How to Get Verified on TikTok - Insider Tips for Success

How to Get Verified on TikTok - Insider Tips for Success

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Oct 10, 2023
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How to Get Verified on TikTok

TikTok is packed with thousands of creators all competing for audience attention. It also has the highest engagement rates among its social media rivals, averaging 10.85 minutes per session. As a result, getting verified on TikTok has become a highly coveted status symbol.

Today, we'll explain how to get verified on TikTok and provide tips to increase your chances of success. You'll instantly separate yourself from your impersonators and finally get that blue checkmark on TikTok.

What Does it Mean to Be Verified On TikTok?

Let's discover in detail why you’ll want to verify your account on TikTok:

Establishes Authenticity

TikTok is full of duplicate accounts trying to pass off as official accounts. As a result, users fall for them and often get misled or scammed. Verification clarifies that your account is authentic, separating you from these impersonators.

Verified accounts can enjoy more trust from their target audience as they are perceived as genuine. This means users are far less likely to follow impersonating accounts, naturally funneling more followers to your verified account.

Let's use the influencer Zach King as an example:

Under users, you can see various Zach King accounts. Some are fan pages, impersonators or people with the same name. You can only differentiate Zach King the influencer through his blue check mark.

Increased Visibility

Our Zach King example also highlights another advantage of verification - increased visibility. Verified accounts are displayed at the top of TikTok's search results, giving you an edge over other users regarding exposure.

If there are 500 accounts with the name Zach King, they’d simply click on the verified account. After all, why would you want to follow impersonators when you can directly connect with the real users? It’s all about ease and accessibility. 

Furthermore, TikTok's algorithm will probably prioritize your content on the "For You" page over non-verified accounts. This means more views, likes, and potential followers that will grow your TikTok brand.

You'll Gain More Collaboration Opportunities

Many brands and companies turn to TikTok for marketing their products and services. These brands often collaborate with authentic accounts to promote their offerings. 

Being verified on TikTok can make landing these brand deals or collaborations easier. An Unverified account, meanwhile, will not be perceived as more trustworthy and established, thereby affecting your networking and monetization opportunities.

Increased Authority

When TikTok verifies your account, they confirm that your content is legitimate and worthy of recognition. Combine this with high-value content and users may regard you as an authority figure in your niche.

Being considered an expert can lead to other opportunities outside TikTok, such as speaking engagements or brand partnerships. These can further enhance your profile, offering avenues for growth and diversification in your career or business endeavors.

You Won't Be Tarnished by Imposters' Malicious Content and Activities

As mentioned earlier, fake TikTok accounts can have huge followings and thus have some level of influence. This means they can post abusive content or even deceive, mislead, and manipulate their followers for financial gain.

Let’s take a look at Salice Rose’s TikTok account vs a fake account using her name, image and content without her consent:

If you stumbled upon this fake account, you may assume it's genuine due to the number of followers and hearts. How easy would it be for followers to be misled, even unintentionally, by such an account? This puts her followers at risk of fraud and also risks damaging the real Salice Rose’s reputation.

By being verified, you instantly disassociate yourself from these damaging elements and protect your brand's reputation.

How Many Followers Do You Need To Get Verified On TikTok?

While gaining a high follower count is an outstanding achievement, it does not guarantee verification on TikTok. There is no specific number of followers required to get verified. Instead, your account must meet TikTok’s specific criteria and be considered as a valuable asset to the platform.

TikTok's verification criteria are selective, aiming to verify only those accounts that are genuinely influential and notable on the platform.

TikTok Verification Criteria

During the verification approval process, TikTok will assess your account via the following components:


TikTok only verifies accounts owned and operated by the person or organization they claim to represent. This means you have to prove that your account is genuine.

To help with this process, TikTok asks for the following: 

  • Government-issued photo ID
  • Proof of account ownership, such as a verified email address or phone number linked to the account.

These requirements are designed to confirm the account holder’s identity and ensure that the account is not impersonating someone else.

High-quality, Original Content

TikTok algorithms love it when you post content that engages it's target audience. 


Because TikTok users want to view new and entertaining high-quality videos that they cannot find elsewhere.

To be verified on TikTok, your account must have a consistent track record of publishing authentic content. While you certainly can be inspired by other TikTok creators, it should be unique and add value to the TikTok community.

You can create high-quality content by following a balanced content strategy. This might involve a mix of trending and niche content, engaging with your audience, and using popular hashtags.


Like it or not, TikTok verification is usually reserved for popular accounts that post engaging content. You can see this by observing the number of followers verified accounts have.

While it's not a hard and fast rule, having a significant following helps you get verified. However, quantity can trump quality, and you may get verified with a smaller following if your content is having a significant impact on your niche.

To increase your TikTok notoriety and gain the competitive edge, use these tactics: 

  • Interact with other TikTok users who comment on your content.
  • Collaborate with other creators by doing duets, shoutouts, guest appearances, and so on.
  • Share content from other users and tag them.
  • Utilize TikTok's features like Duet, Sound, and Hashtag Challenges to reach a wider audience.
  • Research and use popular hashtags relevant to your niche using the TikTok Creative Center.
  • Engage with trends and challenges by putting your own spin on them

Stay Active

Your videos may be creative and compelling, but TikTok wants users to create consistent content. Active accounts with regular posting schedules are more likely to get TikTok's verified account badge.

