16 Creative Beauty Ad Examples for You | MagicBrief

16 Creative Beauty Ad Examples for You | MagicBrief

Discover 16 creative beauty ad examples and ways to leverage your social media for beauty ad, and learn to create captivating beauty ads on a budget.

Jun 13, 2023
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Did you know that beauty companies were estimated to spend $7.7 billion on advertising in 2022?  

Whether it’s a new product launch, special promotion, or other beauty-related updates, there’s always something to advertise. These are typically done by the big players with enough resources to create high-impact campaigns - think L’Oréal, P&G, Unilever and so on. 

But what if you’re a smaller cosmetic brand looking to make a splash in the beauty industry? 

Well, one way you can instantly reach your audience is with a well-crafted beauty ad. Without paying a fortune on high-production costs, small businesses can still craft brilliant ads that get them noticed.

In this article, we’ll be sharing 16 beauty ad examples that you can easily replicate in your own campaigns. We’ve excluded high-production ads to highlight the beauty of simplicity in advertising.

Why and How to Leverage Social Media for Your Beauty Ad

Beauty ads go beyond high-budget commercials and billboards. Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and YouTube have opened up new avenues, allowing smaller beauty brands to shine in the digital landscape.

These platforms provide a cost-effective and efficient way to reach your target audience. Furthermore, ad formats are highly versatile, allowing brands to expose their products through videos, images, stories, and UGC (User-Generated Content). You can then use their analytical tools to track performance, measure ROI, and adjust your ads accordingly.

Granted, you do need some know-how to use these advertising tools, but it's well-worth the effort once you start to reap the rewards.

To get you inspired, below we’ve rounded up 16 low-budget, yet highly effective beauty ads from MagicBrief for you to explore and learn from. Enjoy! 

Beauty Ads library

  1. FaceTheory - Skincare Product Range

Sometimes, adverts tend to be loud and in-your-face, focusing more on the models than the actual product itself! 

However, FaceTheory's subtle and stylish skincare ad wastes no time in getting their message across. 

The focus is firmly on their products - describing step by step on how to use them, along with their respective ingredients. In 20 seconds, they've showcased their entire product range without any distractions - a smart and stylish way to promote their skincare!

  1. Nurx - Eyelash Serum
An Ad copy for the beaury Ads

Why is UGC so commonplace today and effective? 

Well, it's the authenticity these types of ads deliver - making the product seem more real and tangible. It lets consumers envision using the product ourselves, since it showcases everyday people and their experience. 

Take Nurx for example -  their ad features a real customer who briefly explains how to use their eyelash serum. She effortlessly demonstrates the product's ease of use and showcases her own remarkable results. Furthermore, the overlay text emphasises how the product is FDA-approved, strengthening its credibility. 

  1. Truly Beauty - America's #1 Shave Routine!
An Ad copy for the beaury Ads

Who says single-image ads can’t tell the whole story?

When a great image is combined with equally as great copy, that’s when the magic happens!

Truly Beauty's ad copy is colourful, concise, and creatively highlights their product's features while promoting their bundle offer. Their unique shaving collection breaks the old boring stereotypes of male grooming products, making it more fun and interactive.  

After all, who doesn't want to  smell like a glazed donut after shaving?

To top things off, the ad reinforces the bundle offer by featuring a 50% off badge in its picture, making it very hard to resist. 

  1. Lumin - Product Survey for Free Samples
An Ad copy for the beaury Ads

Looking to attract men who take their looks and beauty seriously?

One way to get noticed by sophisticated male beauty shoppers is to speak directly to them. 

Their ad hook, 'Easiest way dudes transform to a 10', does just that, offering a unique promise that caters to their interests.

Afterwards, the ad then entices potential customers into completing a survey for three products free of charge. It then showcases their skincare products in order, teaching the shoppers how to use them. 

This ad does a few things. It uses the free survey to capture customer data, and it banks on male making future purchases because they have already experienced the effectiveness of the products. Lastly, it claims men can be 'noticeably handsomer' and even includes a testimonial from a customer - further reinforcing their product's efficacy. 

Overall, the ad takes a long-term approach to building relationships with its target consumers. It uses bold claims, smart hooks, and provides customers with real tangible value. Rather crafty, wouldn't you agree? 

  1. LaughLand - Before and After for Whiter Teeth
A beauty Ad showing the before face of removing stains
A beauty Ad showing the after face of removing stains

Sometimes, being direct works wonders in converting interested viewers into loyal customers.

LaughLand's ad is so straightforward, you'd think it was a before and after picture from a dentist. 

It features two pictures of the same model, showcasing her teeth's transformation from slightly yellowish to 'I can see my reflection' white in one week. The ad copy also doesn't beat around the bush, making the bold claim that viewers can get the same results.

