The Best Ads of 2023 for Digital Marketing

The Best Ads of 2023 for Digital Marketing

Look back at the best ads of 2023 and learn from their success in order to improve your own digital marketing strategies.

Oct 10, 2023
11 min read
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George Howes
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15 of the Very Best Digital Ads of 2023 

With 2023 wrapped up, it's time to look back at the best ads that graced our screens this year. From simple, yet thought-provoking visuals to emotional storytelling, these ads stood out from the rest and captivated audiences world-wide.

So why is it worth studying the best advertisements of 2023? 

Well, for businesses and marketers, it's a chance to learn from the most successful campaigns and apply that knowledge into their own strategies. And for consumers, it's simply a chance to appreciate creative and impactful advertising.

So without further ado, let's take a look at the top picks for the best ads of 2023.

1. RIMOWA Bag Signature Series

rimowa bag signature series

Emotional branding is RIMOWA's bread and butter, making it no surprise that their latest ad campaign has left a lasting impression. 

RIMOWA uses simple yet powerful imagery and music to draw out strong emotions, whether it's nostalgia, inspiration, or even sadness. It doesn't rely on flashy visuals or too much text but rather lets the product speak for itself. 

By the end, you'll be convinced that RIMOWA bags aren't just luggage, they’re a symbol of travel, memories and personal growth.

Why this Ad Works

Emotional Appeal: Links the bags to special memories and experiences, more than just functionality.

Simplicity: Minimal visuals/text highlight the product, creating an emotional impact.

Personal Connection: Relatable travel and family stories make viewers see themselves in the ad.

Subtle Durability: Hints bags are strong and lasting through world travels, without being overly promotional.



PROSE instantly differentiates itself from other ads by dropping their VOGUE endorsement right off the bat. This implies only one thing – high quality and trust. For readers of Vogue (primarily affluent fashion and beauty enthusiasts),  it's a brand they can trust and take seriously. 

The ad copy is also straight to the point:

'⭐️ 400,000 5-star Prose product reviews on Review & Refine®

😊 Try 30 days risk-free!

💰 15% off + free shipping on every subscription order


Try 30 days risk-free!'

You get social proof, a guarantee, and a discount all in one ad! The emojis are also a nice touch, adding a friendly and fun element to the ad.

Why this Ad Works: 

Vogue Shoutout: Drops a big name right away, telling Vogue fans this is a top-notch brand.

Financial Incentive & Guarantee: Offers a clear money-saving deal and reassures with a risk-free promise, boosting buyer confidence.

3. Noom


Who says great ads can't be simple? Noom's straightforward yet effective approach to advertising is a winner.

This ad taps into the personal aspect of goal-setting, using a format that looks like your average notepad. It shows checked-off list items and a single unchecked item with Noom's weight loss program as the final goal.

Alongside clear and concise visuals, Noom's CTA 'TAKE THE FREE QUIZ' encourages viewers to take the first step towards their weight loss goals. 

Why this Ad Works:

Familiar Design: The use of a notepad design gives Noom's program a sense of familiarity and seamlessly fits into daily life.

Direct Call-to-Action: The clear and prominent 'TAKE THE FREE QUIZ' CTA urges viewers to respond instantly.

Customized Approach: The checklist, complete with checked items, gives a personal touch to the journey, resonating emotionally with the viewer.

4. Vuori


If variety could be summed up in an ad, Vuori's latest campaign would be it. 

Their image ad features a wide range of shorts, showcasing different colors, designs, and fits, inviting viewers to explore their diverse selection. The layout is also highly organized, with each pair neatly arranged side by side. 

Vuori's black backdrop also helps to emphasize the short's colors, making them stand out even more. It's tidy, colorful, and easy to navigate - just like their products.

Why this Ad Works:

Simple and Focused: The minimalist style focuses on the cool variety of shorts.

Colors Pop Out: The black background makes the shorts' colors stand out.

For Everyone: Shows that Vuori has shorts for all kinds of people, reaching a wide audience.

5. Rest Duvet

rest duvet

Rest Duvet effectively uses endorsements and customer testimonials to enhance the trustworthiness of their Evercool™ Cooling Comforter. 

Viewers are drawn immediately by the opening scene - a featured appearance on the TODAY show. It then showcases the approval seals from esteemed publications like Martha Stewart and BAZAAR to further bolster the product's credibility. 

Lastly, the ad focuses on customer testimonials, giving real people feedback about the comfort and cooling qualities of the Evercool™ Cooling Comforter. 

All in all, Rest Duvet proves without a shadow of a doubt that its product is top-notch and worth investing in.

Why this Ad Works: 

Big Endorsements: Features on the TODAY show and in major magazines create instant trust.

Real Reviews: Shows real customer opinions, proving the comforter's quality.

Authentic and Reliable: Uses honest feedback and respected endorsements to highlight the comforter's value.

