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Whether you have super specific likes (and dislikes) or just very little time, the mailbox community has room for you


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Complete the MagicBrief sign up form which should take around 10 minutes. Answer a few questions so we can work out what briefs will best suit your style.


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Once you're on the platform you'll receive new briefs straight to your iPhone where you can start recording instantly after accepting the brief.


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Record all your content inside the MagicBrief app, it will give you directions on what to cover off and it will tag the sections of the video in real time as you record.


The rest is magic

Once you're happy with your edits, hit submit and we'll handle the rest. Payment will be made to your account within 7 business days, that's magic!

& Answers

Yeah, we get these a lot, so, we figured we'd save you some time.

What is MagicBrief?

Great question! MagicBrief is a new platform for freelance creators to get paid for the content that they create. Once accepted onto the platform you'll be sent mini briefs that take under an hour to concept and record.

Is there a minimum requirement?

There is no minimum requirement for videos created, you can take on as many or as little briefs as you like.

Will I have set hours?

There are no set hours and you can choose your own schedule, MagicBrief is super flexible as you can accept briefs when suits you.

Do I need editing experience?

No you don't need any editing experience, you only need to send us the footage and we'll do the rest.

How do I sign up?

Sign up to the creator programme here.

Do I need a large following?

No not at all! We're looking for creators that can create videos for brands to share, so you won't have to post the content you create on your own accounts.

I have more questions!

Email us at hello@magicbrief.com and we'll happily answer!