Linkedin Ad Specs: A Complete Guide for 2024 [Updated]

Linkedin Ad Specs: A Complete Guide for 2024 [Updated]

Get up to date on the latest LinkedIn ad specs for 2024. Learn how to create effective LinkedIn ads to really hone in on your target audience!

Apr 20, 2023
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LinkedIn is an online hub for digital marketers and other professionals wanting to expand their networks. Users are also typically higher-level decision makers, having substantially more purchasing power than other social media platform users. If you’re an advertiser, choosing the right LinkedIn ad sizes and specs is an absolute must for your campaign. 

Below are the following LinkedIn ad sizes and specs you should be aware of in 2023:

  1. Text Ads
  2. Single Image Ads
  3. Video Ads
  4. Carousel Ads
  5. Dynamic Ads
  6. Follower Ads
  7. Spotlight Ads
  8. Job Ads
  9. Message Ads
  10. Conversation Ads
  11. Lead Gen Forms

LinkedIn Text Ads

Text ads were designed for your convenience and budget restraints in mind. They appear on the right-hand side of a user's desktop feed, making them easy to find and view. And while text ads aren’t as intrusive or compelling as, let’s say, visual ads, they still attract clicks if you write captivating copy.

Digital marketers and smaller businesses typically use this ad format as it’s relatively inexpensive. They’re also the fastest way to advertise on LinkedIn - great if it’s your first rodeo or for quick campaigns. 

Campaign Objectives: Brand awareness, website visits, lead generation and website conversions

Text Ad Specs

Maximum image size: 2MB

File type: JPG or PNG file

Aspect ratio: 100 x 100 pixels

Headline text limit: 25 characters max, including spaces

Description limit: Ip to 75 characters max, including spaces

Landing Page URL: up to 500 characters max for link

Text Ad Sizes: 728 x 90 496 x 80 160 x 1600 17 x 700 300 x 250

Display options: Desktop Only

Click Tracking: Supported

Text Ad Recommendations 

  • Craft a headline and description that's bold and engaging. Use persuasive phrases like 'free', 'today', and 'learn'.
  • Optimise text ads for desktop users i.e don't use characters that only show up on a mobile device.
  • Add a call to action (CTA) in your description, such as 'sign up' or 'get started'.
  • Use a 50x50 pixel image. This serves to complement the ad rather than detract from its primary message. Think of the image as the supporting actor while the ad's text is the star.
  • Be satisfied with a 0.03%-0.06% CTR. Remember that to really engage busy professionals, more complex and personalised ad formats are typically required.
  • Keep your copy simple and straight to the point - no fluff.

Single Image Ads

This popular format isn't exclusive to LinkedIn, but to nearly every social platform. It’s a go-to for many digital marketers, illustrating a single image that defines the product, service, or message. Even for those of us who are technologically challenged (myself included), they’re easy to create and require minimal design skills.

Single image ads appear on a user's main feed as 'promoted’, clearly labelled for transparency. They're also more visible than text ads, making them more effective for outreach and engagement.

Single image Ads

Single Image Ad Specs

Ad name limit: 255 characters - this is used for tracking purposes by advertisers.

Headline: 200 characters max

Introductory text for image ads: 600 characters max

Ad Description: 300 characters max

URL length: 23 characters max

Landing page URL: max 2,000 characters

Image file type: JPG or PNG format

Image Size: at least 5MB

Image ratio options:

  • Less than 1:1 (horizontal)
  • 1:1 (square)
  • At Least 1:1 (vertical)

Rich media display size:

  • Aspect ratio: 1.91:1
  • Pixel: 1200 x 627 (maximum 400px in width)
  • Weight: Max 100MB
  • Recommended pixels per inch: 72 PPI

Single Image Best Practises

  • Link single image ads with lead generation forms (if increasing leads is your goal). This enhances user experience as they can efficiently submit contact information.
  • Keep headlines below 70 characters to avoid being truncated on mobile.
  • Be creative with your CTAs by embedding LinkedIn's pre-made calls to actions. Some include 'Register', 'Subscribe, and 'Download.
  • You should be aiming for a minimum CTR of 0.35%. Consider a 1% CTR a benchmark for success.
  • Make your mark on the headline and intro text as users notice these first before your description.

LinkedIn Video Ads

Video ads showcase your creatives better than any other ad format. Promote products and their unique features, show viewers a day in the life of your business, share customer testimonies and more. And don't be afraid to add humour or pull on the old heartstrings to win members over - you always want a response!

LinkedIn Video Ads

LinkedIn Video Ad Specs

Video headline: max 200 characters. Anything over 70 characters will be truncated on mobile.