6. True Classic's Fitted T-shirts

true classic's fitted t-shirt

The True Classic ad addresses the age-old problem of finding a plain t-shirt that fits just right. But with True Classic's slim-fit t-shirts, that problem is instantly solved.

The narrative is straightforward: A guy discovers True Classic tees, a t-shirt brand that fits him perfectly and makes him feel confident and attractive.

True Classic cleverly uses a side-by-side comparison to highlight the transformation, visually demonstrating the shirt’s flattering cut. This approach adopts a show-not-tell technique, which is highly effective in advertising.

Why this Ad Works: 

Before and Afters: Clear side-by-side comparisons allow viewers to see how much better True Classic tees fit and look.

Product Positioning by True Classic: True Classic strategically positions its product as a fusion of comfort and style in a market that often misses one or the other.

Emphasizes affordability: ‘Costs less than a few beers’ - Great for people watching their budget.

7. FLO's Gummy Vitamins

flo's gummy vitamins

Flo's tagline 'NO MORE ACNE OR YOUR MONEY BACK' pretty much solidifies its spot as a fantastic ad. It immediately addresses the target audience's pain point - acne - and presents an offer/solution too good to refuse.

FLO backs its claim with a money-back guarantee, providing reassurance and credibility to potential customers. For anyone struggling with acne, this ad seems like a godsend.

Combine all the above with a striking pink color scheme, emojis, and other whimsical elements i.e. money with wings, and you have an ad that speaks to younger generations.

Why this Ad Works: 

Bold Promise: The 'NO MORE ACNE OR YOUR MONEY BACK' tagline hits right at the heart of acne problems, offering a strong solution.

Trust-Building Guarantee: FLO's money-back offer proves the company is willing to put its money where its mouth is.

Attention Grabbing Design: Pink color, emojis, and playful graphics make the ad stand out and appeal to younger audiences.

8. Our Place

our place

Fear of missing out (FOMO) is a powerful marketing tool, and Our Place harnesses it well in this fiery advert!

The bold taglines "30,000+ waitlist" and "Sold Out In 18 Minutes." instantly create urgency and exclusivity around their Always Pan. It's hot in demand and back in stores, meaning you'll need to act fast before it's gone.

Moreover, the advertisement cleverly uses the imagery of fire beneath the pan to represent two things: the cooking process and the hot demand for the product. It's certainly a visually striking way to communicate the pan's functionality and popularity.

Why this Ad Works:

FOMO Factor: Those big headlines about waitlists and selling out fast make you feel like you need to get the Always Pan before it's too late.

Urgency and Exclusivity: The ad makes it seem like the pan is super popular and you'll miss out if you don't act quickly.

Eye-Catching Imagery: The fire under the pan is a clever touch, showing both the cooking action and how hot the demand is.

9. Hooper


Hooper discount ads typically feature tweets, text messages, and other forms of online communication, tapping into the modern social media era. This style of ad caters to their target audience, young travel enthusiasts on social media always looking for a good deal. 

By featuring supposedly real-life conversations to promote their discounts, Hooper feels like one of your friends just told you about a great deal they stumbled upon. This creates a sense of trust and authenticity for the brand.

Why this Ad Works: 

Social Media Savvy: Using tweets and texts, Hooper really speaks to young, social media-loving travelers.

Like Real Chats: The ad feels like genuine conversations you'd have with friends, making it super relatable and real.

Trustworthy Tips: It's not just an ad; it's like getting insider advice from someone just like you.

10. Fresh Clean Threads

fresh clean threads

Fresh Cleans Threads uses a funny skit to showcase its products, highlighting their quality and effectiveness in a lighthearted way. 

The ad features a woman giving her boyfriend a hard time for wearing a shirt that looks 20 years old. That's until the boyfriend reveals his wide selection of Fresh Clean Threads shirts, all of which look completely awesome.

Why this Ad Works: 

It's Funny: It's like watching a funny TV skit. This makes you feel good about Fresh Clean Threads, linking the brand with happy vibes.

Everyday Humor:  It involves conversation just about every guy has had with their girlfriend about their favorite old shirt. 

Friendly and Real: By turning a typical conversation into something fun, the brand comes off as more down-to-earth and approachable.

11. BRĒZ


BRĒZ's ad video opens with a hypnotic swirl of iridescent background colors, mesmerizing you from the outset. It acts as a metaphor for the transformative experience the product promises - instant relief and euphoria!

The beverage is front and center, remaining static as the viewer's eye is drawn to the background's shifting colors and shapes. The benefits also are highlighted via a horizontal "scrolling" text graphic, emphasizing the fast-acting and wide-ranging effects of the drink.

Why this Ad Works: 

Eye-Catching Magic: The swirling, hypnotic colors grab your attention right away. It's like a cool visual trip that matches the euphoric experience BRĒZ promises.

