15 Outstanding Valentine's Day Ads to Help Your Brand Stand Out

15 Outstanding Valentine's Day Ads to Help Your Brand Stand Out

Want to make your brand stand out this Valentine's Day? Check out these 15 outstanding Valentine's Day ads to help spread the love and boost sales!

Oct 10, 2023
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15 of the Best Valentine's Day Ads to Inspire Businesses and Marketers 

best valentine's day ads

Valentine's Day lets us celebrate love and show appreciation for that special someone.

It's also an opportunity for ambitious businesses and marketers to increase brand awareness, secure leads, and radically drive sales.

In 2023, Americans spent $25.9 billion on Valentine's Day, with the average person budgeting $192.80. This was an 8.37% increase from the previous year, meaning 2024 looks promising for businesses willing to put in extra effort.

But to get people lining up at your door, you'll need an inspiring, eye-catching Valentine's ad campaign that resonates with your audience.

To help you get started, we've gathered the 15 best Valentine's Day ads to inspire your creativity and boost your marketing strategy.

1. Sniff


Looking to target a niche market with specialized products?

Then, take a leaf out of Sniff's playbook.

This ad stands out with its chocolate-themed backdrop and prominent product display, presenting a fragrance for just $25. These elements provide a sense of luxury and indulgence without breaking the bank.

Sniff also differentiates its campaign by focusing on ethical standards, advertising itself to vegans and prioritizing high-quality, cruelty-free products. This is a perfect example of how businesses can appeal to consumers' pockets and values.

Key Takeaways:

  • Affordable Luxury: Showcases a clear, attractive price for budget-conscious gifters.
  • Striking Imagery: Captures attention with a visually appealing chocolate-perfume contrast.
  • Ethical Appeal: Highlights vegan and cruelty-free aspects.

2. Songfinch


Valentine's Day is supposed to be a highly personalized experience. So why do most give generic gifts, i.e., chocolate and flowers?

Songfinch's ad breaks the norm by opting for something more personal - custom love songs
crafted from your own love story and musical tastes. You even get to choose from their group of talented artists - nice!

The ad's slideshow format describes their step-by-step process, throwing in 'an early bird special' to sweeten the deal. It also helps to establish social proof by mentioning 'award-winning independent artists.'

Key Takeaways:

  • Personalization: Appeals to individuals looking for a unique and personalized gift experience.
  • Clear Process: Provides a clear explanation of the service and how it works.
  • Social Proof: Establishes credibility through mentions of award-winning artists.
  • Limited Time Offer: Creates a sense of urgency with the 'early bird special' promotion.

3. With Clarity

with clarity

Valentine's Day is a time for grand gestures, but nothing tops a wedding proposal. Clarity, a diamond ring provider, seizes this moment to advertise its ring.

This professionally shot ad features a happy, beautiful couple amid a romantic proposal, symbolizing the perfect Valentine's Day moment. It's a perfect tactic for highlighting the product's emotional significance.

The ad ends with an incentive - a free gift for those who purchase the qualifying amount.

Key Takeaways:

High-quality Imagery: From the gorgeous backdrop cityscape to the sparkly ring's closeup shot, the ad's visuals are polished and mesmerizing.

Emotional Appeal: The ad plays on the holiday's emotions, making it easy for viewers to connect with the product.

Incentive Offer: The free gift adds value and encourages potential customers to purchase.

Sense of urgency: By associating Valentine's Day with the perfect time for proposals, it creates a sense of urgency to act before it's too late.

4. Milk Bar

Milk Bar, a dessert provider, uses colorful and enticing cake imagery to tease viewers with their Valentine's Day offerings.

Eye-catching visuals like Milk Bar's are 40 times more likely to be shared on social media than other types of content. Now, combine that with their fun, upbeat music, and it's no wonder their ads do so well.

The ad also features testimonials from Forbes, HYPERBAE, and Business Insider - all incredible sources that will boost consumer trust signals.  After all, how many cake shops can boast such high-profile accolades? These instantly differentiate Milk Bar from the competition and increase their perceived value.

Key Takeaways:

  • Endorsements: Milk Bar uses third-party endorsements to say they're the best in town.
  • Sensory Appeal: Viewers get a mix of closeup cake shots, customers enjoying the food, and graphics of their boxes to entice all senses.
  • Upbeat soundtrack:  Milk Bar adds to the fun and lively atmosphere by incorporating a catchy, energetic soundtrack in their video.

5. My Subscription Addiction

my subscription addiction

This ad features a 5-star review and endorsements by Vogue, Elle, and Refinery29 to promote its range of necklaces.

