Best Twitter Ad Examples: Strategies for Successful Advertising

Best Twitter Ad Examples: Strategies for Successful Advertising

Get inspired by the best Twitter ad examples, and learn how to create a winning advertising strategy for your business.

Oct 10, 2023
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15 Top Twitter Ad Examples for Effective Campaigns

In 2023, X (formerly known as Twitter) had 528.3 million monetizable monthly active users, boasting a vast audience bursting with potential for businesses and marketers.

If you're considering advertising on the platform, you're in the right place. 

This guide will feature the best Twitter ad examples from the MagicBrief Ad Library to inspire your next digital campaign. We've also added key takeaways from each example to help you understand the strategies that made these ads successful. 

Whether you're a small business or a large corporation, these insights will help you craft compelling Twitter ads that resonate with your audience.

1. BetterHelp


BetterHelp puts its viewers on the therapy couch with a cozy room that feels safe, inviting, and reassuring. The tweet: 'If you could message your therapist at any time, what would you tell them?' acts as a hook to make readers engaged. 

The ad copy: 'Get support from a licensed therapist by chat, phone, or video call – on a schedule that works for you.' and 'Online Therapy on Your Schedule' shows how accessible and convenient online therapy is. Simply book a session with a licensed therapist whenever and wherever you need one. 

Lastly, it addresses the stigma associated with traditional in-person therapy. Going online is a more discreet and comfortable option if you're hesitant to see a therapist in person.

Key Takeaway: Emphasize convenience and accessibility to address potential barriers to service, as BetterHelp does with its 24/7 online therapy offerings.

2. Remini - A.I. Photo Enhancer

remini- AI photo enhancer

Remini's ad for its A.I. Photo Enhancer creatively captures the Halloween spirit. It uses a split-screen image to show two costume ideas, both as creative and unique as each other. This demonstrates the A.I.'s ability to creatively enhance any photo and maximize its full potential. 

Furthermore, there are no  limitations to what type of photo can be enhanced. Simply upload  any image and let Remini's A.I. technology does the rest.

Key Takeaway: Remini's ad reminds us that actions speak louder than words, showcasing the impressive capabilities of its A.I. Photo Enhancer through vivid visual examples.

3. Indochino 


Looking to market to a specific region or city? Take a cue from Indochino's San Francisco Edition Twitter ad. This ad features a group of well-dressed men walking down the streets of San Francisco, oozing confidence and style. 

By making the promotion location-specific with 'Suit Up San Francisco', Indochino feels exclusive and part of the city's lifestyle. The offer of $100 off the first premium custom suit isn't just an offer, it feels like an invitation to join an elite club of stylish individuals who value quality and personalization. 

Key Takeaway:  Use location-specific ads to tap into the local culture and lifestyle, creating a sense of exclusivity and belonging for your target audience. 

4. WeightWatchers


WeightWatchers uses one of their client's testimonials to promote their 110 pound weight loss. 

The best part? 

She didn't need to sacrifice her favorite foods, making the program seem effective and sustainable. 

Focusing on individual success is a smart move for WeightWatchers, appealing to people's desire to see real results. Keenan is relatable and inspiring, making it easy for WW's target audience  to see themselves achieving similar success.

Key Takeaway: Real customer success stories build social proof, establishing trust and credibility with your target audience.

5. Elevate 


There’s nothing like a personal success story to inspire us to take action.

In this ad, an overconfident John starts by bragging that his vocabulary is elite. After landing in the 68th percentile, Elevate recommends trying its educational app, and viola! John's score jumps to the 94th percentile. It's a funny and lighthearted way to promote Elevate ability to improve vocabulary.

This ad also two services at once - Elevate’s vocabulary test and brain games to improve cognitive skills. It suggests that Elevate is a multi-functional app that can cater to different needs.

Key Takeaway:  Elevate's ad campaign cleverly uses humor and relatable success stories to showcase its educational app's effectiveness, suggesting a fun and achievable approach to learning and self-improvement.

6. Squarespace


The Twitter ad from Squarespace reminds online businesses of what to expect during the holiday season. It effectively directs store owners to a useful resource, their holiday selling guide, with a straightforward checklist that covers many essentials for a holiday season. 