Their caption 'swipe to remove her stains' also adds a nice interactive touch to get people to swipe. People are curious by nature, and this quick interactive element helps to further pique their interest. 

According to the Advertising Standards Authority:

 “Marketers, especially those in the health and beauty sectors, often use ‘before and after’ photos of subjects to provide a visual representation of the effectiveness of their products.”

This ad takes full advantage of the power of before and after visuals to showcase the transformative effects of LaughLand's product.

  1. Alleyoop - Makeup Quiz
An Ad copy of beauty Ad

Contrary to what many men think, not all women are beauty experts. Alleyoop seeks to remind us that not everyone is a makeup maven. 

This ad shows an elderly woman who has found her perfect makeup routine, thanks to Alleyoop. It goes through her step by step routine and transformation, highlighting the product's benefits. Like we mentioned earlier about UGC - it's relatable and authentic, which is a major selling point for those who don’t trust overly edited or heavily retouched advertisements.

The ad copy also reinforces the idea that Alleyoop offers personalised beauty recommendations, no matter your age, lifestyle, or skin type. 

Lastly, it invites people who feel out of place and to take the Alleyoop beauty quiz. This interactive element is perfect for women who have nobody to turn to for advice. Instead of visiting their local derm or beauty counter, they can now get personalised advice from their phones or laptops.

  1. Three Ships - Day & Night Creams
An Ad copy of beauty Ad

This ad has a bright orange wavy background that displays two of their skincare products as its centrepiece. It’s sleek and simple design looks professional, making their products look high-end and desirable. 

The ad's copy addresses common consumer pain points and provides concise and effective solutions to restore natural beauty. We also love how they mention that their products are derma-tested, further reinforcing their safety and effectiveness. Overall, Three Ships' ad does a great job of combining aesthetics with concise copy, that's both persuasive and informative. 

  1. King C. Gillette - Style Like a King
Skincare product Ad

Want to feel like a King? 

Well this ad helps pave the way into the King's court with its style and sophistication. It's professionally shot, and features a model using the product and looking quite satisfied with its results. The jazzy music also adds a nice touch, giving the ad a luxurious feel. 

Despite the ad only lasting 10 seconds, it manages to include the product benefits and its 50% discount offer. It even includes a short tagline that says 'Style like a King' to create a sense of aspiration and desire. 

  1. KraveBeauty
An Ad copy of a beauty Ad

KraveBeauty, lets Byrdie, an editorial site featuring beauty reviews, showcase their product for them.

By featuring this article review which saw KraveBeauty's Face Wash reign supreme, it instantly adds to their product's credibility and prestige. People who read Byrdie take their reviews seriously, and a single endorsement can catapult a product into the mainstream.

KraveBeauty also does a great job of highlighting exactly what it was that made their Face Wash so great - excess makeup and oil removal without leaving skin dry or stripped. By quickly mentioning this in their ad copy, it informs customers on why they came out on top. 

  1. Function of Beauty  - Tailored Beauty Products

An Ad copy of beauty Ad

Did you know that an astonishing 91% of individuals aged 18 to 34 put the same level of trust in online reviews as they do in personal recommendations?

As such, many brands feature consumer testimonials in their ads. Like UGC, they add brand authenticity, showing how people in real life can benefit from their products. 

Function of Beauty often features everyday people or UGC creators to  endorse their products. In this ad, a woman states that generic shampoos and conditioners just weren't cutting it, while Function of Beauty's more tailored products did the trick. 

The ad copy also includes a testimonial from the customer, really using her words to emphasise the brand's effectiveness. This helps reassure potential customers that they too can get similar results. 

  1. Oh Beauty - Weekly Giveaway
An Ad copy of beauty Ad

One component of effective advertising is targeting people who have shown prior interest in your products. This is also known as ad retargeting, and Function of Beauty sets it up beautifully  in this example.

This beauty brand ad gives away products for users to check and participate in their latest post. By enticing people with a free product, it efficiently provides the company a list of leads they can later market to.

Oh Beauty's ad also displays their product in a visually pleasing manner, showcasing it in an almost luxurious setting. Consumers, as a result, may now equate Oh Beauty products with high-quality and indulgence.

Overall, while this 'give away' seems to only benefit the participants, it more so benefits the cosmetics brand with the new influx of leads for their marketing team. 

  1. SolaWave - Skincare Wand
An Ad copy of beauty Ad

This video ad features multiple women using the same product. It then showcases the product’s effects, visibly reducing wrinkles, blemishes and so on. At the end, consumers are further enticed by their 30-Day Free Trial and free shipping offer.

SolaWave demonstrates the product benefits in a creative and attractive way. By featuring participants from different backgrounds, it relays the message that the product is for everyone. 