Why is this significant?

As a customer, we are more likely to trust an advertisement that includes reviews by reputable publications. It's called social proof, where we look to others (especially experts or influencers) for guidance on what to buy.

By showcasing their positive reviews, My Subscription Addiction gains the trust of potential customers, lowering the barrier to purchase.

Combine the above with bright, sparkly diamonds, a fun and seductive narrator, and a limited-time offer - it's no surprise that this ad effectively gets customers to subscribe.

Key Takeaways:

  • Social Proof: Positive reviews and endorsements from reputable sources influence potential customers' trust and purchasing decisions.
  • Attractive Visuals: Close-up shots of the models wearing the products instantly catch the eye.
  • Engaging Narration: A fun and seductive voiceover grabs attention and makes the ad memorable.
  • Limited-Time Offer: Creates urgency, encouraging customers to act quickly to take advantage of the offer.

6. MeUndies


MeUndies advertisement instantly resonates with couples.


Because it features Alec and Leah, a real couple, modeling matching underwear together. This captures the essence of Valentine's Day - couples spending quality time together and matching outfits to symbolize their love.

The ad is also playful, cute and relatable- making it easy for the audience to connect with.

In a market flooded with typical gifts, MeUndies sets itself apart by offering something couples can enjoy together, presenting it as a shared Valentine's Day treat.

Key Takeaways:

Storytelling: Featuring a real couple gives the ad a narrative that customers can see themselves in.

Emotionally appeal:  The ad plays on the emotions and desires of couples to spend quality time together.

Unique Selling Point: MeUndies stands out from traditional Valentine's Day gifts by offering matching underwear, making it a unique and special option.

Targeted Audience: The ad speaks directly to couples, making it relatable and relevant for them.

7. Sunday Citizen

sunday citizen

If you want to create an ad that doesn't break the bank, Sunday Citizen's ad is a great example.

Sunday Citizen's minimalist approach focuses on their 'FREE Snug Hoodie With $350+ Orders' to sell luxury bedding products.

The ad’s video, meanwhile, is straightforward and emotionally engaging, featuring couples in relaxed, homey settings that exude warmth and comfort. It's an ad that speaks directly to the target audience - couples looking for a cozy, intimate Valentine's Day experience.

Key Takeaways:

Minimalism: Sunday Citizen's simple approach to advertising proves that sometimes less is more.

Emotional Appeal: The ad appeals to the comfort and intimacy couples seek on Valentine's Day.

Incentive Offer: Offers a free gift with a purchase, giving extra incentive for customers to buy.

Product Placement: The ad smartly positions the hoodie as a product and a symbol of the comfort of the brand's entire range.

Target Audience: Their target demographic is clear - couples who value luxury, quality and comfort in their home.

8. The Ridge

The ridge

Ridge wallets are known as sleek and durable, perfect for anyone on the go.

In this Valentine's Day ad example, the wallet company features a comparison shot of their wallet and a bulky traditional one. It also features a tweet from Andrea Robinson, noting how it avoids the dreaded 'pocket lump.'

Both ad elements communicate the following to its target audience:

  • Ridge's wallets are more stylish, and smaller and have superior functionality to regular wallets.
  • Customers love the product, and it has received positive feedback.

Key Takeaways:

Product comparisons: The ad clearly demonstrates the superior design and functionality of Ridge wallets compared to traditional ones.

Social Proof: Customer testimonials, like Andrea's tweet, offer much-needed validation to new customers and build trust in the brand.

Modernity: The ad's sleek design and use of social media imagery reflect the modern, tech-savvy audience it targets.

Seasonal Promotion: Aligning the discount with Valentine's Day taps into the gift-buying market.

9. Baublebar


As far as partnerships go, they don't get any bigger than Disney.

Baublebar has catapulted its product line into the mainstream market by collaborating with Disney to create a jewelry collection.

The ad features dazzling closeups of their Mickey Mouse-shaped jewelry, resonating with all Disney fans. It feels magical and whimsical -  just like the brand.

Additionally, the model wearing the jewelry instantly reveals their target audience - young girls who are Disney fans. This strategic targeting helps consumers (primarily parents) envision their own child wearing the jewelry - a successful tactic to drive sales.

Key Takeaways:

  • Strategic Brand Alliance: Leveraging the power of Disney's brand to expand market reach.
  • Magical Marketing: Using Disney's timeless appeal to create an emotional connection with the product.
  • Targeted Demographic: Focusing on young fans and their parents to drive interest and sales.

10. Slumberkins


Slumberkins' ad for Valentine's Day is all about love and learning.