Introductory text (optional): max 600 characters

Video length: 3 seconds to 30 mins

File format: MP4

File size: 75KB to 200MB

CTA: Choose from preset options

Video aspect ratios:

Horizontal: 16:9, 1920×1080, 1200×675

Square: 1:1, 360x360px, 1920x1920px

Vertical: 9:16, 720×920 - mobile only

Video Ad Best Practises

  • If possible, keep video ads short and sweet. Top-performing ads only last up to 15-30 seconds.
  • Add subtitles or captions to make your video ad more inclusive.
  • Use advanced flows to retarget members who watched portions of your video. For example, you can retarget users who watched at least 25% of your ad.
  • Optimise your ad to be mobile friendly i.e keep your headline at or under 70 characters.
  • A video view is counted as either: a CTA click or when users view a video that's 50% visible on screen for at least 2 seconds.
  • Generate new video ad ideas by analysing competitors. Use the MagicBrief Chrome extension to save competitor video ads that you can use as inspiration for your own ad campaigns.

LinkedIn Carousel Ads

LinkedIn carousel ads display at least two cards to advertise your products or services. However, they can also tell stories, share product specifications or highlight different aspects of your business through each card. All in all, it's a versatile solution that can adapt to several objectives.

If creativity is your strong point, consider experimenting with your ad displays. For example, you can show different product angles throughout multiple cards to better captivate users. 

Campaign objectives: Brand awareness, website visits, engagement, lead generation and website conversions.

LinkedIn Carousel Ads

Carousel Ad Specs

Ad name: max 255 characters

Introductory text: max 255 characters. However, opt for 150 characters to avoid truncation on specific devices

Cards: 2-10

Max file size: 10 MB

Rich media formats: JPG, PNG and GIF (non-animated only)

Card headline text: two lines each before shortening.

Landing page URL: max 2,000 characters

Image dimension: max 6012 x 6012px

Carousel ads directed URL: max 45 characters

Carousel ads that include a Lead Gen Form max CTA: 30 characters

LinkedIn Audience Network is not available for carousel campaigns.

LinkedIn Dynamic Ads

Dynamic ads include three ad formats that personalise content specifically for the user. They target individuals based on their profile's unique details i.e their job title, industry, and other demographic criteria. They're also highly scalable, targeting multiple groups of people with ease and efficiency.

These types of ads will mention the person's name, and include a suggestion that's tailored to their interests (sounds almost too personal!). For example, if a user works in digital marketing, an ad may recommend a digital marketing course or tools. By advertising products/services that users are likely to need, dynamic ads increase relevance and engagement.

LinkedIn Follower Ads

Follower ads help acquire more followers to your LinkedIn or company landing page. Its primary objective is to increase website visits, which create brand awareness, topic authority and enable users to convert now or later. Ads are tailored to users based on their profile data and include their profile picture, first name and organisation to further personalise the experience.

Campaign Objective: Brand awareness, website visits, and engagement.

Follower Ad Specs

Ad headline: max 50 characters, including spaces.

Ad description: max 70 characters, including spaces.

Company name: max 25 characters, including spaces. Only displayed when a user's cursor is on the logo.

Ad file type: JPG or PNG

Ad image size: Min 100x100 pixels

CTA: Select from one of LinkedIn's pre-defined CTAs:

  • Visit company: Redirects to your LinkedIn's page tab
  • Visit jobs: Redirects to your LinkedIn's jobs tab
  • Visit life: Redirects to your LinkedIn's life tab

LinkedIn Spotlight Ads

Spotlight ads, like Follower ads, help to generate leads through content value. This can range from best practices in a certain industry to leadership success stories. By creating a content buffet that's too delicious to resist, you’ll compel users into clicking on your ad and sliding into your DMs!

Campaign Objectives: Brand awareness, website visits, engagement, lead generation, and job applicants.

LinkedIn Spotlight Ads

Spotlight Ad Specs

Ad headline: max 50 characters, including spaces. Custom text will not be translated automatically.

Ad description (above images): max 70 characters, including spaces.

Company name: max 25 characters, including spaces. Only displayed when a user's cursor is on the logo.

Company image: min 100 x 100px

File type: JPG or PNG

CTA: max 18 characters, including spaces.

Landing page: Supports third-party URLs such as a website landing page or blog post.

Customised background image (optional): exactly 300 x 250px and max 2MB.

LinkedIn Job Ads

These ads are highly effective in recruiting promising talent in your industry, boasting up a 50x response rate than traditional job ads receive. And due to LinkedIn's detailed targeting options and large talent pool, you'll have access to more job seekers than a clearance rack on Black Friday!

If your goal is to target a specific audience, refrain from using the audience expansion option in your ads manager. This may broaden your audience outside  of your targeted group, leading to higher costs and a lower response rate.

Campaign objectives: Website visits and job applicants

Job Ad Specs:

Company name: max 25 characters

Recommended company logo: 100 x 100px

Ad headline: max 70 characters or choose a pre-made headline

CTA: max 44 characters if a custom phrase is used. Pre-set CTAs available.