Squarespace uses simple, actionable language that resonates well with its target audience of small businesses and entrepreneurs. With its clear call-to-action pointing to the holiday selling guide, Squarespace positions itself as a valuable partner for businesses and an expert in navigating the busy holiday season.

Key Takeaway: Providing invaluable resources to your target audience is a smart way to showcase expertise and establish credibility, leading to potential long-term partnerships. 

7. Modibodi


Modibodi's Twitter ad uses powerful imagery to talk about environmental impact.

This side-by-side comparison shows how our everyday choices can really add up and affect our environment. For environment-conscious consumers, Modibodi helps to solve an everyday problem while promoting sustainability and reducing waste. 

Key Takeaway: Don't be afraid to address issues that go beyond your product or service, such as current trends or societal concerns. You’ll quickly discover that you’ll attract like-minded consumers who appreciate your brand's commitment to larger causes.

8. LifeForce


Looking for a masterclass in educating and inspiring his followers? Then check out this Twitter ad example by Lifeforce.

It features Max Lugavere, a popular science journalist spitting out knowledge on how to combat declining testosterone levels. The ad copy simultaneously offers hard facts and practical solutions while promoting the company's service.

While many won't know who LifeForce is, they may know Max Lugavere. His endorsement alone bolsters LifeForce’s brand’s credibility and adds value to the company's message.

Key takeaway: Influencer collaborations can bring lesser-known brands credibility, boost brand awareness and establish trust with potential customers.

9. Grammarly 


The tweet from A Smith gives Grammarly a shoutout by catching a massive typo in an email just in the nick of time. It's a moment that many of us can probably relate to, knowing the panic of almost sending a work email riddled with errors. 

Grammarly's ad is clever and humorous, poking fun at a common mistake while also showing the benefits of using their service. It shows Grammarly can catch mistakes that most people would miss while promising to keep your writing on point and typo-free. 

Key takeaway: Use real customer experiences to highlight the benefits of your product or service. 



Glowing endorsements are a must for any brand. They build trust, showcase a loyal following, and can even help create hype around a product.

MUD/WTR does an excellent job of using customer testimonials to promote their brand. 

In this Tweet ad, @GiselleLA14 praises MUD\WTR's organic blend by crediting it as the "#1 reason" for being able to quit coffee. She mentions mental focus and clarity without the crash, appealing to those who rely on caffeine to get through the day. It offers MUD/WTR as a solution for those seeking a healthier, more sustainable option. 

Key takeaway: Amazing reviews that clarify how a brand solves a problem authentically builds social proof for audiences.

11. The Ridge

The ridge

Comparison photos instantly set the tone for your product and convince audiences it's worth the investment. 

The Ridge, an innovative wallet brand, shows their sleek, minimalist wallet against a standard, bulky wallet in this Twitter ad. With Ridge's RFID-blocking technology and space-saving design in full display, the difference in function and style is crystal clear. 

The CTA, reminding viewers of the 'LAST CHANCE FOR THE PERFECT FATHER'S DAY GIFT' with a deadline and a significant discount, creates a sense of urgency to act quickly. This strategy, combined with the personal endorsement and visual comparison, crafts a compelling narrative for the Ridge Wallet as an ideal, long-lasting present.

Key Takeaway: Utilize visual comparisons in ads to highlight your product's advantages and pair with a timely CTA to create urgency and drive sales.

12. Hopper 


Twitter ads typically work best when they don't look like ads. Hopper, a flight-booking app, does this exceptionally well by using user-generated content. The traveler's grocery receipt with the caption showcases the app's ability to find unbeatable deals. 

The tweet's ad copy, 'Travelers could be paying up to 50% less if they knew about this app.' and CTA 'THE BEST FLIGHT DISCOUNTS' is short and sweet. It gets straight to the point, implying anyone can book and save big with Hopper.

Key Takeaway: Twitter ads that don't look like ads can feel less intrusive and more authentic, making them more likely to resonate with viewers.