The ad shows kids cuddling with big, soft toys and enjoying a book that teaches them about friendship and caring. It reminds us that Valentine's Day isn't just for grown-ups but also for little ones to learn about love.

Slumberkins doesn't just try to sell a book or toy; it sells a feeling, an experience, and a way to connect with loved ones. The ad also cleverly incorporates image captions to describe something unique about their products, such as their kin-sized hedgehogs or cards.

Key Takeaways:

  • Emotional Storytelling: Tapping into the heartstrings of parents by emphasizing the importance of love and learning for children.
  • Product Integration: Showcasing specific features and benefits of their products in a subtle yet effective way.
  • Message of Inclusivity: Reinforcing the idea that Valentine's Day can be a special time for families to bond and learn.

11. Loftie


Here's another Valentine's advertisement that uses minimalism effectively.

The ad features a sleek Loftie alarm clock with a 20% discount and a New York Times endorsement. These elements work together to create a powerful message: Loftie is a stylish, top-rated product on sale for Valentine's Day.

The ad copy explains the clock's features and benefits, using emojis to convey its selling points quickly and visually. It then puts a nice cherry on top with the money-back guarantee - a risk-free purchase for your loved one.

Key Takeaways:

  • Simplicity and Minimalism: Highlighting the sleek design of the Loftie clock while keeping the ad clean and uncluttered.
  • Effective Use of Endorsements: Utilizes praise from a reputable source, such as the New York Times, to establish social proof.
  • Emojis for Visual Appeal and Information: Using emojis to convey information quickly in a visually appealing manner.
  • Discount & money-back guarantee: Consumers get a sound product at a discounted price and have the safety net of a money-back guarantee.

12. Sculpd

In any industry, whether it'd be beauty or food, the consumer's experience can be equally important to the product itself.

Sculpd clearly had this in mind,  creating a Valentine's Day ad that focused on the experience of creating ceramics.

The video shows friends laughing, drinking wine, and enjoying each other's company while using the Sculpd DIY pottery kit. The ad highlights the fun and relaxing aspect of creating ceramics, demonstrating that you don't have to be good to make cool, unique pieces.

The ad also showcases various pottery designs with unique captions like 'Make Pottery Magic' and 'Set the Perfect Mood', further enhancing the experience-based approach.

Key Takeaways:

  • Experience over product: Showcase the bonding experience of creating ceramics with friends or loved ones.
  • Ease of Use: Demonstrating that creating pottery can be easy, fun, and stress-free with Sculpd's DIY kit.
  • Emotional Engagement: The ad captures the bonding experience over Sculpd's DIY pottery, presenting it as an ideal Valentine's Day activity.

13. Nike


This carousel ad by Nike uses colorful backdrops to display their matching collection of children's sneakers and clothing. The product's vibrant pinks and reds are set against equally lively settings, giving off an energetic vibe.

Each slide features a different set of gifts, emphasizing thier wide selection of Valentine's Day apparel. The bold text, meanwhile, is iconic and immediately recognizable as Nike's branding.

Key Takeaways:

  • Vibrant visuals: Using bright colors and contrasting backdrops sets the  tone for a lively and exciting Valentine's Day gift.
  • Matching themes: Nike showcases their matching collection, appealing to couples or families who want to coordinate their outfits.
  • Brand Identity: Nike's unmistakable branding is prominent, leveraging its iconic status.

14. Dore & Rose

dore and rose

Dore & Rose's recent video advertisement centers around their Deep Sleep Mask as the perfect Valentine's Day present. It features a woman (presumably one of their customers) opening up the product, trying it on with her partner, and waking up refreshed.

The video uses romantic music, close-up product shots, a narrated voice-over, and a happy couple to evoke a sense of luxury, relaxation, and intimacy. It also explains what the product does -  provide a haven for shared dreams.

Key Takeaway:

  • Product demonstration: You clearly see the product's benefits, i.e a hand caressing to demonstrate its softness.
  • Emotional connection: Appeals to the emotional side of Valentine's Day, emphasizing the idea of sharing dreams and creating intimate moments.
  • Luxury and relaxation: Dore & Rose positions their sleep mask as a luxurious and indulgent product, perfect for pampering yourself or your partner. 
  • Feels like UGC: Its casual presentation looks like a video made for social media platforms by real-life customers, making it relatable to the audience.

15. ŌURA


This ŌURA ad campaign starts with just two words: "LOVE YOU," on a simple background. As the images change, the 'O' transitions into one of their rings. These powerful creative visuals add to OURA's already perceived image of sophistication and elegance.

