15 Real Estate Facebook Ad Examples for Effective Lead Generation

15 Real Estate Facebook Ad Examples for Effective Lead Generation

Discover 15 powerful Real Estate Facebook ad examples for high-quality leads. Boost sales with creative real estate Facebook ads. 

Jul 27, 2023
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15 Real Estate Facebook Ad Examples For High-quality Leads

Do your real estate ads continue to generate low-quality leads?

Sure, you get a ton of inquiries, but if it doesn’t translate to actual sales, then what’s the point?

If you're eager to convert more prospects into actual buyers, then it’s time to create a well-crafted Real Estate Facebook ad. However, making one that captivates viewers isn’t so easy. And if it fails to draw eyeballs, your ad may as well be invisible. 

If you need inspiration for your next Facebook real estate ad, MagicBried is here to help. We’ll show you 15 examples of successful real estate facebook ads you can easily replicate for your next campaign.

Why Do Agents Turn to Facebook for Real Estate Advertising?

More and more agents look to Facebook to generate leads and establish a connection with clients. Unlike traditional advertising avenues, such as brochures, leaflets, and billboards, Facebook offers a plethora of advantages for real estate agents.

Let's go through them:

Cost-effective: Real estate agents know that generating leads can be expensive. With Facebook's cost-per-click (CPC) pricing model, agents only pay when a person clicks on their ads. Simply put, you only pay when you get a potential lead.

Targeting capabilities: Choose to target potential buyers in a certain geographic location based on various factors such as age and interests. If, for example, you're targeting retired people for your luxury condos, you'd preferably choose a target age range of 55 and above, with a high income bracket.

Real-time insights: Monitor your campaigns in real-time, and use an iterative process to optimise your ads over time. If an ad creative on one campaign isn't working, agents can easily adjust the copy or visuals and test again.

It's a visual platform: Customers typically envision themselves a home before purchasing it. Facebook effortlessly showcases stunning property visuals, giving potential buyers a glimpse into what’s in store for them.

How to Set Up a Real Estate Ads Campaign on Facebook

Sometimes, new advertisers often get muddled up when setting up their first Facebook real estate campaign. With so many options on Meta Business Suite, it's easy to make newbie mistakes. 

Follow these steps or read our more extensive Facebook guide on how to make ads:

  1. Establish a Facebook Business Page  

This page will be a hub for all your ad campaigns. Here, you can showcase your best listings along with their respective images, along with testimonials and other copy.

  1. Connect your other meta platforms 

This step is essential as it helps you synchronise your other social media accounts i.e WhatsApp, Messenger etc, with the Facebook Business Page.

  1. Pinpoint what type of leads you're targeting 

Are you looking to generate leads who are buyers, sellers, investors or something else? Be specific as possible as you want your ads to land in front of your target market. 

  1. Set a target cost-per-lead 

Start off with a reasonable target CPL (cost-per-lead) that you can adjust as needed. As you optimise your campaigns overtime, your cost-per-lead should decrease. Remember, it often requires trial and error to get it just right.

  1. Create a Facebook Ad Campaign 

Head over to Ads Manager and set-up your first ad campaign with a chosen objective i.e Traffic, Engagement, Lead Generation, etc. While you could use your Facebook business page as your landing page, you can also use your website or Instagram account.

Now that we've covered the basics, it's time to do the fun part - creating a great real estate ad. To give you some inspiration and to see what works, we've created a list of 15 awesome real estate Facebook ad examples.You can visit the FB Ad library of other inspirations as well. If you don't know about Facebook Ad Library, we have a dedicated post about Facebook Ad Library and how to master it.

Let's get started!

Real Estate Facebook Ad Examples You Can Replicate

Whether you want to increase brand awareness or target keen real estate investors to buy your property, there are real estate ad examples applicable for everyone. Below are 15 Facebook real estate ad examples that should give you plenty of ideas:

  1. To Rent or to Own Real Estate Ad Example

An example of Real Estate Facebook Ad

This ad doesn't resemble your standard real estate ad, but it's still effective. It's perfect for indecisive viewers who are questioning whether they should rent or own.

On one side, the ad mentions all the disadvantages of renting, featuring a dark grey background. And on the other hand, it mentions the benefits of owning using a light blue background to make the benefits stand out.

If you're targeting middle of the funnel leads who are interested but need a slight push, this ad helps sway undecided buyers. It educates them on the difference between renting and owning, which is essential for starters. It also shows off your expertise in the housing market.

  1. Simple, yet Effective Carousel Facebook Real Estate Ad

Carousel Facebook Real Estate Ad

We've used Tommy's real estate company as another example of a successful real estate Facebook ad. Cool awards aside, we can see why their ads have been so successful. Their combination of brightly coloured images, concise copy, and straightforward CTA are simple yet effective.

An example of Real Estate Facebook Ad

While anyone can take a picture of a house, Tommy's ad does something else - it captures the feeling of what it's like to be in and around the house. You want to evoke some sort of emotion to your viewer, whether it's serenity, relaxation or excitement.

