11 Compelling Health and Fitness Advertisements | MagicBrief

11 Compelling Health and Fitness Advertisements | MagicBrief

Discover 11 powerful health and fitness advertisements to boost your marketing strategy. Inspire your audience with compelling visuals & messaging.

Aug 3, 2023
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11 Compelling Health and Fitness Ads to Elevate Your Next Campaign

The health and fitness industry, like any other, is fiercely competitive.

As of today, there are at least 340,000 personal trainers and over 41,000 health clubs in just the USA. This doesn't even account for other businesses that offer nutrition plans, supplements, and other health services.

Simply put, health and fitness is a crowded space with companies all wanting a piece of the pie.

So, when it comes to standing out, you need to have a killer fitness ad strategy. The right fitness ads grabs attention, and compels consumers to take action. After all, the point of most fitness ads is to get people off the couch and become their best selves.

MagicBrief has compiled 11 fitness adverts that will surely inspire your next campaign. Each ad has its own unique approach that will help you come up with your own creative ideas. 

Let’s start!

Now that we've gone through the basics of launching an ad campaign, let's take a look at some fitness ad examples. We've intentionally included ads that use different approaches to reach different types of people.

  1. Planet Fitness Discount Fitness Ad
Fitness Ad example
A fitness Ad example with specific discount

Planet Fitness has had its fair share of critics, particularly fitness enthusiasts who take their training seriously. This is because when they launched their marketing campaign, it was focused on casual exercisers who hated the intense gym atmosphere.

However, while their 'judgment free' approach is still true today, Planet Fitness ads are now focused on the value they offer. This ad, for example, features their $10 monthly rate, targeting price-conscious viewers who want a decent gym. 

The ad itself wastes no time showcasing their gym and membership rate. Everyone knows what Planet Fitness offers, so the featured discount stands alone.

  1. Personal training free trial fitness app

An ad of a Fitness app
A fitness ap's Ad with personalized meal plan feature

User-generated content, on TikTok, helps to portray a sense of authenticity and relatability. As such, fitness brands use everyday people (not paid models or actors) to promote their products.

This fitness app ad, for example, uses UGC to promote their free trial. The video features an enthusiastic fitness enthusiast giving users a glimpse of what the app offers. The initial quote 'I wish I knew about the fitness app earlier' also acts as a hook to draw users in and learn more.

Remember that TikTok is a platform for people of all ages, so create content that’s easy to consume. This ad swiftly goes through each of the app's features i.e customized diets, tailored workouts etc, ensuring that users know exactly what they're getting.

  1. Personal training studio lead generation fitness ad
A fitness ap's Ad with personal training facility
A trainer giving personal fitness training to a woman

This personal studio ad gives away a one week free trial to anyone who tries their services. It follows up with a brief gym tour, and what their personal trainer’s offer i.e training form corrections, customized workouts etc.

The ad works because it targets busy professionals who need a more personalized approach. Personal training studios are also generally expensive, so this ad immediately disqualifies price-conscious viewers. It also features the studio's owner as the face of the ad, portraying expertise and trustworthiness. 

Overall, this lead generation fitness ad effectively targets busy professionals, addresses their specific needs, and leverages a risk-free trial offer to attract potential clients and showcase the benefits of personalized training.

  1. Fitness app Ad

A fitness ap ad with a woman working out on a gym
An ad showing the areas to focus during the fitness training

This fitness app features two female gym goers watching a video of a girl failing hilariously at pull-ups. After the band snaps back and hits her behind, the viewer spits out her drink and laughs.

The ad then transitions to show the fitness app's functionality, catering to users who don't want to go to the gym to get results. Each app function i.e nutrition plans, tailored home workouts, etc featured is accompanied by an upbeat voiceover and visually dynamic scenes.

This ad is unique because it lures people in with a funny and relatable moment. The initial clip of the girl failing at pull-ups captures attention and gets people laughing, creating an emotional connection.

  1. BodyBoss

A fitness ad showing the body transformation of women after their weightloss journey

Personal training fitness ads love to showcase their client transformations. They motivate potential clients by highlighting the dramatic physical changes achieved through their service. It also provides a glimpse into what’s possible, given the right amount of dedication and work.

