17 Pet Food Ads for Pet Brands and Their Creative Strategies

17 Pet Food Ads for Pet Brands and Their Creative Strategies

Get inspired by the best Twitter ad examples, and learn how to create a winning advertising strategy for your business.

Oct 10, 2023
11 min read
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16 Examples of Outstanding Pet Food Ads

pet food ads

Great pet advertising will tug at your heartstrings, make you laugh, and eventually convince you to buy products. In a market where pet food and treats are the largest categories of pet spending, pet ads on platforms like Instagram and Facebook have become a crucial marketing strategy for pet food brands. 

However, despite a larger audience reach, it still takes a sound strategy to create an outstanding pet food ad. This is due to the saturated market of pet food brands and the ever-changing preferences of pet owners.

If you're having trouble coming up with ad ideas, the MagicBrief team is here to help. We've compiled 16 pet food ads that have caught our attention and stood out amongst the rest.

Let's start!

1. DogsTrust


The right colors can make any ad pop and stand out. 

Dogs Trust’s ad pulls this off with its bright yellow backdrop and adorable dog that’s front and center. It’s vibrant, eye-catching and instantly resonates with animal lovers. 

The complementary colors - white, black and yellow - also make the ad visually appealing and easy on the eyes.

As a bonus, the tagline ' make my HAPPY FACE when you've got a sad face' and 'REHOME A DOG AND CHANGE A LIFE FOREVER' tugs at the heartstrings and speaks to the emotions of potential adopters.

Key Takeaway: Use colors strategically in your ad design to stand out and evoke specific emotions. This is key to making a lasting impression with your target audience. 

2. UnTamed


Untamed cleverly uses User-generated-content (UGC) to make their ads feel more authentic and relatable. 

In this cat food ad, we see an owner feed their furry friend with a bowl of Untamed pet food. Ofcourse, the kitty eats it in one go and comes back asking for more! It’s heartwarming and lets you envision your own pet enjoying the food.

It also uses close-up ingredient shots, emojis, and captions to effectively showcase the product. Emojis and playful captions make it relatable, while the close-up shots emphasize Untamed’s commitment to providing healthy and delicious cat food.

Key Takeaway: Use UGC and real-life pet owners to create authentic and relatable ads that resonate with consumers.

3. Finn


Finn teaches us how to use show-not-tell marketing tactics to highlight their product's benefits.

This dog ad features a pet owner ordering a Finn product on TikTok after noticing her dog suffering from allergies. It then highlights its benefits, i.e., Clean supplements, real relief, etc, all without overwhelming audiences with unnecessary jargon.

It's a storytelling ad that taps into a common problem many pet owners face, making it effective and memorable.

Lastly, the ad's concluding Call-to-action (CTA), 'Head to', gently nudges viewers to  to take action and learn more about the brand.

Key Takeaway: Use storytelling and show-not-tell tactics to showcase what your product offers. Remember that actions speak louder than words!

4. Pure Pet Food

pure pet food

There's nothing like a glowing endorsement to boost your brand's credibility. Pure Pet Food does just that in their marketing campaign, featuring a review from The Telegraph as the headline.

The use of visual elements instantly hooks you in. The dog food actually looks edible and delicious. Its featured quote, however, 'Nutritious, fresh, additive-free’ is  the real star of the show, adding instant credibility and assurance to the product.

Key Takeaway: People value the opinions of authority figures in their industry. If you've received positive reviews or accolades, use them to your advantage in your marketing. Let others vouch for the quality of your product. 

5. Organix


This pet food advertisement showcases a lively, white dog waiting for its moment in the limelight. A humorous thought bubble above its head reads, "I'm ready for my close up!" perfectly capturing the pet's energy and zest. Both convey that Organix's products will keep your dog healthy and full of life.

Besides its clever messaging, using white as a primary color in this ad is a smart choice. White symbolizes purity and cleanliness, which aligns with Organix's promise of using healthy ingredients in their dog food. 

Lastly, the CTA, and ad copy at the bottom of the ad, all work together to create a cohesive and effective advertisement.

Key Takeaway: Organix pet food advertisement excels in combining humor, smart color choices, and clear messaging, making it a successful ad in the pet food market.

7. Lyka Pet Food

lyka pet food

Comparisons are great for many reasons. They help distinguish your product from others and showcase its unique selling points. 

In this dog food advertisement, Lyka Pet Food uses this visual tactic by comparing their fresh, homemade dog food to traditional processed dog food. The contrast between the two meals is striking, with the regular food looking unappetizing compared to Lyka's colorful, flavorful, and noticeably healthier meal. 

The ad copy is also short and sweet 'All dogs deserve fresh food' implying not much needs to be said - the visual speaks for itself.

Key Takeaway: Comparison photos are easy to understand and can effectively convey how your product stands out from your competitors. 

