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Quickly identify winners

Outlier Labels

See how key metrics compare across your account using spend-based weighting.

Slack Updates

Get weekly wraps sent to your Slack, keep the whole team updated on autopilot.

Performance Scores

Leverage MagicAI to see performance scores across all your key metrics.

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Join over 3,000 teams using MagicBrief daily to find winning ad inspiration.

Keep your team in sync

Build sharable reports

Simple and powerful analytics that empower the whole team to drill down on the key metrics that matter.

Live Collaboration

Keep the feedback loop flying by tagging team members and leaving context on the relevant ad.

Creative reporting 2.0

Unlimited Reports

Quickly create and share creative reports based on any metrics that you care about.

Custom Tags

Add custom tags your ads for advanced segmentation and report building.


Group ads by traits such as ad names, ad creative, ad copy or ad headlines.

Sort by any metric

Quickly sort your ads by any metric that's available inside the ads manager.

Custom Metrics

Full support for custom metrics that have been setup with CAPI or the FB Pixel.

Conditional Formatting

See how your ads are performing across all key metrics in a single glance.

Insight Next Asset

AI Tagging

We have a unique understanding of what makes ads work. MagicAI automatically tags ad traits for use in reports.

AI Script Writer

Quickly generate new concepts by blending your product profiles with the latest winning formats.

Brief Builder

Leverage MagicAI to automatically break down video ads and create custom briefs in minutes, not hours.

Hear it from the wizards

Edwin Onggo

MagicBrief ha been amazing. It's enhanced the creative output of my teams by shipping better and faster work. An epic tool for any modern performance marketer!

Declan Flaherty

MagicBrief has been a game-changer for our performance ads clients. We use it to speed up our briefing process and consolidate platforms, significantly reducing the size of our tech stack.

Carly Dineen-Griffin

Before MagicBrief, I had a Notion list of mostly broken FB links. Now all our creative reference is stored in one place. I'm obsessed.

Alicia Cifuentes Álvarez

Creative is the new targeting and more crucial than ever before. That’s why, at Elephant Room, we’ve jumped on board with MagicBrief to boost our creative process. It seamlessly integrates into our workflow and eliminates the need for manual competitor ad tracking. The perfect tool for creative inspiration, empowering our client’s teams to produce remarkable and diversified content.

Gabe Hutcheon

MagicBrief has been one of the biggest unlocks for us! The ad library is any performance marketer's wet dream. It has unlocked new levels of creativity and, more importantly, efficiency as we scaled from 1 to 24 clients in 3 months. Couldn't recommend it enough.

Eden Jannides

MagicBrief is the most critical tool I use daily for creative strategy, ad inspiration, and productivity. It’s the #1 tool when it comes to keeping up with trends and gauging what paid media is or isn’t working. If you don’t use it, you will never keep up with those who do.

Jed Eglington
Cubby Creative

We struggled to concept creative using Notion or Google Docs. Now we’ve got all the tools in once place, can’t recommend it enough.

Jessie Healy

The ability to download the actual ad scripts is awesome, as you can use it to speed up idea creation, I also love the ability to follow certain brands or search by concept type, it's my favourite tool for getting new ad ideas.

Lauren Webb

Since using magic brief the team has been nailing creative performance. We can allocate spend more efficiently and scale creative winners at speed. Creative insights are essential and magic brief makes it easy - I love it.

Jessica Horgan

At JSHealth Vitamins, we cycle through a lot of creative testing. We've been using MagicBrief to discover and save top-performing paid social ad creatives that suit the vitamins and supplements market.

Matt Rossi

MagicBrief helps us analyse our clients’ account performance to make informed decisions about budget allocation and messaging on other channels.

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