10 Meme Ads to Inspire Your Meme Marketing Campaign

10 Meme Ads to Inspire Your Meme Marketing Campaign

Discover 10 meme ads from MagicBrief that you can use to inspire your meme marketing campaign and reach a wider audience.

Jan 22, 2024
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Meme Marketing - 10 Meme Ads That Will Inspire Your Next Campaign

meme ads to inspire your meme marketing campaign

Meme marketing has taken the world by storm. Everyone's jumping on the meme bandwagon, from businesses to social media influencers. They're hilarious and relatable, and most importantly, can spread like wildfire across the internet. 

However, memes go beyond simply providing quick laughs. Underneath the funny images and witty captions lies a powerful marketing tool that attracts, engages, and converts audiences. 

That's where meme ads come in. 

These advertisements incorporate popular memes and viral content to promote a product, service, or brand. 

If you’re looking for inspiration, we’ve compiled 10 meme ads to get your creative juices flowing.

What Are Meme Ads?

Before we can explain what a meme ad is, let's dissect what a meme is. According to Merriam-Webster:

'An idea, behavior, style, or usage that spreads from person to person within a culture.' 

In today's digital age, this means images, videos, and texts that are shared widely online, often with slight variations that resonate with or humorously comment on current trends and societal norms.

Now, a meme ad or branded meme uses this concept for marketing purposes.

Like your standard digital marketing ad, a meme ad can promote products, services, or even an entire brand. The difference is that it uses the language and tone of internet culture to communicate with its audience.

Think of a meme ad like an average meme but with a branded message or call-to-action that encourages viewers to take action. 

Why Is Meme Marketing Effective?

They Cater to Gen Z and Millennial Audiences

Memes cater to Gen Zs and Millennials: generations who thrive on internet culture and are known for short attention spans. According to a survey by YPulse, 75% of people aged 13 to 36 share memes online, indicating it's an integral part of their communication style. 

By harnessing something so ingrained in your target audience's daily lives, you can create a connection with them that standard ads simply can't achieve. 

Meme Ads Are Less Intrusive (According to Gen Z)

Traditional advertising methods done in decades past are becoming less and less effective. In fact, a recent study by Kantar Millward Brown shows that 69% of Gen Zs find traditional ads annoying or intrusive.

Meme ads, meanwhile, are a relatively new and non-traditional form of advertising that allows brands to communicate with their target audience in a more organic, engaging way.

They May Have Some Potential To Go Viral

Memes often go viral because they make us laugh, think, or feel relatable emotions. As a result, users like and share that piece of content. 

One study found that meme marketing campaigns' click-through rate (CTR) is roughly 19%, significantly higher than the average 6% CTR for traditional marketing campaigns. 

Remember that meme ads or branded memes generally don't have the same virality potential as your standard meme. They're still ads at the end of the day, and audiences can easily recognize when they're being sold to. 

Branded Memes Are Easy to Make

Meme ads are seldom original since they are typically based on existing memes. This allows brands to use the same format or concept and customize it to fit their brand's message. 

A meme ad can be made in minutes. Simply select a preexisting meme template, edit it by adding your brand's messages, and it's ready for advertising.

 Alternatively, you could create your own meme, but it should be based on a current trend or topic to ensure its relevance and potential for virality.

They Are Cost-Effective 

Production costs for creating social media ads can be high, especially for video or image ads that require professional equipment and editing. 

On the other hand, meme ads cost nearly nothing to create as you can use free online tools or social media apps. Heck, I'm sure your little cousin could even whip one up for you in minutes.

Because production costs are minimal, meme marketing allows brands to reach a wider audience without breaking the bank.

Showcases Your Brand's Personality

Memes are relatable, and often satirical - characteristics that appeal to younger generations. 

Using memes in your marketing strategy demonstrates that your brand is very much in tune with pop culture and has a sense of humor. This can help increase brand awareness and connect with your target audience.

Remember that audiences with some form of emotional connection with a brand are likely to become loyal customers.