We then get a close-up of the ŌURA ring with their discount CTA:

'Shop Our Valentine's Day sale at"

This targets budget-conscious shoppers searching for unique,  meaningful gifts for their significant others.

Key Takeaways:

  • Sophisticated Imagery: The visuals maintain a clean and elegant aesthetic, aligning with the brand's upscale image.
  • Targeted Call-to-Action: The final image with the sale prompt directly engages those ready to buy, providing a clear next step.
  • Discount CTA: ŌURA's discount entices consumers hesitant to splurge on the luxury ring, lowering purchasing barriers.

Our Criteria for Selecting The Best Valentine's Day Ads

At MagicBrief, we know that any ad won't do. It takes a combination of creativity, emotional appeal, and strategic messaging to create a successful Valentine's Day ad.

That's why we utilize AI technology and our own team of marketing experts to analyze and select the best Valentine's Day ads for our clients. Our criteria include:

  • Target Audience Relevance: Does the ad appeal to its intended audience?
  • Ad Script and Visuals: Is the ad visually appealing and does it have a compelling script that keeps you engaged?
  • Editing Pace: Does the ad feel too slow or rushed? Is the pacing effective in conveying its message?
  • Authenticity: Does the ad come off as honest or disingenuous?
  • Emotions: Does the ad evoke emotions, particularly those associated with love and Valentine's Day?
  • Call to Action: Are viewers directed to take action, such as purchasing a product or visiting a website?

With these criteria in mind, we ensure you’ll receive ads that stand out, resonate with your target audience, and drive results.

All ads selected are ranked as either 'Great' or 'Winners' based on their overall performance in meeting our AI and human-reviewed standards.

Check out our short guide about Ad Score Library, and learn more about our AI ranking technology.

Valentine's Day Campaign Takeaways From All Ads

Use Eye-catching Images

Your job, as a business owner or marketer, is to stop people and make them take notice.

Based on the ads above, fantastic visuals help accomplish this. Whether it's through sophisticated imagery or colorful and enticing product shots, great visuals draw viewers in and entice them to learn more about your offerings.

Include Testimonials and Reviews to Build Social Proof

Have a few 5-star reviews under your belt? What about endorsements from top influencers or industry experts? Use them to your advantage!

Strategically place these in the ad and its description to add credibility and social proof to your campaign. This is often the push viewers need to take the next step and make a purchase.

Offer Some Incentives For Viewers Take Action

We all know Valentine's Day is a popular gift-giving holiday. But it's also a time, like Black Friday when consumers look for great deals. Use this to your advantage by offering your ad a limited-time promotion or discount code.

Your incentive could be a free gift with purchase, a percentage off the total cost, or even a special Valentine's Day bundle. Whatever it may be, make sure it adds value and encourages viewers to take action.

Use UGC to Create a Personal Connection

User-generated content (UGC) is a powerful advertising tool. It allows potential customers to see real people using and enjoying your product or service, making it more relatable and personal.

Consider featuring a real customer or influencer to endorse your product or service. This can create community and trust around your brand, especially on social media.

Add Fear of Missing Out (FOMO)

Incorporating a sense of urgency, like Songfinch's 'early bird special' or My Subscription Addiction's limited-time offer, can create a fear of missing out (FOMO) in potential customers. This technique basically compels your audience to act now, rather sooner than later, to take advantage of a special offer.

Tell a Story to Keep Audiences Engaged

Storytelling does a few things regarding advertising.

It creates a series of events that are easy to follow, i.e., a beginning, middle, and end. And just as importantly, telling the Sculpd DIY pottery kita story can set the mood for your product or service. For example, the Sculpd DIY pottery kit ad features friends having fun while using the product.  This connects with most people's desire to have fun and make memories with loved ones.

Be Authentic

Last, and perhaps most important, is being authentic in your adverts.

Many consumers today can see a mile away when a brand uses shady marketing tactics, i.e., exaggerated fake product claims or testimonials, touched-up images, etc.

When advertising, just be honest. Focus and show what your product can do instead of what it can't.    Most products or services, believe it or not, aren't perfect. But if you show leads that your product can effectively solve their paint points, you're already halfway there.

How to SkyRocket Your Sales With MagicBrief's Advertising Platform

magicbrief sales advertising

Besides our AI algorithms for ranking ads, MagicBrief has other powerful features that can help you skyrocket your sales with our advertising platform:

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And much more!

Sign up to MagicBrief today for a free trial! Our mission is to make advertising simple, effective, and transparent for all businesses. We can't wait to see your ads take off! Happy Advertising!