14 Amazing Food Ads (Food Advertisement Examples)

14 Amazing Food Ads (Food Advertisement Examples)

We've rounded up 14 creative digital food advertisements that inspire your next marketing campaign and make your mouth water.

Oct 10, 2023
11 min read
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Food advertisements are an integral part of our daily lives, whether audiences realize it or not.  Viewers are constantly bombarded with ads of deliciously prepared meals from food businesses and marketing teams, each vying for their attention and appetites.

However, not all food ads are created equal. Some stand out for their amazing imagery, while others use powerful messaging, and creative story-teling to leave a lasting impression.

To help you out, we’ve carefully curated 15 exceptional digital food advertisements from the MagicBrief library. These picks aim to boost your creativity and marketing tactics, highlighting top-notch visuals and engaging stories.

14 Food Advertising Examples

1. GOODLES MAC and Cheese

Goodles mac and cheese

GOODLES Mac and Cheese food ad hits the nostalgia button hard with a promise of childhood flavors, now packed with healthy nutrients. With a splashy green backdrop and bright orange macaroni front and center, it makes you crave a bowl of this classic comfort dish. 

The ad's message is clear: this mac and cheese is delicious and good for you. It even throws shade at 'THE OTHER GUYS',  stating that theirs is packed with artificial  flavors and carbs - further enticing health-conscious consumers.

2. MagicSpoon Healthy Cereal

magicspoon healthy cereal

Magic Spoon's video food ad blends fitness and flavor, kicking off with a fitness enthusiast working his butt off. But he's not pumping iron, but lifting two Magic Spoon's cereal boxes. It's unexpected and adds a lighter touch to your standard serious health ad.

The ad gets straight into the nutrition facts, proudly boasting about its high protein content, low calorie and zero sugar cereal.  It even caters to gluten and keto-free diets - perfect for health-conscious breakfast lovers.

Clearly, this product isn't your standard health food like granola or oatmeal targeted for health-conscious consumers. It's a yummy cereal for fitness enthusiasts chasing gains and that all important six-pack abs.

3. Taco Bell's 'Build Your Own Cravings Box'

taco bell's build your own craving box

Personalization can go a long way in attracting and retaining customers. Taco Bell's 'Build Your Own Cravings Box' ad uses this tactic by offering customizable food options, offering various choices to satisfy different cravings. 

The ad highlights the colorful and diverse meals that customers can create, appealing to the younger demographic with a playful and modern design. It is also only available on the Taco Bell app or website for a limited period, which encourages customers to engage ASAP on their digital platform. 

This marketing strategy shows Taco Bell's innovation and adaptability to the changing times, appealing to a broader audience beyond their traditional fast-food market.

4. Dirty Shirley’s Vodka and Cherry Beverage 

Dirty shirley's vodka and cherry beverage

The 'Dirty Shirley' drink advertisement oozes sexiness with its vivid imagery, bold red lettering, and dark backdrop. The red lips caressing a cherry paired with the bold contrast of vibrant red against the sleek black of the can creates a sensual and alluring appeal.

The copy 'THIS SHIRLEY BITES A LITTLE' and 'EXTRA DIRTY' is playful, seductive and fun. It speaks to a younger, adventurous consumer looking for a unique flavor profile in their beverage choices. 

Overall, the product itself may be simple - vodka mixed with cherry soda -  but the brand creative, is anything but. The Dirty Shirley energy drink stands out in the crowded market of competitors with its bold and provocative ad campaign.

5. AG1 by Athletic Greens

AG1 by Athletic Greens

Athletic Greens presents a clean, minimalist aesthetic, highlighting the vibrant green products at the bottom with a pale background. The ad straddles the line between a natural feel and modern sophistication. 

The text offers a range of enticing benefits for subscribers, including a flexible delivery schedule, a 60-day money-back guarantee, and a host of freebies, like a year's supply of vitamins D3+K2 and five travel packs. It's direct and wastes no  time convincing the reader why they should try AG1.

6. SUGAR SUGAR Cookie Dough

sugar sugar cookie dough

This "SUGAR, SUGAR!" cookie dough food advert captivates with its prominent blue and white background, bold title, and mouth-watering image of its cookie dough. The colors and imagery immediately draw attention and create a sense of indulgence. 

The tagline: "30% less sugar. Just as sweet. No B.S. cookie dough." is direct, honest, and cuts through the noise of health and wellness trends that can overwhelm consumers. 

Overall, it feels bubbly and exciting, while still getting the message across that this product is a healthier option. The use of "No B.S." also appeals to younger audiences who have no time for misleading, sugar-coated advertising. 

7. The Pizza Cupcake

the pizza cupcake

Pizza Cupcake's creative juices are in full flow with its highly unique ad concept. As the tune lilts through ‘Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday,’ each day showcases a different pizza cupcake flavor,   creating anticipation and variety.

The video campaign captivates with its catchy tune, visually appealing imagery and playfulness. It also shows that their pizza can be enjoyed any day of the week, not just on traditional pizza nights like Friday. 