TikTok recommends posting 1-4 times a day, but this depends on your content style and audience. Experiment with your posting frequency and start analyzing your content's performance. If you notice a dip in engagement, it may be time to switch up your posting schedule.

Avoid Unethical Practices

Social media is plagued with users practicing spammy tactics to increase their following and engagement. And while these techniques aren't technically against TikTok's policies, they can potentially result in your account being suspended or removed.

Here are some things to avoid:

  • Using bots or a third-party site to artificially boost your following.
  • Buying fake followers or engagement.
  • Spamming comments or direct messages.
  • Using click-bait tactics in your videos or captions.
  • Repurposing the same content over and over again.

Taking shortcuts like these help in the short term, but they will most likely harm your account's long-term growth and reputation. Not to mention, TikTok is constantly updating its algorithm to combat these practices.

Consistently Build Your Audience

When your account demonstrates consistent follower growth, it shows TikTok that your content provides great value. It also demonstrates that you have the potential to attract loyal audiences.

While there's no set target, aiming for a daily audience growth of between 500-2,000 new followers is a good benchmark. You're on the right track if you can reach and maintain this goal.

Establish Yourself Outside Of TikTok

TikTok may have its own little world, but it also recognizes individuals or brands beyond its platform. As such, establishing yourself on other social media platforms sends TikTok all the right signals about your wider influence and reach. This cross-platform visibility is common among genuine profiles and can significantly enhance your prospects for verification on TikTok.

Additionally, gaining media coverage, like features in popular blogs, news sources or magazines, further boosts your chances of verification. Essentially, it's about creating attractive content and being a recognized brand or persona across various channels.

Verify Your Other Social Media Profiles

Being verified on other major social media platforms, like Instagram or Twitter shows TikTok that you’re a legitimate influencer or brand. While you’re not guaranteed to be verified, it helps by showcasing your established credibility and recognition across social media.

How to Get Verified on TikTok

Once you feel you’ve done enough to meet TikTok’s eligibility criteria, you can start the verification process.

Here are the steps on how to get verified on TikTok: 

1. Go to your profile page by tapping your profile icon.

2. Click on the three-dotted icons on the top right corner of your profile page.

3. Select ‘Settings and Privacy’ > ‘Account’ > ‘Verification.’

4. You’ll then have to fill in TikTok’s verification form, such as your username, and country. Verification fields for business and personal accounts will differ, with the latter requiring an email domain that matches their business.

5. Proceed to submit any relevant documents such as your Government ID.

6. Tap on 'Verification.'

If you can’t find the verification function is your 'Account' section, you can visit TikTok's verification request page and do it from there:

  1. Go to TikTok’s Verification Request page.
  2. Enter your email address and username.
  3. In the 'What can we help you with?' box, state your request for account verification.
  4. Attach any relevant documents, such as your government ID.
  5. Agree to the terms by clicking on the checkbox.
  6. Press 'Submit' to request verification. 

After TikTok reviews your account, you’ll receive a verification request email or inbox notification within 30 days. If you are verified, you’ll receive your blue checkmark within 24 hours right after. If not, TikTok explains why you weren’t verified and you’ll be able to apply again in 30 days.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many followers do you need to get verified on TikTok? 

There is no specific number of followers required to gain TikTok verification. Instead, the platform looks at various factors to determine if an account is eligible for verification, including your content's engagement levels, authenticity, follower growth rate, influence outside of TikTok, and more.

Is getting verified on TikTok hard?

It depends on your quality’s content, who you are and how well you meet TikTok's criteria for verification. For example, a notable figure in social media or a famous celebrity, may have an easier time getting TikTok's blue check. 

Getting verified may be more challenging if you start from scratch, i.e. you're a small business owner with no existing following. However, with consistent effort and high-quality content, even new or smaller accounts can become verified. 

How can I get a blue tick on TikTok?

If TikTok recognizes that you've successfully met its verification criteria, you’ll receive the blue verification tick on your account. However, there is no specific way to guarantee that you will get verified.

Is it worth it to get verified on TikTok?

Being verified on TikTok offers numerous benefits. First you’ll be seen by users as being authentic, instantly adding trust and credibility to your brand. Second, it helps to increase your visibility as your username will be placed at the top of search results, making it easier for users to find and follow you.

There are other reasons but the main purpose of verification is to ensure that verified accounts actually belong to the people and organizations that they claim to represent. This helps users to trust the content being shared on the platform.

What should I do if my verification request is denied?

The good news is that TikTok's verification team lets you know the reason for your denial, giving you the opportunity to improve and try again in 30 days. After reviewing the reasons listed, make necessary changes and you’ll likely get verified next time. 

If you continue to be denied, don't get discouraged. Continue to up your content game, engage with your target audience and build a strong following. Remember there are several aspects of verification that TikTok looks into, so keep working towards becoming an influential figure on the app.

How Long does it take to gain TikTok verification?

It generally takes TikTok 30 days or less to respond to your request for verification. If your verification is approved, you can expect your blue badge within 24 hours. Just remember that TikTok receives thousands of verification requests daily, so it may take some time for them to get back to you.


While getting verified on TikTok certainly takes some effort and time, it is not impossible. The benefits far outweigh the challenges, and with a strong focus on creating original and unique content can increase your chances of getting that coveted blue tick. 

Just remember that becoming verified and being an influencer go hand in hand. Your content should be engaging, unique, and relatable to your audience - all criteria for getting verified. With passion and perseverance, you can achieve both and make a name for yourself on TikTok!

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