13. GigRove


When you understand your target audience's lifestyle and values, your ads can strike a chord. GigRove, a platform connecting freelancers with remote work opportunities, does this by highlighting the freedom and flexibility of working remotely.

This Twitter ad features a photo of a traveler with a backpack (presumably a digital nomad), and the copy reads, 'Use your freelancing skills to travel!' This imagery immediately brings out feelings of wanderlust and the desire for a flexible lifestyle - a powerful selling point for anyone who wants to work remotely.

Key Takeaway: Know your target audience's aspirations and values to create impactful ads that resonate with them. 

14. Motion


ProductiveTips101's video speaks to all the busy bees juggling multiple work-related tasks and trying to squeeze 25 hours daily. The video tells the story of a character drowning in meetings and yearns for a better way to handle it all. Enter Motion - a savvy A.I. personal assistant that's there to save the day. 

This before-and-after story vividly shows how Motion can power up your productivity and help strike that elusive work-life balance. And here's the kicker – it's only 62 cents a day. 

This ad uses storytelling via a casual conversation between two people. It's relatable and personal and presents Motion as a solution to a common problem. 

Key Takeaways: Use relatable storytelling and transparent, affordable solutions to showcase the practical benefits of your product, encouraging trials and adoption.

15. Cancer World Cancer Day

Cancer World Cancer Day

Cancer is just one of those things that touches us all in some way. So, when an ad pops up on our social media feed and starts talking about a cause we care about - it's hard not to pay attention. 

Cancer Research U.K. uses a powerful tweet image ad for World Cancer Day, featuring a group with their fists up. It symbolizes a fight against cancer, and encourages people to share and tag those who have been affected by the disease. 

Key Takeaways: Connect with your audience by addressing a cause or issue that is important to them. Use powerful imagery and language to evoke emotion and inspire action.

Selection Criteria for Twitter Ad Examples

In identifying exemplary Twitter ad examples, we used a structured and analytical approach, leveraging both AI technology and expert analysis. The selection was governed by five critical criteria, which include:

  • Ad script
  • Editing pace
  • Ad longevity
  • Visual and emotional appeal
  • Target audience relevance

Based on these criteria, only Twitter ads considered 'great' or 'winners' were chosen for analysis and further discussion. This ensures that the ad examples chosen are impressive and effective in achieving their intended marketing objectives.

Tips to Create a Successful Twitter Ad Campaign

Based on the Twitter advertising examples above, here are some general tips to help create a successful Twitter advertising campaign:

1. Create a Hook to Reel in Your Audience 

A hook is a short, attention-grabbing statement that entices the audience to learn more. In advertising, this can be a catchy slogan, offer, or question that piques the audience's interest. 

Here are a few examples from the ad examples mentioned:

  • "'If you could message your therapist at any time, what would you tell them?'. - BetterHelp
  • "Use Your Freelancing Skills to Travel" - GigRove

Use hooks like these to catch the attention of your audience and draw them in for more information. 

2. Use Eye-Catching Visuals that Resonate with Your Audience 

Twitter is a highly visual platform, with tweets that include images or videos receiving significantly more engagement than text-only tweets. They also allow viewers to process information quickly, making it easier for your message to stand. 

When creating visuals for your Twitter campaign, consider your target audience's desires, needs, and interests.

For example, GigRove's image of a traveler exploring a new city resonates with freelancers who want to work from anywhere. 

Modibodi's side-by-side image of a single tampon vs. many tampons, meanwhile, illustrates how even insignificant choices can impact our environment.

Combining highly relevant images with a strong message makes your visual content more likely to leave a lasting impression.


What compels someone to take action? 

In many cases, it's FOMO - the fear of missing out. This psychological trigger is a marketing tactic used for centuries, and Twitter is no exception. 

Creating a sense of urgency or exclusivity can elicit an emotional response from your audience and compel them to take action before it's too late.

Ridge's 'LAST CHANCE FOR THE PERFECT FATHER'S DAY GIFT’ tweet perfectly taps into FOMO by highlighting their product's limited time and exclusivity. 

4. Use Humour and Relatability 

Twitter users are looking for a good laugh, and incorporating humor into your tweets can make them more memorable and shareable. 