  1. The Discount Real Estate Ad

The Discount Real Estate Ad

If there's one thing buyers are on the hunt for, it's bargains. And what better way to spread the word than showcasing a newly reduced property price?

This ad emphasises the lower price tag and also includes an irresistible image of a beautiful countryside home. Its green backdrop and home caters to those looking for a quaint retreat from city life.

The copy provides more information on the home, its features and location, as well as the full listing link. Unlike many Facebook real estate ads which ramble on, this ad keeps things concise. It clearly highlights the main selling point (the price) and brief description of the house's aesthetically pleasing features.

It's a great ad that will help you capture discount hunters and those who are looking for a new rural home!

  1. Real Estate Touring Ad
Real Estate Touring Ad

Sometimes, you just have to take things into your own hands. And touring a property is one of them. In this ad, it saves people from having to make an appointment for people to attend, thanks for the video!

This Facebook real estate ad example features an agent touring your potential new home, showcasing its interior and exterior. It's fantastic for a few reasons. 

First, it saves buyers time from having to book a tour and visit the home in person.

Second, it helps you filter out low-quality leads. Viewers can immediately identify if the home isn't for them. Contrast this to someone attending a physical tour, who might feel obliged to keep going since they went through the trouble of visiting.

Finally, it's entertaining and goes beyond a carousel or single image ad. These are often skipped, due to their lack of originality and allure. However, with a video that isn't particularly long, viewers are more likely to watch it in its entirety.

  1. ‘Just Sold’ Real Estate Ad
‘Just Sold’ Real Estate Ad

The housing market can be a chaotic and ever-changing place. Sometimes, homes stay in the market for months before they find a buyer. In other cases, demand can be so high that homes sell within days!

This ad is great for showcasing newly sold homes in your neighbourhood. It also creates a sense of interest and curiosity among viewers, conveying a couple of things. First, it illustrates that the real estate agent knows the area and what's hot in terms of housing trends. Second, it gives you an idea (if you click) of what houses in the area are selling for.

It's a great ad for those beginning the process of selling their home, enticing them to find out more information.

  1. I'm the Expert Real Estate Ad

I'm the Expert Real Estate Ad‍

Real estate experts, while many claim that they’re the bee knees, few can back it up. This ad conveys a sense of authority and expertise by showcasing a real estate agent's profile shot, a picture of a recent sale and testimonials from customers.

It instantly gives the impression that you're the 'go-to' expert and has the track record to back it up. It also stands out amongst other real estate ads, which promote the actual property. Instead, this ad promotes a real estate agent and their services.

The ad almost resembles a linkedin profile, where viewers learn about your professional credentials and what you can do for them.

  1. ‘New’ or ‘Just Listed’ Real Estate Facebook Ads

‘New’ or ‘Just Listed’ Real Estate Facebook Ads

We've already covered 'Just Sold' real estate ads so let’s look at 'New' or 'Just In' ones. This ad style informs viewers that something new has just arrived, adding a sense of urgency to the mix. It also serves to remind viewers that they could be missing out on a great opportunity if they don't act now!

This ad is short and concise, showing a house in an open field with a blue sky in the background. The ad copy briefly explains the property's features and location, with a call-to-action that points viewers to the full listing. No fuss, no frills.

The only downside in this particular ad, is that it's generic in nature. Personally, we would have gone for a carousel ad with multiple images of the house's interior and exterior. This would give viewers a better insight into the home and its features.

Regardless, the concept of promoting a new home is still effective and can help drive more leads!

  1. Let the Property Do the Talking Ad 

Let the Property Do the Talking Ad ‍

Although the ad appears to be a high-budget production, you could probably have filmed with a decent smartphone. The colours and lighting are on point, the angles and zoom-ins are just enough to make the viewer feel like they're virtually touring the home.

Due to its creative way of shooting, it gives off a sense of prestige and sophistication. And the best thing is, it costs a fraction of the price compared to other ad styles.

  1. Real Estate Facebook Article Ad

Real Estate Facebook Article Ad‍

Looking to target the top of the funnel leads?

Then you can reel them in with helpful content and advice on buying your dream home.

This real estate ad clicks all the boxes. It features a family celebrating and expressing the emotional satisfaction you get from buying a home, which resonates with viewers. The caption summarises the article's content and entices viewers to click.

While consumers could simply do a quick google search and find the information elsewhere, they're more likely to click on an ad if it's presented in an easy-to-digest way. The article then leads them to your landing page with more information on real estate buying, giving the perfect opportunity to convert.

Remember that real estate ads go beyond simply advertising a house - they can educate leads, convey trustworthiness and establish authority in the market.

  1. The Luxury Real Estate Facebook Ad

The Luxury Real Estate Facebook Ad‍

Looking to really make a first impression?

Then using crisp visuals that showcase a luxury lifestyle is one way to really make your audience sit up and take note.

This carousel ad does just that, using bold visuals of a luxury home with an inviting swimming pool in the foreground. The second image shows a birds-eye view of the overall area, highlighting the beautiful hills and surrounding real estate. Finally it concludes with close up images of the gorgeous pool, letting you envision yourself living the lap of luxury.