10 Meme Ads to Inspire Your Next Meme Marketing Campaign

Now, we know what meme ads are and how they can benefit your brand. 

So, how should you start your meme marketing campaign?

You may think it's as simple as picking any meme template and inserting your brand's message. However, connecting with your target audience is crucial when it comes to meme marketing or any form of marketing. 

Your ads need to be relevant, engaging, creative, and speak the language of your audience. If not, your ad campaigns will fall flat. 

To help inspire your next digital marketing campaign, here are 10 meme ads from the 

MagicBrief Ad Library that hit the nail on the head:

1. True Classic 'Distracted Boyfriend' Meme Ad

 'Distracted Boyfriend' Meme Ad

In this ad, True Classic plays off the 'Distracted Boyfriend' meme that many people know and love. It shows a guy who's more excited about their Black Friday 70% sale than a present from his wife. It's a simple but smart way to get a laugh and show that True Classic's deals are too good to ignore.

 We love this ad because it's trendy and relatable. Male viewers can relate to looking at another woman and then quickly turning back to their partner. It also shows True Classic's understanding of internet culture and humor.

Furthermore, the deal is front and center, clearly showing that True Classic's sale is the main focus. 

2. Use Motion's 'Thinker Monkey' Meme Ad

thinker monkey meme ad

Motion leverages the popular 'Thinker Monkey' meme in this meme advertisement to depict a workplace scenario that's highly relatable. It shows a boss deep in thought and being surprised by an employee's swift completion of tasks, hinting at a secret weapon to their efficiency - Motion. 

The ad appeals to anyone who wants to work smarter, not harder, implying Motion's tool is the answer. The 'Thinker Monkey' meme adds humor and creativity to a mundane workplace scenario. 

Lastly, the enticing offer of "Get 25% more done" combined with a free trial helps to draw in potential customers. Potential users are directed to visit their website for a detailed look into the tool's features. 

3. Jot's 'Literally No one' Meme Ad

literally no one meme ad

This 'Peppa Mocha Coffee Concentrate' ad captures the festive spirit and excitement of finding your favorite seasonal drink. It uses the 'Literally no one' meme template, which basically means nobody asked for something, but it's still supplied. 

Besides the meme ad's playful nature, it capitalizes on the social proof of customer satisfaction with a mention of '12,500 5-star reviews.' This helps to build trust and credibility in the product. 

4. Elevate Brain Game Meme Ad

elevate brain game meme ad

Elevate uses two side-by-side silhouettes to showcase the difference in brain activity between someone using their app and someone who isn't. 

This meme shows how we all have those little quirks in talking. Many of us overuse words like ‘like’ or ‘you know?’ without realizing it. Elevate uses this relatable aspect by emphasizing its app's ability to improve your vocabulary. It also emphasizes the idea of continuous self-improvement, which is a popular trend in today's society.

The ad copy's value proposition is also clearly demonstrated, stating you'll speed up your reading and improve your writing and speaking skills.  

5. The Smart Wallet's Ozark Meme Ad

smart wallet's ozark meme ad

The meme ad from the TV show 'Ozark' plays on the main character's notorious reputation for money management and unconventional financial solutions. Fans will instantly be familiar with the show's financial desperation and ingenuity themes. This creates an immediate connection with anyone who's felt the crunch when it's time to pay the rent.

In this scenario, the Smart Wallet is much like Marty Byrde, savvy and resourceful. It implies that you, too, can discover "25 Weird (but TOTALLY LEGAL) Ways to Pay Rent in 2023.", which is mentioned in the ad copy. 

The message here is clear: there are creative yet legitimate ways to make ends meet, and The Smart Wallet can help you find them. 

6. Boody's Spiderman Torn Costume Meme Ad

boody's spiderman torn costume meme ad

This meme ad playfully targets guys who neglect their underwear game for new t-shirts. It cleverly encourages men to consider refreshing their basics with a "mid-year top drawer refresh." This bundle offers a practical and cost-efficient solution to the common dilemma of worn-out basics. 