If you're looking for a low-budget way to promote a product, take a leaf out of Pizza Cupcake's book. This campaign shows how a bit of creativity and a catchy tune can capture the attention of potential customers.

8. Milk Bar’s ‘Caramel Apple Pie Cake’

milk bar's caramel apple pie cake

Milk Bar's latest creation takes center stage with a gorgeous product image that really pops. The ad focuses on their new caramel apple pie cake, using a rich, red polka-dotted backdrop that highlights the decadent cake layers.

This food ad shows how great visuals grab attention and drive sales. Even if your cake isn't as visually stunning as Milk Bar's, a well-lit and styled photo can still make mouths water.

9. Burger King's 'Upside Down' Burger

burger king upside down burger

The Burger King' Stranger Things' Promotion hops on the popularity of the hit Netflix show by releasing an 'Upside Down' Whopper.

The ad image is interesting for a couple of reasons.

First, the burger is presented upside down, which is a fun nod to the show's alternate dimension. Second, the backdrop is reminiscent of the show's eerie and dark setting. Both these elements help create a strong connection to the show and make the burger stand out.

This ad campaign illustrates how brands regularly partner with popular shows or movies to promote their products, reaching a wider audience and generating buzz.

10. Yes You Can Drinks

yes you can drinks

This "YES YOU CAN" beverage ad caters to healthy and sober-conscious individuals who want a refreshing drink without alcohol. It also offers the joy of social drinking without the negative consequences. 

It pitches itself to the "clear thinker drinker," and includes specs such as low calories, low sugar, all-natural flavors, etc. Both help the brand to effectively stand out amongst the sea of other sugar-laden or alcoholic drinks. 

11. Herr's Potato Chips

herr's potato chips

Want your food advertisement imagery to feel vibrant? Copy from Herr's line of chips advert with their use of bright colors and distinct color palettes. Each flavor has its own unique color scheme and design, making it instantly recognizable and appealing to the consumer.

It's vibrant,  eye-catching, and makes you want to grab a bag off the shelf. This type of branding is crucial in a saturated market where competitors are constantly vying for attention.

12. EveryPlate $1 juicy, 10oz. steaks FOR LIFE

everyplate $1 juicy, 10oz. steaks for life

One way to reel your viewers in is with a well-crafted hook, and EveryPlate does just that. It starts with showing a tiny steak perched on a finger (what you'd expect for a dollar), then reveals a plate overflowing with more juicy steaks. 

Consumers are then told why this offer is too good to pass up. It's a subscription-based meal kit service that provides weekly meals at only $1.49 per serving. Each meal takes under 30 minutes to cook, saving you time and money on grocery shopping and meal planning. These are all emphasized through quick, mouth-watering shots of the dishes and captions highlighting the service's benefits.

EveryPlate isn't just selling a meal kit; they're selling a convenient and affordable solution to the everyday struggle of meal planning and cooking.

13. GFuel Featuring PewDiePie

Gfuel featuring pewdiepie

GFuel's latest marketing speaks directly to its core audience: hardcore gamers who love to compete!

Gamma Labs, who manufactures the energy drink has strategically partnered with he iconic gamer PewDiePie - an iconic YouTuber known for his hilarious commentary and gaming skills. This endorsement is key in reaching Millennial and Gen Z consumers. 

Their ad copy: 'Wanna become an ULTIMATE GAMER WARLORD SAVAGE ELITE PRO COMPETITOR?' and '✅ 358,000 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Shopper Ratings!' are particularly noteworthy. These phrases resonate with competitive gamers who are always looking for an edge in their gaming abilities.

While the ad image itself is pretty lousy (let's be honest about that foot pic), - a simple product shot with PewDiePie is undoubtedly enough to convince viewers  that GFuel is the go-to energy drink for serious gamers.

14. McCormick Pure Cinnamon

McCormick Pure Cinnamon

Want to evoke feelings of nostalgia, warmth, and deliciousness? 

Then, take a leaf out of McCormick's book and use a warm, rich color palette. The cinnamon and apple pie, accompanied by their deep brown backdrop, tingles the senses and sparks familiarity. It also shows the spice's diversity and how it can be used in various dishes. 

The professional shot cinnamon powder is unmissable, showcasing the brand's commitment to quality. Combine that with the crisp, white text and the bold font choice, and you have visually appealing and informative packaging. 

This condiment brand incorporates multiple design elements, i.e., color, imagery, and typography, to effectively show McCormick's superiority over other spice brands.

MagicBrief's Criteria for Successful Food Ads

At MagicBrief, we know that the best food ads require creativity, strategy, and data-driven insights. That's why we use our proprietary A.I. ranking system (along with human curation) to help you discover the top-performing food ads.

Our ranking system takes into account various factors such as:

  • Ad script
  • Editing pace
  • Longevity
  • Emotional appeal
  • Visual engagement

All ads featured are considered 'great' or 'winners'  in multiple categories and have passed our rigorous standards for performance. This ensures you get only the best and most effective food ads for your reference.