 8. Jinx Bone Broth Biscuits

jinx bone broth biscuits

Pet video ads often feature on pets and their owners, but in this ad, the focus is on the product itself. It takes you through Jinx’s meticulous production and packaging process, highlighting the quality and care put into their dog treats.

The biscuits, enriched with collagen-rich bone broth, offer a multitude of benefits, including promoting joint health and aiding digestion, which are showcased through informative and crisp visuals.

Jinx Bone Broth does a good job of using transparency and education to attract health-conscious pet owners. By showcasing the ingredients and production process, they build trust with their audience and establish themselves as a reliable brand.

Key Takeaway: Great pet food ads don’t need to be heartwarming or emotionally driven; Jinx Bone Broth Biscuits show that focusing on product quality and transparent, educational content can effectively build brand trust and appeal to discerning consumers.

9. Diggs


The pet product advertisement features a comfortable and stylish dog crate with a relaxed dog lounging inside. It lets audiences see their own furry friend enjoying the same cozy and elegant experience. 

However, the true selling point of this ad is Forbes endorsement. Its tagline 'Best Dog Crate Overall - FORBES’ immediately conveys prestige and quality, assuring potential buyers they’re buying the best of the best.

This type of credibility is especially necessary when promoting high-end and luxury products. Since they’re always associated with prestige and status, it helps to have a reputable and prestigious publication back up its quality.

Key Takeaway: When advertising luxury pet products, featuring endorsements from reputable sources will enhance the perceived value and trustworthiness of your brand and product.

10. NomNom


At first glance, it's hard to ignore NomNom's pet food awesome, vibrant food packaging.

Instead of dog food cans, NomNom uses sleek and modern pouches that resemble human food packaging. The package design is innovative and eye-catching, instantly differentiating it from the traditional pet food market.

In terms of visuals, all of the pouches are stacked neatly to make a small tower, adding to its overall aesthetic.

Lastly, the tagline 'MY DOG LOVES THIS STUFF', 5-star review, and $2.40 starting price for each meal all work together to convey that this pet food is attractive, enjoyable, and affordable.

Key Takeaway: NomNom uses unique and visually appealing packaging, positive reviews, and affordability to effectively market their pet food. As such, it's seen as an accessible, desirable, and top-quality choice for discerning pet owners.

11. Hills Pet Sweepstakes 'Free Pet Food For An Entire Year' Contest

free pet food for an entire year

Brands often use contests and giveaways to create buzz and attract customers. In this pet food advert, Hills ran a sweepstakes contest offering free pet food for an entire year to one lucky winner.

This type of promotion naturally gets loyal and new customers excited and engaged. Since there's nothing to lose and a lot to gain, pet owners will probably participate in the contest. 

The payoff for your brand?

Increased brand awareness, website (or social media) traffic, and potentially a boost in customer loyalty and sales.

Key Takeaway: Use contests with desirable prizes to attract a larger audience and potentially gain new customers. It's a win-win situation for both the brand and consumers. Just ensure you're willing to deliver on your promise and maintain customer trust. 

 12. FreshPet


Making your audience laugh or at least smile is always a winning ad strategy. FreshPet nails it with its quirky and funny ad featuring two guys and a dog in a garage. 

The setting and conversation are laid back and relatable, while the product's features 'real meat, real veggies' is emphasized playfully. This fun script engages viewers through everyday humor and positions the product as a healthy, yet tasty option for pets. 

Key Takeaway: Don't be afraid to take a lighthearted approach to your ads. Humor can break down barriers, humanize, and make your brand more memorable. 

13. Sundays


Sundays perfectly demonstrate that great dog food advertising doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg.

In this video ad, the straightforward shots of the packaging and the food itself tell the story and highlight key selling points. It's direct, easy to understand, and finishes strong with a clear CTA.

This ad is a perfect example of how effective minimalistic advertising can be. 

Key Takeaway: If you don’t have a large advertising budget, fear not. All it takes is a few good product shots, and some text overlay to convey your message effectively. Sundays' ad shows that simplicity can be powerful, especially when paired with clear, educational, concise messaging.

14. The Farmer's Dog

the farmer's dog

Want a history lesson on the evolution of dog food? 

Look no further than The Farmer's Dog's ad. 

This video uses educational storytelling to explain how dog food has changed over time. It highlights the flaws of traditional kibble and ends with their solution - fresh, human-grade meals, tailored for your dog's needs. 

Through a mix of historical insight, humor, and modern science, The Farmer's Dog does a few things exceptionally well. It informs viewers, showcases the product as a superior alternative to traditional dog food, and positions themselves as an authoritative figure in the industry. 

Key Takeaway: Use creative storytelling to educate and address common problems and position your product as a better alternative. Educating your audience can build trust, credibility, and ultimately, sales.