This body boss gym ad does just this. It features not one, but multiple female client transformations in their carousel ad. Instead of advertising their services, they instead highlight their 70% discount offer and how clients only worked out 24 minutes, three times a week. These acts, along with the pictures, draws users in to click on the ad to learn more.

Before and After Transformation advertisements generally use their imagery to do the talking. This is evident with Body Boss as the vast majority of its content uses just imagery.

  1. The Challenge Fitness Ad

The challenge fitness Ad

To make an effective fitness advertisement, it helps to give viewers some incentive. These can range from free trials to discounts or, in this case, a challenge.

This health and fitness brand offers $5,000 to anyone who can lose the most weight using their training program. The ad itself, features its owner explaining the challenge with a big '$5,000' callout. It then transitions to himself raining, proving that he actually practices what he preaches.

While this ad hardly screams high production, its concept is unique enough to make it stand out. It also gives active gym-goers and fitness enthusiasts more motivation to lose weight, since there’s a cash prize involved. They essentially have nothing to lose (no pun intended), making it an attractive offer.

  1. MoveHer Fitness female exclusive ad

An Ad copy targeting women

MoveHer Fitness does a great job in targeting their ad to women. The copy is empowering and encourages them to prioritize their own health and fitness needs. It also highlights the sense of community and self-confidence that comes with being a part of such an empowered group.

The ad features a powerful image of a woman punching the pads, showcasing the studio's boxing and conditioning program. All of the people in the photo are women, which is powerful as it reaffirms that MoveHer Fitness is an all-women studio.

The call to action and the one week trial invitation are both placed prominently, with a simple 'Sign Up' button and 'One Week Trial'. Overall, this ad feels authentic and empowering, which is essential to any successful ad campaign.

Lastly, the 'What are you waiting for?' helps to convince those on the fence about joining. It's a subtle way of reinforcing urgency without sounding pushy or aggressive.

  1. Beach Bo
A fitness Ad video showcasing the incredible fitness transformation of a Beach Body member

This fitness ad video showcases the incredible fitness transformation of a Beach Body member. In 18 seconds, viewers witness an unhappy, yet determined woman transform into a happier, more confident version of herself. It's also accompanied with engaging music and text overlay.

The ad doesn't shy away from showcasing the struggles that come with training. It shows her lifting weights, struggling to complete exercises and doing cardio. Yet throughout the entire video, she's determined to finish it all, no matter what.

When creating health and fitness ads or content, don’t be afraid to show the grittiness of it all. Working out and losing fat is seldom straightforward, and this ad definitely demonstrates that. It also shows the incredible results one can achieve by sticking to the Beach Bo program.

  1. Ultimate Nutrition supplement ad

 Nutrition supplement ad
 Muscle buildingg protein Ad

While supplement ads love to showcase body transformations, Ultimate Nutrition takes a slightly different approach here.

This ad initially shows their extensive product selection, and goes through their most prominent ones. This in depth look at their products right away gives viewers an understanding of what Ultimate Nutrition offers.

A video Ad showing their extensive product selection
A video Ad showing the 33g of Hydrolyzed Whey protein

The ad is also professionally shot and edited. It smoothly transitions between each product, and features different people in each shot. Overall, it feels cutting edge, giving the impression that  their products are innovative and high-quality.

  1. Titan.Fitness 

An example of promoting fitness Ad by offering sale

If there’s one thing viewers love, it’s a good bargain. Gym owners are always on the lookout for quality gym equipment at affordable prices. Titan Fitness uses this knowledge in their ad by promoting their Fourth of July sale.

The ad features an impressive bodybuilder deadlifting with the headline "Fourth of July Sale." written prominently in its center. The ad copy is also concise, letting customers know that the company is having a sale. Viewers can then click on the ad to browse through their discounted products.

Overall, Titan.Fitness doesn’t fancy gimmicks or extravagant visuals to make an impact. The ad’s self-explanatory tagline and bodybuilder are enough to get customers’ attention and make them shop.

