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Sign up and obtain your custom partner link, or check your MagicBrief Settings for your link.

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Use your custom partner link to promote MagicBrief to your network / audience.

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Grow your recurring commission and get paid monthly through Rewardful.

Why Partner with Us

50% Commission

Earn 50% of all revenue that MagicBrief generates in the first 12 months.

No limits

MagicBrief will not cap your earnings, meaning your potential is infinite.

90 day cookie window

Our generous terms give your referrals 3 months to become paying customers.

Marketing Support

We want you to be successful! Gain access to assets and insights.


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Get an overview of your earnings with a dedicated partner dashboard.

Questions & Answers

How long is your cookie window?

Cookies are valid for 90 days. Should a user register and upgrade to a paying MagicBrief member within 90 days of clicking your link, you'll be eligible for a commission! It's crucial to note that commissions are awarded on a last-click basis, meaning you need to be the final interaction before the user's registration.

Can I run paid or unsolicited ads to MagicBrief?

No, partners are restricted from engaging in advertising that competes with MagicBrief or is deceptive in nature. If we find that you have breached this, your participation in the program may be terminated without further warning, and commissions may be forfeited. Specific examples of prohibited behaviours include: Unsolicited, cold, or spam emails; PPC advertising on MagicBrief brand keywords; Use of automated bots; Deceptive advertising; Advertising that infringes upon MagicBrief brand guidelines.

How and when do I get paid?

After a successful referral, your commission will be pending for 30 days to cover our customer refund policy. Once 30 days has passed and assuming the customer did not request a refund, you will then be paid via your PayPal account at the end of each calendar month by Rewardful (our affiliate platform).

Does it count as a referral when a new user joins an existing team workspace?

No, if a new user joins an existing team workspace, we do not count this as a new customer referral because there is already an existing relationship with this team. i.e. uses a referral link to join an existing workspace that has already created.

Can I sign up my clients?

aCertainly! You're welcome to share your affiliate link with anyone - clients, friends, online communities, and beyond.

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