15 Black Friday Promotion Ideas to Maximize Your Revenue

15 Black Friday Promotion Ideas to Maximize Your Revenue

Discover 15 Black Friday promotion ideas that will help you boost your revenue and make the most out of this shopping season.

Feb 6, 2024
11 min read
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15 Black Friday Promotion Ideas to SkyRocket Your Sales

black friday promotion ideas

Each year, retailers and e-commerce businesses look forward to Black Friday. It's the beginning of the holiday shopping season, offering ample opportunities to attract new customers, increase sales, and clear out old inventory. 

Reflecting on 2023's trends, an estimated 132 million Americans participated in Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, averaging $708 per person. That's a tremendous opportunity for businesses to tap into!

But with so many retailers and e-commerce businesses competing for attention, your Black Friday sale ideas must stand out. Here are 15 Black Friday promotion ideas that will help increase brand awareness, and revenue:

How We Curated Our Black Friday Promotions

Before we dive in, let’s explain how we selected our featured adverts.

Our collection of Black Friday promotion ideas was carefully chosen from MagicBrief's extensive Ad Library, focusing on promotions with the highest engagement and success rates. 

Utilizing MagicBrief's AI analysis and our trained team of experts, we selected the best ads, based on the following factors: 

  • Script quality
  • Editing pace
  • Ad longevity
  • Emotional appeal
  • Target audience relevance

By setting these parameters, we narrowed the pool of potential promotions to a small but effective list that we believe will inspire and benefit your business.

To learn more about our AI ranking system, check out our Ad Score & Lifecycle analysis guide

15 Black Friday Promotion Ideas

1. Petal & Pup 

petal and pup

Petal & Pup's ad's bold simplicity is its superpower, using vibrant pink hues and oversized text to grab the viewer's attention. The message ‘50% OFF selected styles’ is particularly effective, delivered in a font size that's practically unmissable for anyone scrolling through their feed. 

We personally love this clean, uncluttered aesthetic and no-nonsense approach. The contrast of big, bold lettering against the dynamic backdrop makes for a visually appealing ad that's hard to ignore. 

2. The Honest Company

the honest company

The Honest Company's Black Friday ad uses a palette of soft, calming colors that resonate with parents shopping for baby products. It showcases a diverse range of products, from diapers to body care items, emphasizing the brand cater to all their customers.

The "30% OFF" message and the discount code are also eye-catching, displayed prominently in the middle. 

Overall, this ad combines vital design elements with a clear call to action, making it one Black Friday ad that will drive conversions. 

3. Aloha


ALOHAS' advertisement showcases a variety of stylish footwear with clean, high-quality images, immediately drawing in fashion-conscious consumers. 

The ad copies emphasize 'ALOHAS's commitment to sustainable fashion while bringing the latest trends and designs.'  It's not just a sale; it's an invitation to be part of their sustainable and ethically-minded mission - something that goes way beyond a typical Black Friday purchase.

4. Clock Canvas

clock canvas

Clock Canvas sets the scene with a visual feast of artwork in their Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale ad. The upbeat soundtrack of Dua Lipa's 'Levitating' plays in the background as the camera pans across a room packed with striking paintings. It's trendy and modern, instantly capturing the attention of art lovers. 

Their "Black Friday Cyber Monday Sale" banner also provides a clear call to action, prompting viewers to click and browse through their beautiful art pieces at discounted prices.

5. Truwood


This Black Friday ad from Truwood hits the mark with its visually impactful approach. The sizable "UP TO 69% OFF" is front and center, offering a massive incentive for consumers to shop the sale. Additionally, it showcases the watch's unique craftsmanship, highlighting the wood texture and vibrant green watch face.

Truewood's ad copy 'Sign up for early VIP access' and 'We will sell out.' creates a sense of exclusivity and urgency for shoppers. It's a clever tactic that uses FOMO (fear of missing out) to drive sales. 

6. Amazon

Amazon cleverly promotes their Black Friday and Cyber Monday marketing campaign before the sale date. Their "Countdown to Black Friday" campaign is a masterclass in sustained hype, releasing "Deal of the Day" discounts weeks in advance. It's a clever strategy that creates instant anticipation and encourages shoppers to return for more.

black friday begins in

The ad image is also memorable, featuring a cute Amazon cardboard robot that feels festive and playful. It gives Amazon a friendly face and makes the brand feel more approachable. 

All in all, Amazon's Black Friday marketing demonstrates how to create buzz and drive sales leading up to the big sale event. 

