itself by using hard-hitting social proof and a sense of urgency to drive conversions.

Key Takeaways: 

Trust Building: RollingStone's endorsement enhances credibility.

Fear of missing out (FOMO): A limited-time offer encourages quick action.

Appeal: Eye-catching visuals stimulate desire for the product.

2. Versed Sunscreen Advertisement

versed sunscreen advertisement

Versed's sunscreen ad showcases a five-star rating and presents a glowing client endorsement from Carrieann. She states she’s tried every product in the market and Versed trumps them all.

Along with the ad’s use of social proof, its unique design elements also help it stand out. The static product image and background’s moving skies create a sense of motion, drawing the viewer's attention to the product.

Key Takeaways

Trust: Carrieann's detailed praise adds real credibility.

Motion: Dynamic skies and a still product photo grab focus.

Style: Its modern look is eye-catching.

3. BaseCamp ‘Before and After Testimonials’

basecamp before testimonials
basecamp after testimonials

Basecamp's clever compilation of before and after customer experiences is a compelling way to showcase their product’s amazing value.

Instead of presenting a few generic reviews, they let customers tell their own stories. You can read about their struggles with work and how Basecamp smoothened out their processes. Basecamp even highlights the important bits, saving consumers some reading time - every little helps!

Additionally, the page cleverly uses darker and brighter colors to better represent their before and after sections, respectively.This contrast helps to emphasize the positive change brought about by their service. 

Key Takeaways:

Relatability: Customers' real stories show Basecamp's impact.

Improvement: Visible before-and-after changes inspire action.

Trust: Personal testimonials boost credibility.

Visuals: Color contrast highlights the transformation.

4. Spoke Custom-fit Trousers

spoke custom-fit trousers

In this cool social media ad, Spoke shows off their model rocking their signature denim pants right next to their glowing 5-star reviews. This side-by-side look highlights how awesome their jeans are, showing everyone those rave reviews are the real deal.

The ad is upbeat and modern, exuding confidence and style that’s highly appealing to style-conscious consumers. And unlike other clothing brands that promote budget-friendly products, Spoke openly markets their products as premium, high-quality items.

Key Takeaways:

Stylish visuals: Spoke's ad combines smooth transitions between reviews, fast-paced music, and various outfits for a modern and trendy denim showcase.

Authenticity:  By displaying 5-star reviews from verified customers, Spoke's ad proves the quality of their pants with honest customer feedback.

5. Atom's Shoewear

atom's shoewear

Instead of highlighting your product's USPs, just your customers do the talking. 

Atom's ad features a sleek and modern video, showcasing different shoes with their own testimonials overlayed on the bottom.

Phrases like "If a cloud & a shoe had a baby" speak directly to the comfort lovers, while "The best life-long investment I made this year" targets the practical, value-seeking consumers. Each review pinpoints a different product benefit, casting a wide net to catch diverse customer interests.

The ad wraps up with a universal call-to-action, "If you have feet, you need these shoes," adding a touch of humor to humanize the brand.

Key Takeaways

Customer Voice: Testimonials highlight real benefits and build trust.

Creative Messaging: Unique phrases showcase product perks.

Engagement: Humorous call-to-action connects with viewers.

Design: Sleek video design enhances brand appeal.

Variety: A broad range of options caters to different tastes.

6. Jolie 


Sometimes, insightful customer reviews can serve as powerful advertisements on their own. That's exactly what Jolie’s ad did with their featured customer review.

Stefanie addresses the target audience's pain point - the effects of hard water on hair - and raves about how Jolie's products completely transformed her hair. It’s comprehensive, transparent and easily stands out from your average review. 

Key Takeaways

Impactful Review: Stefanie's detailed account showcases real results.

Problem-Solution: Directly addresses and solves a specific issue.

Authenticity: Genuine customer feedback boosts credibility.

7. Spot and Tango

spot and tango

Spot & Tango's advertisement is a brilliant example of social proof in action.