Grammarley's mention of their A.I. 's ability to catch even the most embarrassing typos and mistakes is relatable and humorous, making it attention-grabbing. Similarly, Elevate's featured tweet featuring John not being as smart as he thought is a funny way to promote their brain-training app. 

5. Jump On Trending Topics

Your brand may have nothing to do with the latest trending topic, but that doesn't mean you can't join in on the conversation. Engaging with trending topics can help increase your tweet's reach and visibility, whether through a clever joke or a relevant opinion.

However, be sure to stay authentic and genuine in your engagement. Don't try to force yourself into a conversation just to be seen - it should be relevant and add value to the conversation.

6. Keep Your Text Short

The most effective tweets only use a few words to convey their message, typically between 71 - 100 characters. Short tweets are easier and faster to read, which can help enhance it’s shareability and engagement. 

7. Use a Strong CTA

Sometimes, a compelling CTA can nudge a lead to click and convert. Whether it's asking users to retweet, reply, or click on a link, make sure your CTA is clear and enticing.

Here are a few CTA examples:

  • 'Click the link to learn more!'
  • 'Buy now and get 25% off'
  •  "What's your opinion? Comment below!" 
  • 'Limited time offer - don't miss out!' 

Just don't overdo it with too many CTAs in one tweet. One strong CTA is enough to drive engagement and action. Including more than one can make your tweet seem cluttered and overwhelming, reducing conversions. 

Final Thoughts

With these Twitter ad examples and tips, you’ll create engaging and effective Twitter campaigns for your brand. Simply see what they do best and incorporate the same tactics into your own marketing strategy. 

Remember that your target audience dictates the content you should post and its tone. Be strategic in your approach, experiment with different types of tweets, and track your results to see what works best for your brand.

Up Your Twitter Advertising Game with MagicBrief

Seeking inspiration for your next Twitter ad campaign? 

Look no further than MagicBrief's comprehensive online advertising platform. With MagicBrief, you can study successful ads in any industry, distilling key strategies and creative approaches to inform your Twitter ad creations.

MagicBrief enhances your advertising toolkit with a range of resources:

  • Storyboard templates to help you plot out your campaign narratives.
  • Creative briefs that streamline your ad development process.
  • A collection of ad packs featuring standout ads from various sectors for broader inspiration.
  • An A.I.-powered ad analyzer that refines your ads for heightened engagement.

So why wait? Sign up to MagicBrief today and up  your Twitter advertising game with ease! 

Frequently Asked Questions about Twitter Ads

What kind of ads does Twitter have?

Brands can utilize various ad formats to convey their message on Twitter, including video, image, and carousel ads. Sponsored tweets and promoted trends are also available for increasing reach and engagement.

Each ad format offers unique features to communicate with your target audience effectively. For instance, video ads are highly engaging and can deliver longer messages, while carousel ads allow for multiple images or videos within a single ad unit.

What is creative in Twitter ads?

A creative in Twitter ads refers to the visual and/or written elements that make up an ad. This can include images, videos, text, hashtags, and links. Creatives are responsible for attracting and enticing viewers to engage with the ad.

Which ads work best on Twitter?

On Twitter, 97% of users focus on visual content. However, it's also important to have a catchy and concise message that stops users in their tracks. Combining strong visuals with compelling copy is often the winning formula for successful Twitter ads.

How can I make my Twitter ads stand out?

To make your Twitter ads stand out, combine tried-and-true advertising techniques with a creative twist. This can involve eye-catching visuals, incorporating humor or topical references, and storytelling techniques. It's also important to continually test and optimize your ads for maximum impact.

How can I use these Twitter ad examples to improve my own ads?

Successful Twitter ad examples teach us the importance of strong visuals, engaging narratives, and clear calls to action. By studying these examples, you can learn how to craft tweets that grab attention and speak directly to your audience's interests. 

We recommend analyzing brands and companies in your industry and studying their Twitter ad campaigns. Look for patterns in the types of visuals, messaging, and calls to action they use, and consider how you can adapt these strategies for your own ads. Additionally, pay attention to engagement metrics such as likes, retweets, and click-through rates to see which tactics resonate with audiences.

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