7. Sculpt Nation

Sculpt Nation

This Black Friday ad example speaks directly to the customer, with Vince Sant, the brand's co-founder, as its spokesperson. This, along with Sculptnation's featured fitness model, adds a personal touch to the ad and makes it more relatable. 

The products on sale are backed by scientific nutritional insights provided in the video, lending some credibility to the brand's claims. In a sea of disingenuous marketing in the fitness industry, this helps Sculpt Nation stand out as a brand that uses some science to back up its products.

The ad works because it combines key elements that appeal to consumers: personalization, social proof, information and genuine product.

8. Wuffes


Wuffes takes the leash with its simple but eye-catching design, featuring the 'YOU MISSED IT (almost)' message. This clever phrasing introduces a sense of immediacy and a hint of FOMO (fear of missing out) that urges customers to act fast.

The ad copy balances lightheartedness and reliability, adding emojis to set a playful tone while emphasizing its high Trustpilot score and endorsement from vets and pet scientists. These elements work together to build trust and credibility with the audience.

9. Hotel Collection

Hotel Collection

There's a genuine feel to Hotel Collection's latest ad, which features a customer's walkthrough of their product and its features. This personal touch - from the product's set up to showcasing its benefits - helps to build an instant connection with potential customers. 

Leveraging user-generated content goes beyond simply making the ad seem more natural; it also connects to customers on a deeper level. When potential customers see that real people, not just influencers or paid actors, enjoy a product, it resonates with them.

10. GoPure Skin Care 

GoPure Skin Care

Like Hotel Collection, GoPure's Black Friday campaign features a real-life customer as its leading spokesperson. It shows the customer using their products to instantly fix her skin problems and achieve clear, glowing skin. This ad uses action to provide proof of its efficacy instead of just claims and promises. 

The ad's CTA is also clear and concise, telling viewers they won't get cheaper prices anytime soon and even throwing a gift into the deal. This extra value, along with everything else, just adds to the appeal and makes it harder for potential customers to resist. 

11. Pulsio


Black Friday is packed full of massage gun offers, but Pulsio's ad stands out for its approachable and relatable ad. A real Pulsio customer takes center stage, candidly sharing her experience using the gun's myriad options.

Her endorsement is simple yet effective: why wade through an ocean of imitators when Pulsio's massage gun has a proven track record? It then shows the product's numerous 5-star TrustPilot ratings, leaving no doubt that Pulsio is the real deal. 

Furthermore, Pulsio sweetens the deal, offering a festive bundle offer — buy two or more massage guns for the price of £56 each, perfect for gifting. It goes past your typical branded sales pitch and focuses on building reassurance through genuine customer testimonials.

12. Converse


Converse ignites with a stylish offer: 40% off seasonal fashion must-haves. Their ad is just like the brand itself: clean-cut, trendy, and no-nonsense, featuring their staple product, Chucks, as the featured product. It's nostalgic and screams "timeless style" right in your face. 

This ad's simplicity makes it unique, from the image to the discount offer to the CTA. It is designed to target Converse's loyal fanbase, leveraging their brand loyalty and emotional connection to the product. 

13. BlendJet 


The BlendJet Black Friday sale is sparking early excitement with an offer that blends irresistible bargains with the convenience of portable blending. Decked out in vibrant colors against a city skyline backdrop, the ad image simply looks great.

The call to action is as straightforward as it is tempting: 'Shop Now' for a BlendJet during their BLACK FRIDAY SALE! This is more than a sale; it's a chance to be part of the BlendJet movement and a community that values health, convenience, and style.

14. Mystery Spin Wheel

mystery spin wheel

The vibrant graphic captures put a playful twist on its Black Friday super sale with a "Spin to Win" wheel. This interactive element adds a chance of winning,  creating excitement for potential customers to give it a go.

Customers are then enticed to unlock a special bonus offer by entering their email. This works as brands can build their mailing list while shoppers can win discounts like "Free shipping" or "10% off." It's a win-win for both parties!

15. Master of Malt

Master of Malt

Master of Malt takes a no-frills and surprisingly honest approach to their Black Friday campaign. Instead of spending money on flashy graphics or witty slogans, Master of Malt simply boasts generous deals on various spirits. They've channeled their budget into what customers really care about: tantalizing offers on whiskey, gin, rum, and more, revealed daily over two weeks.

This dedication towards transparency is an overlooked marketing strategy that adds a certain rawness to its brand. Customers know exactly what they are getting and can trust Master of Malt to deliver on their promises.