The ad image features an adorable dog holding a pack of Spot & Tango's UnKibble Chicken Bits in its mouth, surrounded by a box labeled "Human Food for Dogs". Above, a rating graphic showcases ``1,000+ five star reviews," a clear indicator of social proof.

Furthermore, Spot and Tango features a personal success story of a 14-year-old dog named Raven, who regained her appetite thanks to UnKibble. It's heartwarming, relatable, and effectively highlights the product's benefits.

Key Takeaways

Social Proof: "1,000+ five-star reviews" signal widespread approval.

Emotional Appeal: Raven's success story connects emotionally.

Visual Appeal: Engaging imagery with a dog enhances memorability.

Influencer Marketing and Celebrity Endorsements

8. GymShark


GymShark has a great eye for recruiting upcoming fitness athletes from social media, whether it'd be from Youtube, Instagram or TikTok. As a result, Gymshark has gained a loyal and influence-driven customer base.

In this Instagram post, we see David Laid, a Youtube fitness influencer, promoting their apparel. By featuring David Laid, GymShark taps into his fanbase and credibility as he vouches for their products in his caption. This results in increased brand awareness and potentially more sales.

Key Takeaways

Targeted Marketing: Influencer partnerships can connect brands with their targeted audience, i.e young, active audiences into fitness.

Influencer Impact: David Laid approval of Gymshark encourages his large fanbase to purchase their apparel.

9. Boohoo ‘The ZENDAYA edit’

boohoo 'the zendaya edit'

Celebrity endorsements are an integral part of marketing, and fashion is no exception.

Boohoo’s 'The Zendaya edit' collection, which comprises 50+ hand-picked, 90s-inspired clothing pieces, has been a hit among Zendaya fans and fashion enthusiasts alike.

The collection showcases Zendaya’s personal style and influence, creating buzz and interest among her fans to purchase the items. Now, combine that with Zendaya's incredibly large and loyal social media following, and Boohoo has a recipe for success.

Key Takeaways

Increased Exposure: Zendaya's fame boosts Boohoo's visibility.

Relevance: Both are icons of youthful, stylish fashion.

Exclusivity: Zendaya's personal picks offer unique style choices.

Target Marketing: By partnering with Zendaya, Boohoo reaches a younger demographic who admire and follow the actress' style.

Expert Endorsements and Professional Reviews

10. Diggity Marketing

diggity marketing

Matt Diggity, the founder of Diggity Marketing, is an experienced SEO expert and consultant. He's renowned for helping build successful, profitable websites and is seen as a SEO industry leader,

On Matt's service website, we see he's been featured on 'Ahrefs', 'Moz' and even the 'New York Post'. All serve as fantastic social proof for his skills and expertise.

The webpage even includes testimonials from the above companies, as well as 'Affiliate World Conferences' - a  company that holds large-scale conferences for affiliate marketing.

Key Takeaways:

Credibility: Featured on top platforms and publications helps to establish Matt as a SEO authority with proven success.

Industry Approval: Endorsements from leading companies and conferences.

11. Growth Function's Awards

Got an award or two? Show it off like Growth Function has done on their website.

Scrolling down, you're immediately met with an assertion of their industry recognition. They proudly exhibit being named "AdAge 2023 Newcomer Agency of the Year" and for two consecutive years, a winner on the "Inc. 5000" list for America's fastest-growing private companies.

To industry insiders and customers alike, these accolades signal trustworthiness and expertise. It's a smart move to prominently display awards on your website for instant credibility.

Key Takeaways:

Recognition: Awards highlight industry respect and leadership.

Trustworthiness: Accolades build confidence in their expertise.

Visibility: Showcasing awards boosts credibility and appeal.

12. GoodHouseKeeping


Sometimes, a product review is only as good as its source.

The sources in this top 5 clothing irons review blog post are rock solid. 

Carolyn Forté, a consumer product veteran, gives the review weight and authority. Garbarini Hurley, meanwhile, is a senior writer who's written about everything from prom dresses to mascara.