Its ad copy 'Tag that person who needs a cheeky reminder 👀' also compels viewers to tag someone who needs this gentle nudge towards better clothing choices. This could almost be seen as a low-key CTA (call-to-action) within the ad itself. 

7. CRAFTD London's Skeleton Meme Ad

Craftd london's skeleton meme ad

CRAFTD London's meme ad image says it all: you'll end up a skeleton waiting for their jewelry to restock. In other words, their stuff is so hot and in demand that you'll miss out if you don't act fast! 

The clever use of the skeleton also adds FOMO (fear of missing out) to the mix, making viewers feel like they must act before it's too late. This urgency often drives impulse purchases and can be a powerful marketing tactic. 

Lastly, the not-so-slick photoshopped necklace added to the skeleton's neck shows that CRAFTD doesn't take itself too seriously and values a good laugh. 

8. Bumble's 'Barbie' Meme Ad

bumble's barbie meme ad

Bumble's meme ad capitalizes on the Barbie movie’s huge box-office success. It even cleverly incorporates the iconic Barbie pink into its branding. 

By identifying what's trending and popular among its target audience, Bumble feels in-tune with its audience. In this ad, we see Bumble as ‘Ken’ and ‘Barbie’ as the consumer, implying that Bumble is the perfect match for women looking for a successful, attractive partner. 

9. Bones Coffee Company's 'Confused Math Lady'

bones coffee company's confused math lady

Unless you've lived under a rock, you've probably seen the 'confused math lady' meme at some point. It's funny and relatable and has been circulating online for years. Bones Coffee Company takes advantage of the meme's popularity in their ad.

The meme ad states Bones coffee is so good you'll never want to come down from the caffeine high. The use of humor, combined with a relatable sentiment, strengthens the bond with the audience and reinforces the brand's presence in a crowded market.

Lastly, the ad copy 'I cannot find any flaws in this logic... 😂 #bonescoffee #monday #meme #lol' is short and sweet - perfect for social media consumption. 

10. Milk Road's Squid Game Meme Ad

milk road's squid game meme ad

In this savvy ad, Milk Road capitalizes on the massive popularity of 'Squid Game,' a show known for its intense and high-stakes narrative. It features a scene that equates the tension felt in the show with the experience of tracking the volatile crypto market. It implies that with The Milk Road's timely insights, crypto investors won't just survive in the market—they'll thrive.

The personal endorsement from a user, Mark Watson, is also a nice touch. It adds social proof to the brand to convince top-of-funnel users to try Milk Road's services. 

Selection Criteria for Meme Ads

Our featured meme ads were meticulously chosen from MagicBrief's comprehensive Ad Library, specifically targeting ads that achieved a rating of 3 to 4 bars, great ads, or winning ads, respectively, based on MagicBrief's AI evaluation. 

MagicBrief’s AI-driven process assesses ads against criteria such as:

Quality of Script

  • Editing pace
  • Ad longevity 
  • Emotional appeal
  • Target audience relevance

Along with our AI ranking system, our team of experts also curates and selects meme ads that have successfully met marketing goals and resonated with audiences.

We set the bar high when we pick these, ensuring you'll get all the entertainment, humor, and creativity that you need for your next digital meme campaign.

To learn more about how we evaluate ads, check out our Ad Score and Lifecycle guide.

Enhance Your Meme Marketing Efforts with MagicBrief

meme marketing campaign

If these meme ad examples have inspired you, you might wonder how to implement a similar strategy for your brand. That's where MagicBrief comes in.

MagicBrief is a platform that curates the latest and most innovative advertising campaigns worldwide. With a simple sign-up process, you'll get access to a diverse collection of ads that will inspire your marketing strategies.

To discover more meme ads, check out our ad pack library. This extensive collection contains a diverse selection of carefully curated ad packs, each tailored to different themes and styles, including meme-based advertising.

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