15. ACANA 'Highest Protein' Ad

acana 'highest protein ad"

ACANA uses simple yet striking visuals of their offerings and benefits, standing out for its minimalist approach. The ad doesn't bombard you with unnecessary information. Instead, it relies on the power of clear facts and visuals. 

The first image displays the raw ingredients prominently, signaling quality and transparency. The second emphasizes the truthfulness of its ingredients list with a visual ranking, and the third communicates value with its cost-effective pricing. 

Key Takeaway: Good-looking visuals that highlight your product’s key selling points can be just as effective than lengthy explanations. Keep it simple and let the visuals speak for themselves. 

16. Open Farm

open farm

Open Farm's holiday ad masterfully leverages the enchanting charm of Christmas as a stunning setting for its product showcase. Set against the classic 'Carol of the Bells', this ad features a handsome dog catching and eating food in front of a Christmas tree. 

By combining the feel-good factor of the holiday season with the goodness of their product, Open Farm creates an emotional connection with viewers. It's hard to resist the heartwarming imagery and tempting offer of giving your pet a taste of the holidays too. 

Key Takeaway: Use sounds and visuals that resonate with your audience's festive experiences. People love to splurge on their pets during the holidays, so use this time to your advantage.

17. FreshPet Yorkie Sisters Edition

freshpet yorkie sisters edition

People love following the lives of cute animals on social media, and FreshPet knows this all too well. Their adorable ad features Yorkie sisters Sammie & Maddie, well-known pet personalities with a strong online following. 

Of course, the dogs love the food, and their happy energy is contagious. This ad promotes trust in FreshPet's products through real experiences and testimonials from popular pet influencers.

Key Takeaway: Using pet influencers in your marketing campaign can help boost credibility and reach pet-loving audiences. People trust the opinions of those they follow and are more likely to try products recommended by their favorite pets.

How We Chose Our Pet Food Ad Examples

Our featured examples of Twitter ads were carefully curated to ensure you're getting the best of the best. Combing our AI-powered sentiment analysis, expert knowledge, and personal experience, we selected ads that were based on the following criteria:

  • Ad script
  • Editing pace
  • Ad longevity
  • Emotional
  • Visuals
  • Target audience relevance, and much more.

All ads featured are considered either 'Great'  or 'Winners' based on our analysis and AI. This means you're not wasting time on subpar content and can jump right into learning from the best.

To learn more about how our AI ranking system works, check out our guide on the topic. 

Strategies for Effective Pet Food Advertising

To really maximize the impact of your pet food advertising, here are some strategies to keep in mind:

Partner Up with Influencers for UGC (user-generated content)

Research shows that UGC is trusted 50% by millennials more than other media. This is because real customer experiences are seen as more genuine and authentic. By using UGC in your pet food advertising, you’re more likely to gain the trust of your viewers.

Partnering up with pet influencers who have a strong following and credibility can significantly boost the impact of your UGC. These influencers are already trusted by their followers, making them ideal brand ambassadors.

Highlight Your Product's Benefits

Pet owners can't taste their pets' food (obviously). As a result, they rely on great ingredients, attractive packaging and other special features to judge your pet food’s quality. 

Whether it's all-natural ingredients, grain-free options, or added vitamins and minerals, ensure to clearly highlight them in your advertising. This can be in the form of visual representations, testimonials or endorsements.

Tell a Story

People love to follow along with a well-told story, and the same goes for pet owners. 

If you're advertising pet food, consider creating a compelling narrative that showcases how your product has improved the lives of real pets and their owners. This can range from before and after transformations, to heartwarming stories about the positive impact of your product on pets' health and well-being.

Evoke the Right Emotions

FreshPet's ad about two guys arguing over their dogs' dinner is funny and relatable for pet owners. Jinx, meanwhile, takes a more serious approach to their advertising, focusing on the product's production and health benefits. 

When creating pet food advertising, it's important to evoke the right emotions in your audience. Whether it's humor, nostalgia, or a sense of responsibility for their pets' well-being, make sure to tap into what resonates with your target audience.

Educate and Inform

Pet owners may love their furry friends, but most aren't experts in pet nutrition.

Educational ads tend to not only showcase a brand's product but also the brand's expertise and knowledge in pet nutrition. This adds credibility to your brand and its products, instantly making them more trustworthy in the eyes of consumers.

Additionally, informative ads can help educate pet owners on important topics such as proper portion sizes, reading ingredient labels, and understanding the benefits of different ingredients. By doing so, you're empowering pet owners to make informed decisions for their pets' health.


In summary, our 16 outstanding pet food ad examples should be used to enhance your advertising strategies in the pet food industry. They highlight the importance of knowing your target audience, being creative and relatable, and providing valuable information to pet owners. 

When you highlight what your products have to offer, you're halfway there. But, when you incorporate design elements that appeal to your target audience, your ads will stand out among the rest. So, take inspiration from these pet food ads and strive for greatness!

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