Both provide unique insights and practical advice on which irons to choose based on their extensive industry experience. Their reviews are thorough and based on actual testing and usage of the products.

Authority: Expert reviews from seasoned professionals.

Credibility: Insights based on in-depth testing and experience.

Reliability: Practical advice grounded in real-world use.

Diverse Opinions: Varied perspectives enhance review depth.

User-Generated Content

13. Truly Beauty

truly beauty

Truly Beauty reveals the secret to smooth skin with their KP treatment routine.

The ad features their customer using the product to remove keratosis pilaris (KP), also known as 'strawberry skin'. It then goes through the four-step routine used to achieve the desired results.

Additionally, the ad smartly addresses common concerns about keratosis pilaris by providing educational snippets from a dermatologist. It reinforces that Truly Beauty takes no shortcuts in researching the problems they’re trying to solve.

Best of all? The before and after shots clearly show the products work. 

Key Takeaways:

Personal Success Story: Customer's experience showcases the product's effectiveness.

Expert Endorsement: Insights from a dermatologist boost credibility.

Visual Proof: Before and after shots provide tangible evidence of results.

Other Forms of Social Proof

14. Levi


If there's one marketing tactic that compels people to buy stuff, it's scarcity. Limited edition releases, flash sales, and one-time offers tap into our fear of missing out (FOMO) and drive us to act.

Levi's uses this tactic on their product page, stating that only two items are left in stock. While it’s most likely true, it also shows the product is hot in demand and acts to create urgency. 

Key Takeaways:

Creates Urgency: Saying only two items are left makes you want to buy now.

Shows Demand: If it's almost out of stock, it must be popular.

Uses FOMO: Makes you afraid to miss out on a good pair of jeans.

15. Piktochart's 5th Anniversary Celebration Post


Piktochart's social media post celebrates its 5th anniversary with a vibrant graphic featuring a festive cake and balloons, using the hashtag #PiktoTurns5.

But besides just announcing their milestone, Piktochart also shares its number of users and the total number of graphics created on their platform. This is a subtle way of saying hey, we're successful and people love our product!

Key Takeaways:

Colorful Graphic: Catches attention and conveys a celebratory mood.

Using Numbers for Social Proof: Shows success, adds credibility, and impresses potential customers.

Hashtag Inclusion: Encourages audience participation and engagement with the post.

16. HubSpot Case Studies Directory

hubspot case studies directory

Case studies are the ultimate customer success story. They demonstrate how a product or service has helped real customers and businesses achieve great things.

HubSpot, known for its inbound marketing software, has a dedicated website showcasing its case studies. Consumers can select their industry, product, and even company size to find relevant case studies that best apply to their own business. 

Key Takeaways:

Variety of Case Studies: HubSpot offers a wide range of case studies, catering to diverse audiences.

Visual Proof: HubSpot's case studies demonstrate real results through visuals, showing the impact of their product. 

Our Criteria for Selecting Social Proof Examples

At MagicBrief, we believe in using the latest technology to provide the best experience for our customers. That's why we use advanced AI algorithms and our expertise to analyze and select our featured social proof campaigns.

All examples selected are evaluated on the following factors:

Ad script

Editing pace

Target audience relevance

Emotional appeal

Visual impact, and much more.

We then review the top results and add our insights to ensure that only the best content is chosen. This cutting-edge technology and human expertise combination ensures you learn from the most effective and engaging ads.

To learn more about our AI-powered analysis process, check out our guide on our website.

Wrapping Things Up

In conclusion, social proof is a powerful tool that benefits all businesses. Whether it's through celebrity collaborations, influencer marketing, or user-generated content, businesses can leverage social proof to convince customers they're making the right purchasing decision.

When featuring your own customer reviews or testimonials, pick ones that are authentic, relatable, and best represent the product. You'll quickly see how social proof can positively impact your business and increase sales and brand awareness.

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