Facebook Ads Character Limit: Facebook Ad Size & Specs

Facebook Ads Character Limit: Facebook Ad Size & Specs

Make sure your ads stand out in 2024 with MagicBrief's guide to Facebook ad character limits, sizes, and specs for different ad types.

Apr 18, 2023
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Facebook Ad Sizes for 2024

Back in ancient times (we really mean before 2016) Facebook was known purely as a social network. You shared pictures, mindlessly gossiped with fellow users, and made new friends. It was all very organic and wholesome, but then digital marketing changed and Facebook took notice.

Fast-forward to 2023, and Facebook is right up there with Google in terms of ad platforms. As marketers can attest, Facebook advertising can effectively draw leads and convert them into loyal customers. But to truly maximise ad performance, you have to incorporate the right Facebook ad specs and sizes.

Facebook ad types aren't limited to video ads you see on your feed. They now appear all over the platform, including your stories, reels, the Facebook marketplace, and more.

In this guide, we'll explore what these Facebook ad formats are along with their optimal ad sizes and specs. Finally, you can say goodbye to pixelated, poorly formated ads once and for all!

  1. Facebook News Feed ads
  2. Facebook Carousel ads
  3. Facebook Story ads
  4. Facebook Right-hand Column ads
  5. Facebook In-Stream Video ads
  6. Facebook Marketplace ads
  7. Facebook Instant Article ads
  8. Facebook Reel ads
  9. Wrapping up and why to Implement MagicBrief for your marketing campaigns

Facebook News Feed ads

News feed ads are undoubtedly Facebook's most heavily contested ad unit. They appear in between user posts, giving advertisers suitable slots to convey their creative messaging. And because there's so much ad competition, ad auctions are highly volatile and scaling campaigns is often challenging.

Advertisers can either incorporate image or video in News Feed ads, so let's talk about each one:

Facebook Feed Image Ads

Videos have come a long way in terms of engagement, but you still can't go wrong with good old images. In fact, they're still the most utilised ad format on the platform. Image ads are easier to create, cost less, and while not as great for storytelling, still effectively conveys your message.

Facebook image ads, however, do have limitations on the amount of text they can contain. If an ad image contains over 20% text, expect a "reduced delivery" which lowers your reach by a significant amount.

Facebook Feed Image Ad
Facebook Image Ad

Facebook Image Text Limit

Primary text: Preview of facebook ads show up to 125 characters. However, its standard to write additional copy beyond the primary text. Users will have to press on "See More" to view the extended copy.

Headline: A headline containing more than 27 characters may be truncated. As such, try to keep it short and sweet, enticing users to click on your ad.

Link Description: A maximum of 27 characters is allowed before truncation. Again, keep the copy engaging and straight to the point. Descriptions which are too long look unprofessional and jeopardise the ad's effectiveness.

Facebook Feed Ads Sizes and Specs

Recommended resolution:  a minimum of 1080 by 1080 pixels

Maximum file size: 30 MB

Maximum size of image: 600 x 600 pixels

Image aspect ratio: 1.91:1 to 1:1

Facebook News Feed Video Ads

Nothing captivates the imagination and makes us take action more than video. A great storyline filled with emotion, an excellent narrative and amazing product shots will keep viewers stuck to their seats!

News feed Facebook video ad specs are practically identical to image ads, except it’s told via a video. As such, character limits aren't really an issue. Instead, you'll have to focus on incorporating the right type of music, proper branding, eye-catching visuals, etc.

Facebook Video Ad
Facebook Feed Video Ad

Facebook Feed Video Ads Sizes and Specs

Resolution: at least 1080 x 1080p.

We recommended going with the highest possible resolution. Just ensure your video doesn't have black bars that appear on the top and sides of your video.

Video aspect ratio:  1:1 (for desktop or facebook mobile app) or 4:5 (for mobile)

Video formats: MP4, MOV or GIF

Max file size: 4GB

Min to Max video duration: 1 to 241 minutes

Video captions and sound: optional but recommended

Facebook Carousel Ad Specs

If no one image or video can’t truly express the beauty and fun of your product, then try Facebook Carousel Ads. These types of ads showcase 2-10 images and videos in a slideshow, each with its own link.