Fresh and Fun Style: BRĒZ's ad stands out with its quirky and creative vibe. It nails that feeling of joy and excitement the drink brings.

Sticks in Your Mind: The unique ad style makes BRĒZ more memorable. You watch it and just can't forget how cool and different it is.

12. AG1 by Athletic Greens

ag1 by athletic greens

AG1's tagline is 'Say Goodbye to Your Pill Routine’ hooks audiences in right from the get-go. Their products aren't just a quick fix (like most pills) but are an integral part of a daily health regimen. It speaks to a growing consumer need for long-term and holistic solutions over instant gratification.

The ad also features striking visual effects, clearly showing how convenient and quick AG1 is to make and consume. We also see its numerous benefits, making it a one-stop shop for all your nutritional needs. From gut health to immune support, AG1 has got you covered.

All in all, AG1 provides a comprehensive and attractive solution to the issue of daily micronutrient intake. 

Why this Ad Works:

Alternative to pills: AG1 is a healthier, and more natural alternative to pills, which are often a quick-fix solution.

Great use of Brand colors - Whether it's the font, t-shirt color, or the smoothie, everything is consistent with Athletic Greens' brand colors. This provides a seamless and cohesive visual experience for the audience.

Highlighted benefits: The ad image clearly highlights how AG1 is both super easy to use and really works.

13. Obvi


Obvi's collaboration with Walmart situates the brand within the bustling aisles of one of the most frequented retailers. This immediately portrays Obvi as trustworthy, accessible, and mainstream. 

This ad features an everyday Walmart customer reviewing the product, comparing its bright packaging and great flavors to regular, dull collagen powders. This immediately differentiates Obvi from the competition by highlighting its unique selling points.

Obvi, showcased as a part of the customer's daily routine, also caters to the everyday person - a good strategy to attract a larger demographic. 

Why this Ad Works:

Stand-Out Packaging and Taste: Obvi catches your eye with its cool-looking boxes and great flavors.

Real Walmart Shopper: Using a regular customer in the ad makes it super relatable to your average shopper.

It Feels Real: Shows how Obvi is for everyone, making it more appealing and easy to relate to.

14. Immi


It's not every day that businesses use witty sarcasm to persuade their audience, yet Immi does just that. 

The ad features a young man mockingly lamenting over the "drawbacks" of Immi's ramen, such as its high protein content, and multitude of delicious flavors. It's certainly a refreshing take on advertising, breaking 

away from overly serious health brands.

Immi's imagery also hits the mark. We get a look at the various flavors on offer, competitor comparisons, and a macronutrient breakdown. It's informative without feeling overwhelming.

Why this Ad Works:

Funny Sarcasm: Immi uses irony to point out how good their ramen is, like having lots of protein and yummy flavors.

Cool and Different: It's not the usual serious health food ad, making it stand out more.

Clear Pictures: Shows off the different ramen flavors, how it stacks up against others, and what's in it without making it complicated.

Laughs + Info: A mix of humor and clear pictures makes this ad really stand out and grab your attention.



Want to persuade audiences that you're the best in your field? Spit some serious knowledge to your consumers like DRMTLGY. 

This ad provides three tips on how to prevent dark circles under your eyes, going through each step with a 

helpful visual. It's easy to understand, straight to the point, and most importantly, solves their target audience's pain points. 

In addition to the tips and highlighted benefits, we get a first-hand glimpse of what DRMTLGY's Brightening Eye Masks can do. Before and after photos show the dramatic difference in just 10 minutes of use.

The ad concludes by emphasizing the $1.50 price per pair and showcasing 5-star ratings and a rapidly growing TikTok presence - all fantastic purchasing factors in their own right. Its Call-to-action (CTA) incites urgency, urging potential customers to 'snag yours today' before it sells out for the sixth time.

Why this Ad Works: 

Persuasive Authenticity: Showcases before and after results, backed up by customer reviews and social proof.

Educational Content: Provides useful tips that tackle sensitive consumer issues.

Comprehensive Information: Tips, product quality & affordability, and customer ratings are all presented in one ad.

Urgency Appeal: Limited stock warning, creating a prompt call to action. 

Our Criteria for Choosing Digital Advertisement Examples

All digital advertisements showcased were chosen to present you with the finest selections. Our selection process involved using our advanced AI-powered analysis tool, combined with our team's expertise and personal experiences. 

We considered the following criteria when choosing the featured ads:

Ad script

Editing pace

Ad longevity

Emotional appeal

Visual impact

Relevance to target audience

Our team ensured that all the ads featured were either deemed as 'Great' or 'Winners' through our rigorous analysis and AI technology. This guarantees that you will only be exposed to top-tier content, allowing you to focus on learning from the best.

To learn more about AI-powered analysis check out our guide on our website for a detailed breakdown.

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