How to Create a Successful Black Friday Marketing Strategy

Black Friday is a potential business goldmine, but that doesn't mean people will automatically flock to your store. It should start with a well-thought-out marketing strategy to succeed with your Black Friday campaign. 

Here are the best practices and tips to follow when creating a successful Black Friday campaign:

Start Marketing Before Black Friday 

Don't wait until the day off to promote your Black Friday deals. Start marketing early and build anticipation among your target audience. This can include teasers on social media, sneak peeks at upcoming deals, or even a countdown on your website.

Additionally, promoting your discounts early helps you stay in people's minds, especially if they've seen it more than once. This will increase their chances of revisiting your website on the day itself.

Offer Flash Sales That Stand Out 

Your ads can have the most visually stunning graphics, best endorsements and cleverest copy, but you still need great deals. Customers expect deep discounts on Black Friday, so make sure your deals are at least on par with the competition. Just ensure your prices are actually lower than usual. Otherwise, customers will see right through your marketing tactics.

You can even stand out by offering a unique deal, such as:

  • Free gift with purchase
  • Limited-time offer bundles
  • Early bird discounts for the first customers 
  • Product upgrade deals
  • Experiences, i.e. "Free trip with purchase."
  • Mystery discounts, and so on.

These all help you stand out from the crowd and create a sense of urgency among your customers.

Use Email-Marketing to Attract Your Target Audience

Black Friday promotions are abundant on social media, but don't underestimate the power of email marketing. People constantly check their emails; a well-designed email with your Black Friday deals can easily catch their attention.

Just segment your email list and target customers based on their interests or past purchases.

Use Retargeting Ads 

Your previous customers are amazing targets for your Black Friday promotions. They're familiar with your brand and, satisfied with their purchase, will likely make another. 

Use retargeting ads as part of your social media marketing campaign to remind them of your brand and promotions and entice them to your website.

You can also use retargeting ads to target customers who have abandoned their cart during previous Black Fridays. Offering them a special discount or deal can push them towards completing their purchase this year.

Leverage the Power of Referrals

Incorporating a referral program into your Black Friday strategy can significantly amplify your campaign's impact. Encourage your existing customers to spread the word about your deals and promotions by offering incentives such as discounts, gift cards, or exclusive access to special deals for every successful referral they bring in. 

Referral programs create a win-win situation – your existing customers enjoy rewards while new customers get introduced to your offers. This strategy taps into the power of word-of-mouth marketing, which can be especially effective during the high-traffic Black Friday period.

Optimize Your Black Friday Promotions for Online Shoppers

Few things worse than finding a fantastic Black Friday deal only to have trouble completing your purchase online. Ensure that your ad has clear instructions on redeeming the promotion and that your website is optimized for a seamless shopping experience.

Your CTA links should also directly lead to the promotion page and your website, which should be able to handle the increased traffic. Consumers should only navigate one page to find the deal mentioned in your ad.

Have Enough Stock to Deliver Your Promises

There's nothing more disappointing than seeing a great Black Friday deal, only to discover that the product is sold out. Ensure you have enough stock to fulfill your promotions and deliver on your promises.

If you do run out of stock, consider offering rain checks or similar deals for customers who missed out on the initial promotion. Alternatively,  you can offer a similar product at a discounted price to compensate for the shortage.

Enhance Your Black Friday Marketing Strategy with MagicBrief

MagicBrief Black Friday Marketing Strategy

If our Black Friday marketing ideas have inspired you, you'll love what MagicBrief offers. Our advertising platform curates and delivers the best ads to millions of online businesses and marketers, giving you the insights necessary to create successful campaigns.

With MagicBrief, you'll gain access to the following:

  • Over 300,000 winning ads to inspire your own campaigns.
  • Detailed A.I analytics that rates ads based on effectiveness.
  • Storyboards to speed up your ad creation process.
  • Our ad pack library, which offers a diverse selection of curated ad packs, each tailored to different themes and styles, including Black Friday adverts. 
  • Creative briefs to guide your campaign strategy and messaging.
  • Collaboration tools for teams to work together seamlessly on ad creation and execution.

It's the perfect toolkit for any marketer aiming to make a significant impact during the year's biggest shopping season.

Sign up to MagicBrief today and take your Black Friday marketing strategy to the next level! With our user-friendly platform and comprehensive features, you'll create eye-catching ads that drive conversions and boost your sales.

Our guide will walk you through the best Black Friday promotion ideas, helping you stand out from the crowd and maximize your profits. 

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