You can choose to promote multiple images and share a story. Or, you can display only a single product with several angles across all images. This ad display versatility helps capture the attention of a larger, more diverse audience.

Facebook Carousel Ad
Facebook Carousel Ads

Carousel Image Ad Specs

Aspect ratio: 1:1

Recommended resolution: at least 1080 x 1080 pixels

Image File Type: JPG or PNG

Maximum size of File: 30MB

Image ratio: 1.9:1 to 1:1

Carousel Video Ad Specs

Aspect ratio: 1:1

Resolution: at least 1080 x 1080 pixels

File Type: MP4, MOV or GIF

Maximum size of file: 4 MB for videos

Maximum video size: 120x120 pixels

Facebook Story Ads

Facebook stories have over 150 million daily active users, making it one of the fastest-growing ad types for mobile. What's more, users are gradually migrating from their News Feed to Stories, making now the perfect time to show your ads.

Story ads are shown in between your family and friends stories, catching already engaged users. This makes your video or image automatically in position to receive more clicks than other regular News Feed Ads. Of ourse, you'll still have to optimise your ad based on your chosen target audience.

Regardless if you use an image or video ad, we recommend leaving a 250-pixel border of blank space around your content. This ensures your design isn't hidden behind interface elements like the reply button.

A flower pot's Ad on Facebook Story
Facebook Story Ad

Image Story Ads Size and Specs

Image durations - up to 5 seconds

Maximum size of file: 30 MB max

File type: JPG or PNG

Aspect ratio: 9:16

Recommended resolution: At least 1080 x 1080 pixels

Video Story Ads Size and Specs

Video story ads are fairly unique due to their display’s vertical nature. This allows for a more inclusive, behind-the-scenes type of experience, ideal for creating an emotional connection with your audience.

Users have ample time to digest your ad's message, with videos lasting up to 15 seconds. Your story can also be split up into three clips, where users can keep watching or skip to the next scene.

Captions: Recommended to keep captions on to better engage viewers not using sound

File Type: MP4, MOV or GIF

Aspect ratio: 9:16

Recommended resolution: at least 1080x1080 pixels

Maximum video duration: 15 seconds

Max file size: 4 GB

Facebook Right-hand Column Ads

Facebook right column ads are fairly inconspicuous. They're relatively small and are away from your main feed, decreasing overall visibility. Unlike other ads which are available for desktop and mobile, right-hand column ads are only shown for desktop users.

However, don't let their small stature deter you. Right-hand column ads are still effective, penetrating through potential leads when they least expect it! Furthermore, they're also budget-friendly and a fantastic starting point for smaller businesses.

Facebook Right-hand Column Ads

Right-hand column ad size and specs:

Resolution: 1080 x 1080 pixels

File image size - 30MB

File video size - 4MB

Minimum width and height: 254 and 133

Text limit: 40 characters for your right column ad headlines

Video duration: 240 minutes

Image ratio: 1:1

Facebook In-stream Video Ads

Facebook in-stream video ads appear in video content from your favourite publishers. These videos last from 5 seconds to 10 minutes, typically advertised in the beginning, middle or end of organic content to minimise viewer disruption. They're also available for desktop and mobile users, although video duration differs between them.

The ads themselves typically come from the user’s favourite creators and publishers. Some can be skipped after watching for 5 seconds, and will automatically stop after 15 seconds. Once video ads reach the 15 second mark, viewers will have to click "Continue Watching" to keep watching.

Facebook In-stream Video Ad Specs and Sizes

File Type: MP4, MOV or GIF

Minimum width and height: 120 px and 120 px

Resolution: at least 1080 x 1080 pixels

Video aspect ratio: 16:9 or 1:1

Maximum video Size: 4GB

Maximum video duration: 15 seconds for desktop and 10 minutes for mobile.

Facebook Marketplace Ads

Facebook has become a Craigslist of sorts, with their Marketplace being a prime location to sell and buy items. However, it's also a space for businesses to position their ads, appearing next to product listings underneath 'Sponsored'.