  1. Ashley Randall Fit informative ad

An example of Fit informative Ad‍ providing the valuable fitness insights and information related to fitness

In this informative ad, Ashely tackles five prevalent nutritional mistakes head-on, while also providing valuable fitness insights. By addressing these misconceptions, Ashley empowers her audience with accurate information to help them make better choices.

The ad easily captivates its target users because they're probably familiar with some of the topics discussed. It also does an excellent job in framing the content as educating, instead of preachy or lecturing.

Overall, Ashley's expertise shines through as she explains the misconceptions and provides practical solutions. It also portrays her as a trusted source of information, and someone you can count on to provide reliable advice.

This ad shows that information given to  the right target can be successful. So always think about who you're targeting and how your ad could benefit them. 

Tips on How to Launch a Health and Fitness Advertising Campaign

While exploring the best fitness ads helps in designing your own, there’s a lot more to it. There are other elements you should consider before launching your own campaign. By covering the basics, you can significantly increase your fitness ad’s success.

Know Your Audience

Whether you're a premium supplement brand or a local fitness center, you need to know who you're targeting.

It's easy to assume that everyone simply wants to get in shape, but that's where similarities may end. People have different fitness goals, lifestyles, triggers, and values that will heavily influence the ad’s messaging.

For example, a high-end gym may want to target a wealthy demographic, while your local start-up gym may cater to price-conscious buyers. As a result, their ad’s incentives, tone, and visuals will be tailored to match their ideal customer.

When targeting your audience, begin by asking yourself key questions like:

  • How old is my target demographic?
  • What are their values, beliefs, and habits? i.e. health conscious, active lifestyle etc
  • What do they want out of my service? I.e many gym-goers prioritize convenience or a sense of community.
  • What motivates them to take action? i.e. free trials, incentives, discounts, etc.

As you gradually zero-in on your target audience, you'll create health and fitness advertisements 

that speak directly to their needs and desires.

Convince them with a compelling value proposition

The key to selling any service or product is to emphasize the value. Your fitness adverts, therefore, should demonstrate the value of signing up for your gym membership, purchasing a product, or even just attending a class.

The fitness industry relies heavily on helping people envision their best selves. So while it's great to explain your product's features, try to focus on how your service achieves their end goal. This is why before and after photos, and success stories are so commonly used in fitness campaigns.

For example, if you're marketing a workout app, you could promise to help users burn 300 calories a day or build muscle in just a few weeks. Provided they actually stick to the plan, this gives tangible goals that they can strive for.

Be authentic and deliver on your promises

Unfortunately, the fitness industry is plagued with misleading marketing tactics. Whether it'd be photoshopped models or creams or patches that promise weight loss, there’s always something shady going on.

So when creating your own fitness ads, stray away from false promises. Sure, you're likely to temporarily increase engagement with outrageous claims, but it's just that - temporary. In the long run, authenticity will always be more effective than flashy gimmicks.

Personal trainers, for example, rely on their testimonials and transforming stories to build trust and reliability. This, in turn, leads to more customers, more positive reviews, and better ad conversions.

Choose the right advertising platform 

With so many digital platforms, it's easy to get overwhelmed. That said, you should never settle for one platform if your ad can reach more people on different channels.

For example, if your target audience is teens and young adults, then consider advertising on Instagram and TikTok. These platforms have interactive elements (especially TikTok) that get your followers involved and help maximize your reach.


Facebook, meanwhile, is known for its targeting capabilities. Efficiently narrow down your target audience via their demographics, interests, and location. It's also straightforward to track results, letting you effectively measure engagement levels.

Other platforms to consider include YouTube, Google Ads, online publications, and even radio. If you're strictly operating locally, you could also consider print ads and billboards.

Final Thoughts

In summary, it takes more than a big budget and great technology to make amazing fitness ads.

The key to fitness marketing is to understand your audience’s needs and offer a solution.  

Find what attracts them in the first place i.e a challenge, a sense of empowerment or information. From there, you can then create an ad that compels them to use your product or service to improve their physical and mental health. 

These are just 11 fitness ads and there are many more available that could inspire your next fitness campaign. All it takes is a bit of creativity, and you're sure to come up with an ad that resonates with your target audience. Good luck!

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