To learn more about our criteria for ads, visit our Ad Scoring and Lifecycle page

8 Tips for Creating Top-performing Food Ads

Certain fundamental principles can help make your food ad more effective regardless of your budget or brand. In fact, many food ads above incorporate these tips in one way or another.

  1. Know Your Audience

Before creating a food ad, it should have a good idea of your target audience. What are their interests? What switches them on? What are their pain points, and how can your product solve them?

For example, Burger King's 'Upside Down' Whopper campaign was aimed at fans of the hit Netflix show Stranger Things. By contrast, MagicSpoon's featured fitness model with the caption 'This is how I stay yoked' resonated heavily towards fitness enthusiasts. 

While it's not the end-all-be-all, appealing to your audience's interests certainly puts you in the right direction.

  1. Sell a Solution, Not Just a Product

People want their problems solved, and they’re more likely to convert if they believe your product can help them. So in your food ad, make sure to highlight how your product can improve their life.

So how do you incorporate this into your ad? Always showcase your product's benefits, rather than just its features. Make sure to mention how your product can save time, improve health, enhance taste or provide convenience.

  1. Pick the Right Colors

Colors can do anything from evoke certain emotions to represent certain ideas or concepts. They are incredibly powerful tools in advertising and often impact your brand's perception.

When picking the right colors for your food ad, think about what message you want to send. Green is often associated with freshness and health, while red can represent energy or passion. However, it's essential to consider your brand's color scheme and ensure that the ad remains consistent with your overall branding.

  1. Use Music that Resonates

Music can evoke many emotions, from nostalgia and comfort to excitement and indulgence. By tapping into these emotions, you'll instantly connect with your audience and make your ad more memorable. 

One way to evoke emotions is through music and sound effects. A catchy jingle or the sound of sizzling bacon can trigger positive associations with your product and leave a lasting impression on viewers.

  1. Use Storytelling Through Your Visuals

Instead of relying on a simple product shot, logo or words, use your visuals to tell a story.

To incorporate storytelling, focus on the experience and emotions associated with your product. For example, instead of simply showing a delicious-looking burger, your ad could show a group of friends thoroughly enjoying your burger at a BBQ, creating a fun and fulfilling experience. 

Your goal here is to help  your audience envision themselves using and enjoying your product, making it more relatable and enticing.

Here are a few tips for incorporating storytelling into your ad visuals:

  • Set your product in a scene that reflects your audience's desires or daily life, i.e., a coffee ad showing a person peacefully enjoying their morning coffee in a cozy cafe.
  • Use relatable characters that mirror your target demographic, i.e. a parent feeding their child a healthy snack.
  • Show your product being enjoyed or consumed, not just sitting idle. It should be active and engaging.
  • Capture the joy, relief, or satisfaction of using your product. Remember that emotions are key drivers in purchasing decisions.
  • Create a short story with a beginning, middle, and end within your ad.
  1. Embrace UGC and Testimonials to Build Trust

In today's digital age, user-generated content (UGC) and testimonials hold a significant amount of weight in building trust with potential customers.

When creating a video food ad, consider featuring an influencer or everyday customer enjoying your product and sharing their thoughts. You can also include screenshots of positive reviews or social media posts from satisfied customers.

Both help to  humanize your brand and product, making it more relatable to your audience.

  1. Learn Basic Cinematography to Elevate Your Food Video Ads

Good cinematography isn't just about pressing the record button; it's about using creative visual techniques to make your product stand out. 

This includes:

  • Choosing the Right Angles: Experiment with different angles that best showcase your product and its features.
  • Using Movement: Adding movement or action to your ad can make it more dynamic and attention-grabbing. This could include panning, tracking shots, or even using slow motion in the right context. 
  • Lighting Techniques: Proper lighting can make or break your video ad's overall look and feel. Experiment with different lighting techniques to create a desired mood or atmosphere.
  • Focus on Composition: How you compose your shots, including the background and surrounding elements, can influence how your product is perceived.

If you aren't familiar with cinematography, there are plenty of resources available online to help you learn a thing or two. Alternatively, you could simply watch and study the techniques used in professional food advertisements. 

  1. Always Include a Call to Action

Lastly, remember to include a clear call to action in your food ad! 

No matter how amazing your food ad is, audiences should be instructed on what to do next. This could be a simple "buy now" button or a website link where they can make a purchase.

You can also be creative with your CTAs, such as including a limited-time offer, i.e., "Order now and get 20% off!" or a special promotion, i.e., "Subscribe to our monthly meal plan and receive a free gift with your first order."

Remember, the goal of your food advert is to showcase your product AND compel people to take action. 

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, creating a successful food ad requires careful planning and execution. It also doesn't require an enormous budget or fancy equipment. With the right techniques and messaging, you can create an effective food ad that will skyrocket your sales and brand awareness.

Use these food advertisement examples and tips as a guide to help you create your own mouth-watering ad. And don't forget, always keep experimenting and refining your techniques to stay ahead of the competition in the ever-evolving world of food advertising! Happy creating!

Discover More Food Ads With MagicBrief’s Ad Library

Food Ads with MagicBrief's Ad Library

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 Bon Appétit!