Picture Yourself and Job Ads: CTA are automatically generated

Jobs of Interest ad: custom CTA

Dynamic Ads Recommendations

  • Check the box for your target audience's profile photos to appear. As a result, ads will feel less generic and more personal.
  • Use pre-set templates so your recipient’s name and company appear in the text.
  • Include a relevant CTA in all dynamic ads.
  • Gain new followers on your ‘Follower Ad’ by excluding the existing followers option on your Linkedin targeting page.
  • Use a custom background image for spotlight ads that’s relevant to your brand. For instance, you wouldn’t use a picture of a beach if you're advertising a software download!

LinkedIn Message Ad

LinkedIn message ads are a tad intrusive, where users receive ads directly in their inbox. The content's tailored to users interests and behaviours, including an initial message and preset responses to choose from. Because ads are in someone's inbox for 45 days, members have to try a little harder to forget about the advertiser's product or service.

The most distinctive feature of Message ads is their ability to block out competitors. Users can only receive a single ad from any advertiser once in every 30 days, making it a highly-inclusive space for both users and advertiser.

Campaign objectives: Brand awareness, website visits, engagement, lead generation and website conversions.

LinkedIn Message Ad

LinkedIn Message Ad Specs

Message subject: max 60 characters

CTA button copy: Up to 20 characters

Body text: max 1,500 characters

Terms and conditions (custom): max 2,500 characters

Banner creative file type: JPEG, PNG, GIF (non animated).

Banner creative size: 300 x 250px

Message Ad Recommendations

  • Include a banner to prevent competitor ads from displaying in yours. Any background creatives should be relevant and engaging, featuring eye-catching visuals.
  • Provide a potential solution to the user's problem i.e a 14 day content creation course for new vloggers.
  • Link to the LinkedIn Lead gen forms for optimal user engagement.
  • Send message ads from a profile that's seen as credible.

LinkedIn Conversation Ad

Conversation ads are very similar to message ads, but add extra interactive elements that allow users to explore. Unlike message ads that feature a single CTA (ideal for promotions), these ads have multiple CTAs that let members dive deeper into the ad’s content.

For instance, if you're running an event, CTAs could include 'Register Now', 'View Agenda', or 'View Speakers'. This offers more information on the subject matter, adding clarity to those who want to know more. 

Campaign objectives: Brand awareness, website visits, engagement, lead generation, and website conversions.

LinkedIn Conversation Ad

Conversation Ad Specs

Ad name: max 255 characters, including spaces

Sender: Add a sender or choose from those available

Banner creative (optional, desktop only): max 300 x 250px banner creative

Banner creative file type (optional, desktop only) JPG or PNG

Introductory text: max 500 characters, including spaces

Image size: max 250 x 250 px

Image file: JPG or PNG

CTA button text: max 25 characters, including spaces and punctuation

CTA buttons per message: 2-5 buttons

Message text: max 500 characters

Landing page URL: max 2,000 characters for the destination link

LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms (Lead Generation)

Lead gen forms, which appear after clicking a message ad or a sponsored content’s CTA, help to find new leads. Forms help accelerate conversions by including a personalised, pre-populated form., streamlining the overall process. This saves on both parties (advertiser and user) time and hassle.

Campaign objectives: Lead generation.

LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms (Lead Generation)

Lead Gen Form Specs

Form name: max 256 characters

Form headline: max 60 characters

Body text: 160 characters max, Opt for 70 characters to avoid shortening.

Privacy policy text (optional): max 2,000 characters

Lead Gen Form Recommendations

  • Use a catchy headline and description for your Lead Gen Form ad. Concisely describe what you offer and the solution to the member’s problem.
  • LinkedIn advises using only three to four form fields for LinkedIn Lead Gen Ads. Any more can result in fewer conversions as users may feel overwhelmed.
  • Refrain from inputting manual form fields. This demotivates users from completing the process as it's less convenient.
  • Include a 'Thank You' page to encourage customers to come back.
  • Include additional sections that describe what you're offering - never undersell your product or service!

LinkedIn Ad Specs - Summary

LinkedIn ads really hone in on the consumer-advertiser relationship. Ads are highly personalised, reaching your target audience without beating around the bush.

While knowing your target audience like the back of your hand is crucial, LinkedIn ad specs should never be overlooked. Ads that are pixelated, overly long (video format) or don't fit the given specs may not be approved. And even if they are, your ad will look out of place and downright ugly.

Lastly, if you're struggling with ad ideas, always seek inspiration from your competitor's ads. Using the MagicBrief Chrome extension, you can easily see what ads your competitors are running and use that to your advantage.

By following what we've outlined in this article, you'll create stunning LinkedIn ads in 2023 that will have users clamouring to engage with your brand. Good luck! 

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