  1. Savvy - Hair Growth Serum
A video Ad of new hair growth remedy

It's not everyday that journalism can be leveraged in a beauty ad, but this Hair Growth Serum does just that. The ad starts off a news story segment for CBSMiami, tackling the standard problem of hair loss and introducing Savvy's Hair Growth Serum as the solution. 

Framing the ad in this manner gives it a scientific and professional vibe, helping to boost the brand’s credibility. It also adds prestige as Savvy is being featured on a reputable news network. The advertising then transitions to showcase the before and afters of customers who used their Serum. 

  1. Truly Beauty - Coco Cloud
An Ad copy of beauty Ad

When your product is truly outstanding, why not let everyone else do the talking for you?

This True Beauty ad doesn’t brag or make stunning claims about their own products. Instead, it shows a screenshot of InStyle Magazine the brand’s Coco praising Cloud Bikini Line shaving cream as being the best of 2023. 

This ad is extremely powerful because InStyle has been an established women's fashion magazine since 1994, making their recognition no small feat. Their authority and influence in the fashion community boosts True Beauty's credibility, instantly giving a significant level of prestige to their product. 

Combine this image with the CTA supplemental text "The BEST Shave Of Your Life Or Your Money Back" and you’ve got a winning beauty ad (and product, in this scenario). 

So the next time your product or service gets praised by a reputable source, consider leveraging it in your ad. 

  1. Loops Beauty - Nightshift Facial Mask
An Ad copy of beauty Ad

Loops Beauty is all about simplicity, making skincare less of a chore. Their Nightshift facial mask is perfectly introduced and explained to audiences in just a few words, making the ad and application of use seem effortless. 

The ad emphasises just how easy it is to use with a copy that reads 'No Slip. No Mess.' as well 'before bed'. It’s concise messaging proves you don't need to go overboard with your product descriptions. 

Lastly, the featured model also looks relaxed and content, letting us clearly visualise the benefits of using Night Shift. It wants to portray the product should be part of our lifestyle, rather than a cumbersome task. 

  1. Hey Buds Skincare - Acne Treatment
An Ad copy of beauty Ad

Looking to maximise a single ad image to promote your products? Then look no further than Hey Buds Skincare.

On the left, the ad describes common acne pain points such as clogged pores and papules. On the right, it showcases their wide selection of products as the solution. Product benefits are clearly demonstrated, allowing viewers to make an instant connection.

By having this side-by-side comparison of problems and solutions, users can quickly process the brand’s unique value proposition. It also proves that Hey Buds Skincare has something for everyone, giving customers with all kinds of acne problems reassurance. 

What to Take Away from MagicBrief’s Collection of Beauty Ad Examples

We've deliberately focused on cosmetic brands that don’t rely on fancy production or celebrity endorsements alone, we can identify the key elements that truly make a beauty ad attractive. 

We've also mixed our ad selection up, ranging from giveaway ads, video ads featuring news segments to UGC and more. Each has a unique twist that makes their ad stand out from the rest. 

The next you create your own, try to include the following: 

A good hook: Examples on our list include Laugh Land's 'swipe to remove her stains' and Lumin's 'Easiest way dudes transform to a 10'. Both are great at getting people to instantly click on the ad. 

Testimonials: Testimonials, especially ones that come from reputable sources like news networks and fashion magazines instantly give incentive to customers. UGC testimonials, or even including ones in your ad copy builds a layer of trust and reassurance. 

Clear visuals: Whether it's a before-and-after image, or front-shot of your product, it's important to have visuals that are clear and attractive. Remember, your product is the star and you need to show it in the best possible light.

Pick the right colours: Ad colours can make all the difference by instantly evoking emotions from your audience. A good rule of thumb is to pick colours that represent the emotion you want to evoke - blues for relaxation, purples for luxury and so on.

Targeted approach: A crucial aspect of any successful marketing strategy is to precisely define your target audience. Before creating an ad, choose platforms that align with the demographic you aim to reach. For example, you wouldn’t advertise to pensioners if your product is for young women.

The first step in any marketing strategy is to identify your target audience. Whatever platform you choose, make sure it's tailored for the customers you want to reach. 

Last but not least, be unique. Maybe it's your ads colour scheme, brand’s logo, typography, or overall creative concept. Find a way to stand out from the crowd and be memorable to your audience.

Ultimately, even though your ad may be relatively short, the planning and preparation should be meticulous.  Good luck! 

Save Your Favourite Ads with MagicBrief

Have you enjoyed our collection of ads? If so, there's no reason why you can't start saving other ads just like these with MagicBrief. 

MagicBrief's Chrome extension and ad library lets you save and analyse your competitors' ads, from any industry. Once saved, you can review them to get ideas on how to make your own. Simply take what the ad does well i.e. its visuals, and copy approach, and use it as inspiration for your own. 

Start today by signing up and installing our Chrome extension. It takes two minutes and can help you level up your advertising game!

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