A carousel ad showing the luxury houses near hills

The ad copy, while certainly not short, is still concise. By breaking the real estate's primary features into easy-to-ready bullet points, it quickly gives viewers more information about the property. It also includes bonuses i.e. a 1 year free Golf Club Membership, adding a unique incentive that you rarely see anywhere else. 

It's a great ad to get views dreaming of the luxury lifestyle, and draw them in with promises of having their dream come true.

  1. Luxury Real Estate Facebook Ad with Narration

Luxury Real Estate Facebook Ad with Narration

This video ad feels like an infomercial, complete with a professional narrator. It showcases every room while giving thorough descriptions of the house's features. The visuals make it seem like a high-budget production, with sweeping shots that show off all angles of the estate. It even includes exterior aerial views with music in the background.

The aim of this ad is to let viewers experience the best parts of the house, so they can envision themselves living there. By giving the viewer a virtual tour, it makes it easier to make an offer without needing to book an actual tour. This ad is perfect for targeting the higher end of the real estate market - those looking for their dream home.

When creating video ads for luxury homes, it helps to invest more on production quality. High-production ads, in general, tend to be more memorable, increasing brand awareness for your brand.

  1. Real Estate Award Ad

Real Estate Award Ad

There are various ways to show your real estate, with most agents relying on testimonials and their recent sales records to prove their service quality.

This ad, however, really takes things up a notch. It puts the spotlight on their awards and industry recognition, making it much more impactful than a simple "we sold this many homes" type of ad.

So why are awards important? 

They are an external, third-party endorsement. Unlike simple testimonials which you can pick and choose, awards are based on performance and demonstrate trust and credibility with buyers. There's also less chance of someone calling your bluff, since awards can’t be bought.

Although there isn't a single house or estate agent on display, it still attracts potential buyers. After all, if your agency is good enough to win awards, then it's probably good enough for customers.

  1. The Real Estate Facebook Hook Ad

The Real Estate Facebook Hook Ad‍

A hook is exactly what it sounds like - an eye-catching line or phrase that lures your audience in like a fish to the bait. It instantly triggers a reaction from your viewers, compelling them to at least take a second look at your ad.

This ad uses the hook 'Thinking of selling your home?' as the headline. This instantly grabs the attention of viewers who are considering selling their property. It also entices them to find out more information about their home.

Furthermore, the minimalist visuals are sleek and attractive, giving a clean-cut and sophisticated feel to the ad. The light, cream background combined with the muted colours of the other elements provide a subtle look, giving it a magazine type feel to it. 

Remember, use colours in your ads sparingly. Any more than three can be overwhelming, unless it’s your goal to emphasise artistic elements.

  1. Personal Profile Facebook Real Estate Agent Ad

Personal Profile Facebook Real Estate Agent Ad‍

Most consumers thinking of selling don’t know what makes a great estate agent. 

Is it experience? A good track record? Or perhaps the ability to provide tailored advice?

This ad is perfect for highlighting an agent's expertise and experience. It's professionally shot and edited, and includes a cool soundtrack to accompany the visuals. Most importantly, it has enough detail to provide reassurance that the agent knows what he's talking about.

The video sets itself apart from any ad that simply relies on a description of services. As the agent speaks directly to the screen, it’s an easy way to instantly connect with potential clients watching. In just over a minute, clients have a clear picture of what kind of agent they're dealing with, and what they can expect.

If your USP as an agent is your personality and credibility, this type of ad is perfect for you. You want to showcase your achievements - as the saying goes, if you have it, flaunt it!

  1. A Facebook Real Estate Ad that Relies on Visuals

A Facebook Real Estate Ad that Relies on Visuals‍

People are visual creatures. Images allow us to process information much faster, and it's a great way to illustrate valuable property insights.

This carousel ad is all about visuals. Each room is perfectly lit, with great attention to detail in each shot. It's a high-production ad, complete with smooth transitions that show off the entire house.

A carousel ad showing a beautiful lobby space view

Ultimately, this ad is great for drawing dreamers in. It showcases the home’s beauty and charm with amazing visuals, giving the impression it’s warm and inviting. And unlike many ads that never reveal the actual property price, this ad includes the price at the end.

Save and Analyse Competitor Ads with MagicBrief

Not sure where to start on your Facebook advertising journey?

MagicBrief allows you to save and analyse competitors' ads to see what works well for other real estate professionals. Our Ad Library and Storyboard feature will enable you to quickly build and manage campaigns straight from our dashboard, helping you save time and money.

So whether you're just starting or a seasoned pro, MagicBrief has everything you need to get the most out of your advertising campaigns and generate leads. Download our Chrome Extension today and start exploring!

Final Thoughts 

Real estate industry Facebook ads can attract buyers in various ways. The most important thing is to focus on the message and visuals that appeal to your target audience. Ads featuring awards, personal profiles, crisp visuals and hooks are great for generating leads, and MagicBrief can help you analyse competitors' campaigns to get the best results.

With these tips, you can create robust and effective real estate Facebook ads that drive conversions. Good luck!

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