Like right hand column ads, they're not particularly noticeable or intrusive. But they're still capable of flying under the radar and grabbing viewers' attention, especially when users are in a buying mood. These ads come in either video or image format, with videos automatically playing once you see it.

A marketplace Ad on Facebook with the seller information
Facebook Marketplace Ad

Facebook Marketplace Ad Specs and Sizes

File Type: MP4, MOV or GIF

Minimum width and height: 120 px and 120 px

Resolution: at least 1080 x 1080 pixels

Video ratio: 1:1

File Size: 4GB max

Minimum and maximum duration: 1 second to 241 minutes

Image file formats: JPG or PNG

Text limit: 125 characters (without link)

Headline: 40 characters

Link Description: 20 characters

Facebook Instant Articles Ads

Up until now, we've talked exclusively about video and image ads. But what about text-based ads? Not to be underestimated, Facebook's instant articles can drive substantial traffic and over 37,000 Facebook Pages are currently publishing them. 

Instant Article ads provide a post preview which appears in the user's News Feed, with a link to read more. This redirects to the publisher’s landing page, containing the full blog post and of course the mention of their associated services or products. It's simple, if viewers like what your copy has to say, they'll probably click to find out more.

Besides instant article ads differentiating itself from the ad pack, it also has a few unique advantages. First, they're optimized for mobile users, making the information easy to read and digest. Second, they're designed to load instantly, being 4.9x faster than mobile web. And lastly, since articles are higher up the marketing funnel than traditional ads, they won’t be perceived as such.

Facebook Instant Articles Ads

Instant Article Ad Specs and Sizes:

Image size: at least 1080 x 1080 pixels

Image ratio: 1:1

Minimum width and height: 600 pixels

Recommended image formats: JPG and PNG

Text limit: 30 characters

Headline limit: 25 characters

Facebook Reels

Facebook reels have taken a page out of TikTok book, allowing users to participate and upload in short form videos. As of today, there's thousands of reels being created daily, giving that intense yet short-lived burst of users attention.

Facebook recommends reels to include fun trends, authentic storytelling, whilst highlighting new products. For brands and businesses, reels can be used for lead generation, driving sales, community-building or for brand awareness. Just ensure videos are snappy, straight to the point and of course on brand.

Video reels are strides ahead of images, since they give viewers a comprehensive understanding of a company’s products/services. These vertical videos last up to one minute long, ideal for building relationships, but not long enough to bore viewers.

Facebook Reels Ad Specs and Sizes:

Video Reels

Sound and captions: Always recommended to accommodate users with their sound off.

Video file type: Mp4, Mov

Recommended aspect ratio: 9:16

Recommended resolution: At least 500 x 888 pixels

Max File Size: 4GB

Image Reels

File Type: JPG or PNG

Aspect Ratio: 1:1

Resolution: at least 1080 x 1080 pixels

Maximum file size: 30MB

Minimum width and height: 600 pixels and 600 pixels

Primary Text: 50 characters

Headline: 10 characters

Wrapping Things Up and Why to Use the MagicBrief App

If you've made it this far, you'll notice while ad format recommendations appear to be endless, most have similar requirements.

Facebook image sizes for ads, for example, only have less than a handful of sizes. These are sufficient to capture user attention and make sure your ad looks great.

  • 1080 x 1080 pixels for Facebook news feed
  • 1080 x 1920 pixels for Facebook Stories

Whatever ad format you choose, ensure they're fully backed by a well-researched strategy and compelling copy. Your content will stand out for all the right reasons, practically begging users to click on your Facebook ad. And don't be afraid to get creative - include GIFs, stickers and humor to make your ads pop!

If you want inspiration to generate new ideas, MagicBrief is for you! Save your competitors' Facebook, TikTok and Instagram ads to our comprehensive, easy to use library. Use inspirations from Facebook Ad Library and add it to our Magic Brief's Ad library to get insights on Ads that are disabled and not running. Analyze and use the best parts of their ads for yours, and get ahead of the competition with your Facebook ad campaign.

Ads that you love today, become the shining examples for future campaigns. So let's use the best of what's out there, and create magnificent ads!

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